What Happened to Ken Block?

What Happened to Ken Block?


what happened to ken block

What happened to Ken Block, the rally driver who co-founded DC Shoes and revolutionized action sports marketing? His Gymkhana stunt driving videos went viral, being viewed by millions around the world.

On Monday morning, he tragically passed away from a snowmobile crash near his home in Utah. Unfortunately, he was pronounced dead at the scene.


Car enthusiasts and casual YouTube viewers alike are sure to have seen one of Ken Block's many Gymkhana videos featuring rally driver Ken Block. His iconic stunt driving videos garnered over half a billion views, but now Autoblog reports he has been released from his contract with Ford Performance vehicles.

Block was an iconic figure throughout his career, bringing extreme sports to the mainstream and sparking car culture with his viral video series. He founded Hoonigan Industries - a lifestyle brand that remains central to American car culture today. A champion racer, father and husband, co-founder of Skate Wear Clothing Company - but best remembered for his Gymkhana videos which captured millions of hearts worldwide.

In 2008, Gymkhana Practice revolutionized car culture with its daring drifting, jumping and sliding of a modified Subaru WRX STI. It quickly went viral, ushering in an era of driving gimmicks now widely accepted as part of automotive culture -- as well as inspiring numerous follow-up Gymkhana videos.

In 2009, Gymkhana 2 revolutionized the series with Block taking his street-driven Subaru WRX STI and going all out. This major break from traditional automotive filmmaking forever changed automotive filmmaking forever, leading to over 550 million views since then.

After that, the Gymkhana series continued to rise to new heights. The most recent episode, Gymkhana 11, was filmed in Las Vegas and featured an Audi electric rally car that Block conquered.

He made appearances on BBC's Top Gear and EA racing games such as "Need for Speed." But it is his Gymkhana videos which truly defined him, thrusting him into the public spotlight and elevating him to icon status within car culture.

Block's Gymkhana videos are some of the most iconic in internet culture, inspiring generations to drive cars even today. Despite his tragic passing, we will never forget this man and his incredible talent that made him such a cultural icon.


On Monday morning, the motorsport community was shocked to learn of the passing of renowned pro rally driver Ken Block due to a snowmobile accident. At 55 years old, his passing left us all grieving for an icon, pioneer and motorsport legend.

Block is best known for his viral "Gymkhana" video series on YouTube, which gained him a large online following. As Rally America's Rookie of the Year in his first season, Block made plenty of podium appearances on national and international stages including five X Games medals.

He co-founded Hoonigan Racing Division and competed in select rounds of the WRC. However, he's best known for his daring Gymkhana videos featuring modified Subaru WRX cars drifting around an empty airfield, creating walls of white tire smoke in the process.

Gymkhana wasn't just another stunt show for Block; it was his chance to showcase his unique artistic vision and creative genius. In the series, Block and his team used various cars in extreme conditions in an effort to push their limits and see what they could accomplish.

Gymkhana pioneer Block drifted his Ford Raptor pickup truck with Trax, Porsche 911 Hoonicorn restomod and even custom Audi S1 Quattro in some of the first videos. These iconic videos quickly went viral, prompting fans to flock to Hoonigan's YouTube channel to watch more.

Over the years, Block and his crew have collaborated with a variety of auto manufacturers on fun project builds and stunt-filled videos. Most recently, they joined forces with Audi for an electric "Electrikhana" video filmed in Vegas that features an upgraded S1 Quattro restomod.

When not racing the circuit, Block spent his free time creating custom cars. He has also become a regular at many car shows where he displayed both his unique creations and those from Hoonigan Motor Company.

Block was an acclaimed stunt driver whose abilities revolutionized motorsport. His iconic Gymkhana videos and daring stunts cemented his place as one of motorsport's all-time greats, inspiring a whole new generation to follow along. It is fitting that FIA will honor him by retiring the number 43 during the 2023 World Rally Championship season.

DC Shoes

On Monday morning, Ken Block - cofounder of DC Shoes and popular rally driver - tragically passed away in a snowmobile accident. At 55 years old, his wife Lucy and three children survive him; as well as being an internet celebrity for his Gymkhana racing videos that amassed hundreds of millions of views on YouTube. He leaves behind behind numerous fond memories.

The company's growth was spurred on by an evolving extreme sports culture and celebrity endorsements that included rock band Linkin Park. They also collaborated with renowned artists like Shepard Fairey and Thomas Campbell.

DC Shoes' meteoric rise was fuelled by its ability to expand nationwide through mall distribution while still offering hard-core skaters exclusive designs sold only through skate shops. By 2001, DC Shoes had sold two million pairs worldwide and remained one of the leading skateboarding brands.

By the turn of the millennium, more than 30 skate shoe brands were established, according to Sporting Goods Business. Even some of sportswear's big names - Nike and Reebok - attempted to enter this market but ultimately failed.

DC Shoes was fortunate to achieve national exposure through their advertising and promotional activities. Its pro skateboarders were featured on magazine covers and television shows such as ESPN's X Games.

According to a survey by Board-Trac, 50% of skaters participated in snowboarding and 40% rode BMX bikes; thus creating new markets for footwear related to these activities.

DC introduced skate-oriented outerwear in 2002 to meet the growing needs of these segments. Additionally, they joined forces with Yamaha to develop a backcountry-friendly snowmobile: the DC/Yamaha SXViper Mountain.

By 2004, when DC Skateboarding was acquired by Quiksilver for $88 million, the brand had established itself as a dominant force in skateboarding. Its products were sold across numerous retail outlets and generated millions of dollars annually in revenues.

Skateboarding was just one of the extreme sports catered to by this brand, which also produced footwear for surfing and motocross. Their product lines included shoes, shirts, pants, shorts, jackets, caps, backpacks and other accessories. Headquartered in San Diego, California with their own production facilities under management since 2009 - there was nothing ordinary about these guys!


What happened to Ken Block

Pro rally driver Ken Block tragically passed away Monday from a snowmobile accident near his home in Park City, Utah. He was 55 years old and had been riding through Uinta-Wasatch-Cache National Forest near his home when an incident occurred, according to the Wasatch County Sheriff's Office. He was pronounced dead at the scene by paramedics from Utah State Medical Examiner's Office who will determine the official cause of death.

In the wake of Block's tragic passing, Hoonigan released a video to honor the action sports icon. The six-minute clip showcases some of Block's biggest accomplishments and includes some of his favorite activities such as skateboarding and racing.

Hoonigan's YouTube channel boasts an impressive following, with their Gymkhana videos garnering 5 million subscribers and 1 billion views. Furthermore, they filmed several of their own project cars which have gained widespread recognition.

Many car enthusiasts will remember Block for his championships and medals in rallying, but it is his Gymkhana videos that will be most fondly remembered. Filmed at various locations around the United States as well as abroad, these videos became hugely popular through social media sharing.

He was also renowned for his YouTube videos, which showcased him stunt driving and drifting at various locations. These videos quickly went viral, becoming beloved to viewers of all ages.

As a result, he garnered an extensive fan base within the automotive community. His social media presence was immense and he became an ambassador for rallying.

Block earned five X Games medals throughout his career and was named Rally America's rookie of the year in 2005. Additionally, he became the first American to compete in the World Rally Championship.

In addition to his involvement in rallying, Block was the co-founder of DC Shoes and Hoonigan Industries. He sold the Huntington Beach-based skateboard brand in 2004 and focused on his motorsport career thereafter.

His passion for motorsports and extreme sports led him to become a global icon in his own right. He was five-time X Games champion, Rally America's Rookie of the Year in 2005, and first American driver in World Rally Championship. Additionally, he created and created popular Gymkhana video series. When not driving his beloved vehicles, he spent time with family - his wife Lucy and daughter Lia whom he often drove alongside - which are survived by him today.

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