What Did Bill Murray Say to Keke Palmer?

What Did Bill Murray Say to Keke Palmer?


What did bill murray say to keke palmer

As soon as news broke that Bill Murray had been accused of misconduct on the set of his upcoming film, Keke Palmer took to social media and expressed her disdain. Now she's speaking out about it in an exclusive interview and wishes for her co-star to finish production on the movie.

Director Aziz Ansari directed the film adaptation of surgeon Atul Gawande's nonfiction book Being Mortal: Medicine and What Matters in the End. Unfortunately, production was suspended in April after someone filed a complaint against Murray.

What did bill murray say to keke palmer?

Searchlight Pictures abruptly cancelled Aziz Ansari's directorial debut Being Mortal in April due to a complaint about co-star Bill Murray's inappropriate behavior. It has been an uphill struggle for the film, which is based on Atul Gawande's book of the same name and originally scheduled for release in 2023; however, production has been put on indefinite hold while investigations continue.

In April, reports surfaced that Murray had kissed and straddled a female production staff member on the set of Being Mortal against her will. He believed she was flirting with him, so he proceeded to kiss and straddle her on both her mouth and body despite COVID-19 protocols. It's an upsetting situation which could have an ongoing negative effect on both the film and its reputation.

Murray has a reputation for having difficult working relationships with actors and directors, so it's no shock that this recent incident isn't his first encounter with trouble on set. Indeed, several former co-stars and collaborators have accused him of misconduct on set during movies like Charlie's Angels or SNL; actress Lucy Liu recently confirmed that Murray began "hurling insults" at her during rehearsal in 2000.

Actors often need to put their best performance forward on set, and it can be challenging not to appear professional and polite. But for comediennes such as Bill Murray who have a reputation for being insensitive towards other people's feelings, the challenge can be even greater.

Murray has stated that he was not involved in the incident, yet his behavior on set had an adverse effect on others, particularly younger cast members. It's likely also one of the main reasons why production was suspended initially.

As the news about Murray's alleged sexual misconduct spreads, more and more people are coming forward with their own allegations. Recently, a young actress revealed she was molested by Murray while filming Being Mortal back in April.

She admits she was initially worried, but ultimately left the set out of fear for her own safety. This account aligns with a report by Puck that details multiple sources' claims that Murray straddled and kissed a female crew member against her will.

Puck reports that the woman and another crew member who witnessed the incident filed a lawsuit against Murray, leading Searchlight to suspend production. While the exact reason behind their decision has yet to be disclosed, Murray later acknowledged his behavior was "so inappropriate" and apologized for it.

It's evident that Murray wasn't the right fit for the project, making it seem impossible to finish the film. Yet Palmer remains hopeful that production on Being Mortal will resume; she told Variety she hopes Ansari will finish the movie but needs to do a major rewrite after learning of Murray's controversy.

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