What Happened to Not Enough Nelsons?

What Happened to Not Enough Nelsons?


The Not Enough Nelsons are an incredibly large family that loves to have fun and play. On their YouTube channel, they share daily lifestyle vlogs, games and challenges, pranks and campaigns with their million subscribers.

They have proven that more truly is more. They enjoy an enormous following on social media platforms like Instagram, boasting 196k followers.

What happened to KennaDee?

KennaDee is the oldest daughter of Benji and Tiffany Nelson. She and her siblings have achieved fame on YouTube through their family channel, Not Enough Nelsons.

She began playing guitar as a teenager, though it took her some time to master it. Soon enough though, she was writing and performing her own songs.

Her music blends elements of rock, folk and soul. She has performed at numerous venues, benefits, private parties and house concerts across central NY; plus, she was recently featured on WAER's Common Threads and Westcott Radio's Hit-n-Mix programs as well as CNYLive!

KennaDee recently filmed a video documenting her life with her large family. In it, she takes viewers around her home and displays some of their possessions. Additionally, they see how her parents transport their large brood around in style using their party bus.

What happened to PresLee?

Lisa Marie Presley, daughter of Elvis, was a glamorous celebrity who graced several covers during her lifetime. On January 12, 2023 at age 54, she tragically passed away after experiencing suspected cardiac arrest.

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What happened to PaisLee?

Paislee Shultis was reported missing from her Cayuga Heights home in July 2019, when she was four years old. Police believe she has been taken by her non-custodial parents Kimberly Cooper and Kirk Shultis Jr., but no further information has been located at this time.

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After hours of searching, police finally located Paislee in a room under the stairs of her mother's home with her sister and legal guardian. She was then taken to police headquarters where she was reunited with both of them.

What happened to ElleCee?

ElleCee, one of the newest members of the Not enough Nelsons family, is one of those adorable little bundles of joy you might have encountered at your local YMCA or church nursery. Her parents Benji and Tiffany Nelson are behind one of YouTube's greatest vlogs ever: Not enough Nelsons. With 7 million subscribers and some sultry video content to spare, this channel certainly lives up to its name!

Owning one of the biggest families on social media has its advantages and drawbacks, but for those in the know, the rewards can outweigh any cons.

What happened to Bridger?

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He received much needed attention, which led him to seek treatment from a New York City dermatologist. After having two laser procedures done in the city, they decided to fly him out for further treatments in Utah. Candela Vbeam and Alma erbium lasers were used on his scars to improve both their appearance and texture.

What happened to Luke?

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What happened to NayVee?

NayVee Nelson, born on November 12th 2007, is an American YouTuber and social media star. She's part of the family-run YouTube channel "Not Enough Nelsons", which features vlogs, skits, challenges, pranks and dance videos from their family members.

She is the daughter of YouTuber Benji Nelson and his wife Tiffany Nelson. She has seven biological siblings as well as eleven adopted siblings.

She launched her YouTube channel in December 2018 and posted 15 SIBLINGS? I'm No Longer A Part Of This FAMILY!, which was viewed by over 700,000 people. Since then she has grown a large following on both channels as well as on Instagram; her most popular video "MORNING ROUTINE WITH 16 KIDS!" has amassed five million views. Additionally, she and her siblings also run JustKass YouTube channel together.

What happened to JourNee?

JourNee was diagnosed with a life-threatening condition that required the expertise of Washington University pediatric specialists. She developed high blood pressure and severe renal artery stenosis, narrowing the vessels that supply her kidneys.

She was initially treated in the hospital's intensive care unit (ICU), where she received expert care from Washington University nephrologists and other specialists. Ultimately, she underwent a right nephrectomy and underwent an operation to improve blood flow to her left kidney.

Julie and Kendra Nelson of White Hall kept her family and friends informed via Facebook page. When Journee began passing small amounts of urine, which suggested her kidney could potentially function again, they were overjoyed. Although Journee spent some time in the hospital, eventually going home; her parents are grateful for all the doctors and people who supported them during this trying time.

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