Wes Bentley on 'Yellowstone' Season 5

Wes Bentley on 'Yellowstone' Season 5


Yellowstone star Wes Bentley speaks out on season 5 and Kevin Costner rum

Last time we saw Jamie (Wes Bentley) and Beth (Kelly Reilly), they were engaged in one of Yellowstone's greatest battles. But as season 5 kicks off, John Dutton (Kevin Costner) has just been sworn in as Montana's governor.

As the tension between John and Jamie heightens, Wes Bentley admits he's been left wondering what their future holds for them both. Additionally, he addresses reports of Kevin Costner leaving the series.

What Does Season 5 Hold for Jamie Dutton?

Wes Bentley, who plays Jamie Dutton on 'Yellowstone' and is one of the show's stars, has recently opened up about what season 5 holds for him and other members of the cast. In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Bentley noted that this will mark "the end of an era" for Jamie as well as saying he won't be around to witness it.

No one knows what will happen to Jamie during the upcoming season of the Western-style drama, but actor Kevin Costner does hint that his character may continue his struggle with which father he belongs to. In past seasons, their relationship has been strained; therefore this season promises to be interesting to observe.

At the start of 'Yellowstone,' Jamie is an outcast from the Dutton family and hopes that his position as Montana Attorney General will allow him to reintegrate. Additionally, he hopes to rekindle his relationship with Beth (now married to Tate Brecken Merrill), whom he feels has distanced him from her family members.

In the opening episode of season 5, Jamie uses his new position to work towards improving both his family and father's land. He strives to ensure that the wolves that roam his ranch do not die, thus protecting his ancestors' legacy as well as their property in Yellowstone National Park.

He's looking to take his fight with Market Equities to the next level and use it as a chance for political leverage. He plans on meeting Sarah Atwood, an employee from Market Equities whom he's been communicating with, to ask if there are any people out there who could potentially harm his sister Beth.

As we've seen, Jamie is a cunning man and this will likely fuel his fury. It is likely that he will use this against himself to seek revenge against his own father - as Beth has expressed her desire for him to do.

Will John Dutton Die in Season 5?

Yellowstone is a show that requires its characters to put themselves on the line in order to protect their beloved ranch. Therefore, viewers are concerned that John Dutton might meet an untimely demise during season 5.

The Paramount Network hit series has been a fan favourite since its 2018 premiere and its relentless nature means there's always the risk that one of its main characters won't make it out alive in season five. John Dutton in particular has faced many close calls throughout the course of the show.

John remains a fierce and loyal member of the Dutton family, willing to put himself in harm's way if necessary.

He's even stood up for his wife Monica (Kelsey Asbille) and son Kayce (Luke Grimes) on numerous occasions in the past. Additionally, he has spearheaded their efforts to maintain their land which they inherited from Spotted Eagle in 1883.

However, it's evident that enemies are on the hunt for John and Susan Dutton and their ranch. Their list of adversaries grows longer by the day, so John must be prepared to fight them off.

He now faces off against Broken Rock Reservation's Thomas Rainwater and Market Equities' Caroline Warner as well.

Given that two major political enemies are already on John Dutton's trail, it appears likely he will face additional complications in season 5. Furthermore, John must deal with his biological daughter Beth and her adopted brother Jamie as well.

According to Wes Bentley, John's death would have "completely rocked" Jamie if it had occurred during season 4. In fact, Bentley said his character would have been irrevocably changed after witnessing his father trample on Jamie's gubernatorial dreams like they were nothing more than a cigarette butt.

Wes Bentley is certain that he can save his brother from death in season 5. He says that he has been preparing for this moment for a long time, and his character will be ready when the time comes.

What’s the Future of the Dutton Family?

As Wes Bentley's Jamie Dutton battles to save the family he grew up with, Kelly Reilly's Beth Dutton is less certain. She believes her brother's "chance of redemption" has passed - and may be right.

On Sunday, Paramount Network begins airing Taylor Sheridan's neo-Western series Yellowstone for its fifth season. Viewers eagerly anticipate how their beloved heroes deal with the devastating loss of their oldest son Dave Annabel (Eddie Hargrove) during a cattle dispute last year. But tragedy is not the only looming tragedy for the Duttons as they prepare for what lies ahead for them in 2019.

After a difficult year, the Duttons appear ready to find peace again. Led by their steadfast patriarch John Dutton III (Kevin Costner), they have achieved victory and now serve as governor of Montana.

With the Duttons set to ascend to the highest office in the state, their opponents are on edge. Market Equities, a real estate firm, and CEO Caroline Walker (Jacki Weaver) are already keeping tabs on them closely.

At the same time, the Dutton family's dedicated ranchhands are on the front lines of battle. Zane (Brian Geraghty), their loyal hand, is an important player but his heart may not always be in it.

For the fifth season of The Duttons, there's a new face joining them: Darren Mann as Jack Dutton, who had not been seen since the season four finale. Though he doesn't get much screen time, it is clear that this new character will play an integral part of their story arc.

Though it remains uncertain whether Jack Dutton (Harrison Ford) is related to Jacob Dutton (Harrison Ford), a quick glance at the Dutton family tree on 1883 and 1923 reveals that James, Jacob and John are all decedents of one common ancestor: Jack Dutton.

Sheridan has already given viewers a glimpse into the Dutton family's past through his prequel series 1883, which chronicles their 19th-century ancestors. Additionally, he created the spin-off 1923 which tells James Dutton's ancestor's tale.

What’s the Future of Yellowstone?

Taylor Sheridan's modern-day western series Yellowstone has proven that the genre still has plenty of life left in it. The show, which has earned plenty of awards nominations, has become one of Paramount Network's biggest hits, averaging more than 12.1 million same-day viewers in 2021 and drawing in more adults 18-49 viewers than any other scripted series on the network so far this season.

Though it might seem as though Yellowstone will return for another season, rumors about its future abound. In February, Kevin Costner hinted at whether or not he would return for a sixth season of the show.

What lies in store for a show lauded for its unflinching portrayal of modern-day westerns? In an interview with Extra, Costner acknowledged his lack of insight as to where the series will go and believes the writers are creating it from scratch. He further added that he doesn't feel in control over its narrative arc and believes they are making up things as they go along.

This could have drastic repercussions for both the show and its universe. Fortunately, Sheridan has several other spinoffs and projects in development that fans can look forward to.

Sheridan also has two Western projects on the way: 1883 (debuted December 2021) and 1923 (sequel to 1883 prequel), plus a spinoff series called 6666 that will debut on Paramount+ in 2021.

Greater Yellowstone's land and resources are constantly at risk from both natural and human-made processes. Climate change, land use changes, and invasive species can have catastrophic impacts on the park.

Scientists study the environmental effects of these factors to gain an understanding of how they may alter ecosystems. For instance, researchers are researching how climate change could affect wildlife like wolves and trout in certain regions.

Yellowstone National Park has both historic and cultural significance, prompting scientists to investigate how these factors might shape its future development. Home to 27 Native American tribes and boasting more than 10,000 hydrothermal sites, Yellowstone is also considered a keystone in the global system of protected areas.

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