What Happened to Alex Smith?

What Happened to Alex Smith?


what happened to alex smith

Alex Smith is an NFL quarterback who has experienced both incredible highs and crushing lows throughout his career. Now the veteran is facing a challenging period in his family's life.

In November 2018 against the Houston Texans, Smith suffered a freak leg injury that nearly claimed his life. But after months of rehabilitation and 17 surgeries, he returned to play in the NFL - culminating with an NFC East championship and earning him the 2020 NFL Comeback Player of the Year award.

What Happened?

On November 9th, 2018 Washington Redskins quarterback Alex Smith was running a play to the right on third and nine when he was sacked by Houston Texans defensive end J.J Watt.

Smith's life took an abrupt turn when he suffered a devastating leg injury that necessitated multiple surgeries and months in the hospital.

Smith's initial surgery went well, but shortly afterwards his leg became infected with flesh-eating bacteria. This spread to Smith's lungs and ultimately resulted in sepsis - an immune response which causes the body to attack itself.

Smith, his family and the medical community were facing a frightening time. The former San Francisco 49ers, Kansas City Chiefs and Washington Commanders quarterback was fighting for his life while doctors assessed whether to amputate his leg. It was an uncertain time.

According to Elizabeth Smith, the former quarterback's wife, he had been diagnosed with necrotizing fasciitis - an infection that consumes tissue and may ultimately result in death.

After a lengthy recovery process, Smith was finally cleared to play by the team doctors in July of this year. He was then able to practice again and eventually played six games last season, helping the Redskins capture the NFC East title.

He finished the season with a 5-1 record and threw for 1,582 yards, helping his team clinch the NFC East title and earning him his first playoff appearance of his career.

The NFL named him the 2020 Comeback Player of the Year and his story has inspired countless others who have had to battle through difficult times. As such, Dr. Mehan awarded him with the 2022 Patients of Courage award, an organization which recognizes those who overcome difficulties and provide assistance to others.

Smith received numerous honors, including a lifetime achievement award from the Pro Football Hall of Fame which was renamed in his honor after his remarkable comeback story. This move will serve to recognize people like Smith who inspire and help others overcome their difficulties.

How It Happened

Alex Smith's life was turned upside down when he was tackled during a fall in October 2018. Doctors diagnosed him with a compound spiral fracture of his tibia and fibula, leaving him prone to infection that threatened to take his life.

The Redskins quarterback underwent 17 surgeries to repair his leg, fighting an invasive flesh-eating bacteria that spread through the skin. Doctors had initially considered amputating it but he refused. Subsequently, a series of muscle and skin grafts were performed in order to save his limb.

Smith never gave up his ambition of playing professional football, despite the enormous obstacles in his way. Instead, he was determined to return to the field even if it meant enduring an extensive and laborious recovery period.

ESPN's Project 11 documentary provides an inspiring account of Smith's incredible battle for survival. It's a must-watch for NFL fans, though some might find it unsettling.

A graphic scene in which a doctor removes dead skin and muscle tissue from Smith's body is particularly disturbing, yet it only accounts for part of what happened to the former NFL star. Nonetheless, it also serves as an incredibly inspiring lesson.

He was an accomplished journalist and loving father, but it was his passion for rugby that kept him motivated even in the face of death. His strength of character and will to succeed were truly inspirational - traits hard to match.

As the film depicts, Smith's remarkable comeback story is a testament to his faith in God and the strength of his team. It will surely make Utah sports fans root even harder for their favorite NFL player, an inspiring tale that deserves to be told.

ESPN's mastery of storytelling and access has enabled this documentary to captivate and motivate viewers from around the country, particularly Utah. Who knows? Maybe it will alter our perspectives on NFL players' injuries - or even alter our opinions of the sport itself! Whatever transpires, Smith's story will remain one that is remembered for years to come.

Why It Happened

On Monday, the Washington Redskins announced that quarterback Alex Smith would retire after a career filled with incredible highs and trying lows. Now he can reflect on his time in the NFL with gratitude and understanding its significance.

On November 9th, 2018 against the Houston Texans, Smith experienced a moment that changed everything. On third and nine, his right leg was caught at an awkward angle as two rushers collided and Smith went down.

Smith had to undergo emergency surgery after breaking both his right tibia and fibula, necessitating urgent treatment of an infection as well.

Only days after his initial surgery did doctors begin to worry that the infection was becoming serious. That's when they discovered his right leg had become infected with flesh-eating bacteria, known as necrotizing fasciitis.

Smith received a terrifying diagnosis: his life could be in jeopardy. He needed to take antibiotics and undergo several surgeries in order to remove all of the dead or infected tissue from his leg.

Doctors warned his wife that if they didn't remove all of the infected tissue, his leg might need to be amputated. That's why it was so critical for them to take every step possible so he could return to playing football.

Smith underwent 17 surgeries over the course of nine months to address his right leg injury and infection. Each one involved extracting dead or infected tissue from between his knee and ankle.

Smith underwent three surgical procedures that carried risks and took a significant toll on his body. He lost much of his leg muscle and skin, but it was worth it in order to save his life.

Smith underwent a miracle muscle transfer operation that removed part of his leg and transferred it elsewhere on his body. This surgery marked the first time doctors had ever attempted this treatment for an athlete with such a degenerative joint as Smith's.

What’s Next?

In November 2018, when Alex Smith tragically passed away, the Washington Redskins found themselves with a unique opportunity to rebuild their quarterback position. The former NFL top pick had an impeccable reputation and had led the Redskins to two consecutive playoff appearances during his first three seasons on the job. With Smith gone, however, came an opportunity for rebuilding at the helm of their offense.

Smith suffered a career-ending injury that nearly led to the amputation of his right leg. Through 17 surgeries and an infection doctors feared would kill him, Smith battled through this ordeal with grace and dignity.

Once that infection was gone, he underwent muscle transfer surgery in an effort to save his leg. It was a risky procedure which involved connecting arteries and veins to his leg as well as transferring the muscle from his left quadriceps.

After one year of rehabilitation, Smith started six games last season and helped the Redskins capture the NFC East title. For his remarkable comeback feat, he was named the 2020 NFL Comeback Player of the Year.

Smith has now recovered from his horrific leg injury and is focused on public speaking to spread a positive message through the Voices program. On March 22nd he will return to Salt Lake City as part of this endeavor and speak at Murray High as part of this initiative.

He recently became a sports analyst for ESPN and shared his story on Ted Talks. Though it appears unlikely he will return to playing football, sharing his story has allowed him to cope with the life-altering injury that caused him such pain.

He's even begun to see himself as a mentor for younger players, whether that means coaching a youth team or taking an active role in the development of an underdeveloped NFL quarterback. It appears his efforts are paying off.

Smith's remarkable comeback from such a devastating leg injury is testament to the NFL's remarkable resilience. Oddsmakers have him pegged at -330 for the NFL Comeback Player of the Year award.

What lies in store for the former NFL top-pick? There's a strong chance the Redskins will attempt to re-sign him soon, though he could find limited interest on the free-agent market.

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