What Happened to Pink Diamond?

What Happened to Pink Diamond?


what happened to pink diamond

Pink Diamond was an Earth Gem who stood up for her people and the right to live freely. She also displayed a friendly nature, appearing to take care of those around her.

What happened to Pink Diamond is still uncertain, but she did some things that are completely without justification. These actions are outlined in this article - so read on to discover what they were!

She Bubbled Bismuth Away

Rose was shocked when Bismuth returned and broke down in tears of anguish. This had been the first time in years that her pain had returned, and Rose knew it would never go away.

But she also knew the situation was much more dire than it appeared and promised to do everything in her power to improve things for her friends. She believed she needed to rehabilitate Bismuth, make her feel useful again and provide her with a fresh start so that she could start over and rebuild her life from the bottom up.

So she did what had to do. She bubbled Gem and then hidden her from Steven.

She didn't tell Steven she'd done anything wrong, as she assumed he wouldn't believe her and she didn't want to scare him. Instead, she kept her away from the rest of the Crystal Gems so that only she and Steven knew what had been done.

But when she did share them her plans, she embellished them. She falsely claimed the Breaking Point had occurred, her ideology had changed, and now she was trying to destroy Homeworld's Crystal Gems.

It is easy to see why she lied about her policies and beliefs - had she stated something, it would have made it simpler for the other Crystal Gems to comprehend her intentions, thus providing a much more effective means of discrediting her.

This episode showcases Bismuth as she truly is, not just the version we see in Lion's mane. She's an impressive and powerful force who commands respect from those she faces off against.

Steven hasn't completely healed her of the trauma from that battle, and she still harbors resentment towards the Diamond Authority. Despite that, she's not quite the same woman he bubbled her.

She remains an integral member of the Crystal Gems, providing Steven, Pearl, Garnet and Amethyst with strength and connection. Not only does she help them feel more connected to one another but she also boosts their self-esteem by encouraging them to reach for great heights.

She Lied About What Happened

Pink Diamond was a double agent; she oversaw Earth's conquest while also leading the rebellion against Homeworld. It appears she must have known about Homeworld's experimental weapon which would destroy all life on Earth, yet failed to inform her royal counterparts about it. Perhaps Pink Diamond felt too ashamed about her past attempt at preservation of Earth's life with The Zoo that she felt no obligation to inform others of.

She intentionally faked her own death, endangering thousands of lives in the process. Although she did this out of a desire to protect the planet she loved, it ultimately caused her to lose credibility and trust with her Royal counterparts. Additionally, it caused a war to break out over her false assassination - an enormous error on her part.

Rose Quartz created her character out of boredom, and never revealed who she really was to anyone - not even her family on Homeworld. Fearing what others would think, she created a fake persona in order to conceal who she truly was and protect herself from judgement from those closest to her.

Pearl had no idea her friend Rose Quartz was actually Rose Diamond until Amethyst and Garnet started asking about it. Discovering that Pink Diamond was indeed the same person as Rose Quartz completely rocked Pearl's world on Homeworld; it revolutionized their dynamic.

One of the most significant aspects of this episode was Pearl's ability to circumvent Pink Diamond's last request, which forbade her from discussing the faked assassination. She used her gift of seduction to lure Steven away from reality so she could uncover what really happened.

Pearl was able to do this due to her bond with Steven, which had previously eluded her. Yet even so, Pearl was willing to risk everything for him.

Pink Diamond's ability to win Steven over and open up about her personal struggles shows that she was a very human being, capable of making difficult choices for those close to her.

She Didn’t Care About Her Friends

Pink Diamond and her Pearl became increasingly impatient with monitoring the progress of both Moon Base and Gem Kindergartens, becoming a nuisance to Yellow and Blue when they repeatedly demanded colony from her. At one point, Pink Diamond even punched a glass panel in Yellow Diamond's jungle moon base in an angry fit and damaged its first Pearl by screaming.

She behaved like a brat and angered her mother Blue, who eventually sent her away to the Prison Tower. Additionally, she abused organic worms which caused havoc to Homeworld's palaces and led Blue to throw her away multiple times.

Rose Quartz made an admirable leader, but she wasn't the brightest Gem and made many misguided decisions. Despite Greg's requests for her assistance on his mission, she refused to let Homeworld slip a massive collection of Gem shards into Earth's core - potentially devastating the planet.

But the worst aspect of her character wasn't her ignorance; it was the way she treated her friends. She put so much focus on herself that she neglected to give others a voice or opportunity to express their emotions and views.

Her naivete and shortsightedness caused her to make decisions that, while seemingly wise at the time, ultimately proved disastrous. For instance, when given a colony by others, she decided to launch an international war that would ultimately result in billions of deaths on both sides.

She had an ambition for freedom and her willingness to take human lives as trophies of her conquest proved unsettling for both the Diamonds and Zoomans alike. Steven took a long time to clean up after her, leaving behind nothing but chaos behind.

Her lack of understanding and shortsightedness also caused her to act like a brat, irritating the other Diamonds - especially Yellow. She complained constantly about not being able to have her way with them but didn't really consider their feelings or opinions.

She Was Hypocritical

As a Diamond, Pink was an incredibly kind person who deeply cared about her Gems and their lives on Earth. She would do anything to ensure they were contented, including anything to make them feel included among all of Homeworld's Gems.

She was notoriously lenient with her Gem servants, despite their strict and formal nature. She enjoyed playing games and having fun with them even when they were supposed to be working hard to build the colony on Earth and protect life on the planet.

When Pink first arrived on Earth, she was overjoyed to see her friends again. For the first time in her life, Pink felt truly contented and thankful that she could live with them again on Homeworld.

However, she was dismayed that the other Diamonds were still colonizing Earth and destroying organic life for their gems. She repeatedly requested that they cease this practice but received no response.

She eventually staged her own shattering to drive the other Diamonds away from Homeworld and save all of its gems and life on Earth from destruction. She did this because she believed they weren't truly interested in saving organic life on the planet, leading her to believe she couldn't trust them.

Pink and Blue in particular were uncaring about her or the life she was trying to preserve on Earth. As time passed, however, she understood that the Kindergartens and other Gems weren't creating life from scratch but instead using all organic life on Earth and shattering anything that didn't fit their plans.

As a result, she was devastated when Blue, her former owner, told her to keep her emotions about her actions private. Pink kept this secret for centuries until Steven Universe gave her the courage to speak about it with Pearl.

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