What Happened to Hub Arkush?

What Happened to Hub Arkush?


what happened to hub arkush

Four months after Hub Arkush nearly passed away outside Halas Hall, the veteran NFL and Chicago Bears analyst continues his road to recovery. But it has not been an easy journey for him and his family.

The family has been overwhelmed by the outpouring of love and concern from fans and friends who reached out to wish Hub well. Last week, senior media beat reporter and "Pro Football Weekly" TV host made his first TV appearance since his accident to express his appreciation for all of the well wishes.

What Happened?

In August, Hub Arkush suffered a heart attack outside Halas Hall and nearly lost his life. Rescued by staff members at Halas Hall, the veteran NFL reporter had to be admitted to Northwestern Memorial Hospital where he underwent seven hours of surgery over two months before going home for rehabilitation at Shirley Ryan Ability Lab for some weeks.

Since then, he has slowly begun to return to the work that brought him so much joy. Recently on Pro Football Weekly TV for a brief appearance, he expressed thanks for all who sent him messages and well wishes. While he plans to remain off the air for around two months, he is working towards recovery and will return full-time work as soon as possible.

His family has been an immense source of support during this trying time, particularly his mother Candace and son Arthur who works as an analyst on the show. While Hub's memory and speech have improved over time, he admits it has been a challenging recovery process.

He still has a long way to go before he can return to his former self, but he is making steady progress and is immensely proud of what his doctors have achieved. After completing physical therapy, he's eager to resume full-time employment.

Hub's cardiologist estimated it would take one year before he would be back at 100 percent. That's an arduous amount of time and effort for anyone, but the veteran broadcaster is willing to put in the effort so he can return to Pro Football Weekly.

At the same time, his wife Candace is keeping him organized at home and helping with daily chores to keep the household running smoothly. Additionally, she assisted Hub's son with his college studies while Hub was away in the hospital.

Why Was He Hospitalized?

About one month ago, Bears reporter and longtime local sports radio host hub arkush was on his way to a training-camp practice when he collapsed on the sidewalk outside Halas Hall in Lake Forest. Although he had no pulse, minutes later someone from the Bears security team performed CPR until paramedics arrived.

On August 15th, shortly after leaving a Bears training-camp practice, 69-year-old Arkush was headed for his car at Halas Hall when his heart suddenly stopped beating. Unbeknownst to him, it had been an attack.

At that moment, John Tarpey, a Bears vice president of security, rushed over to the scene. He started chest compressions on Arkush while instructing his team to call 9-1-1 and retrieve an AED; then sent one member in the cart for it. Finally, he opened Arkush's airway and provided further CPR.

After 20 minutes of CPR, Tarpey called Lake Forest Fire Department and a dispatcher arrived on the scene. They transported Arkush to an Elmhurst hospital for seven-hour surgery before spending several weeks at Shirley Ryan Ability Lab before being discharged from the facility.

Though it took some time, Arkush gradually started to feel like himself again. His family and friends have been incredibly supportive throughout this ordeal, relying on each other for strength.

Even so, it will likely take some time before he feels fully recovered. His close friend who works as a cardiologist advised him that it could take up to one year before he feels 100% again.

But he also knows the strength of his family and fans has kept him positive throughout this ordeal. Although it was difficult, he knows it will all be worth it in the end.

On his first TV appearance since his heart attack, Arkush was able to express gratitude and appreciation to everyone who reached out with wishes of well-being. Additionally, he used the opportunity to reassure his viewers that he will remain active throughout life.

What Happened Next?

Hub Arkush, longtime analyst and publisher of Pro Football Weekly (PFW), suffered a near fatal heart attack outside Halas Hall on August 15th. Bears Vice President of Security John Tarpey performed CPR until paramedics arrived.

But that wasn't enough. Doctors told him he needed surgery to repair his heart, setting him on an extensive recovery journey that included spending more than two months in the hospital - none of which he remembers. In September he underwent a seven-hour open heart bypass and then spent several weeks recovering at Shirley Ryan Ability Lab before returning home.

It has been a challenging few months for the 69-year-old, but he is on his way to full recovery. He's working on physical, cognitive and speech therapy in hopes that the next few months will bring him closer to his former self again.

He shared that, through it all, he relied on family to stay positive. The support he received from his wife Candace, son, mother and siblings was overwhelming; they all kept him motivated towards reaching his recovery goals, which they knew would be a long process with many challenges along the way.

Arthur Arkush, Hub's son, noted his father still has a long way to go but is gaining strength every day. He has begun speaking again and is improving at remembering both his own name and those of those around him.

The family is overwhelmed with gratitude for all of the support they've received from friends and fans. They hope he can soon return to work too.

At present, Arkush's doctors have ordered him off of the roads and off his work schedule for two months. While this isn't ideal for anyone, it is the only thing that will help him get back on track.

Last week, Arkush returned to the broadcast world for a brief on-air appearance, thanking those who sent him well wishes and informing them he's ready to resume work. His syndicated "Pro Football Weekly" TV show will air a segment Thursday followed by The Score's segment as well.

How is He Doing?

Hub Arkush is still recovering from the heart attack that nearly took him four months ago. Although his recovery is progressing well, he won't be fully recovered for two more months, according to doctors. As of now, he can barely walk or return to his full work schedule; doctors estimate this period could last around two more months.

Hub and his family know he's making progress, though he still takes things slowly. A few weeks ago he began walking his dogs again and is gradually working toward returning to physical therapy. Additionally, he's spending time at the Shirley Ryan Ability Lab working on memory, speech and cognitive rehabilitation.

Hub is determined to return to work. His father founded Pro Football Weekly in 1967, and Hub eagerly anticipates covering the NFL again. It will be a long road back, but Hub is determined to finish what was started.

After a health scare nearly took his life in August, longtime Chicago Bears reporter and radio analyst Hub Arkush is on the road to recovery. On Thursday he returned to Pro Football Weekly for a short appearance to thank everyone who sent him their best wishes. Additionally, he'll call in for a segment on The Score at 5:30 p.m. to share more updates with viewers.

The family is deeply appreciative of all of the messages they've received from fans and colleagues since Hub was hospitalized. It has been an emotional roller coaster ride for them, but they are proud of Hub for overcoming this obstacle and will continue to support him and his family in any way possible.

One of the things that truly amazed Arthur and his brother was how quickly Hub began to understand the game again. They were watching a 12-7 Bears loss to Washington Commanders on Monday Night Football when they realized their dad had started getting into it again; they could talk about football like usual with him again, which Arthur described as an important milestone in his dad's journey.

He was amazed at how quickly he remembered the details that most casual gamers overlook. His dad could appreciate all the little quirks that make gaming so enjoyable, he said.

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