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We're Pregnant - Unplanned Podcast Ep. 3 | Future Starr


We're Pregnant - Unplanned Podcast Ep. 3

We're Pregnant - Unplanned Podcast Ep. 3


Last summer, Matt and Abby, the TikTok stars who gained a large fan base for their pregnancy announcement, revealed they were expecting another child. In this episode of TikTok Talks, the couple shares their experiences with this second pregnancy as well as what it's like to be parents again.

No need to feel alone on your pregnancy journey! These podcasts will guide you through the emotions, situations and decisions that come with becoming a parent.

Abby and Matt

Abby and Matt are TikTok's power couple who never intended to become viral sensations. After millions of fans showed them love and support, it became clear to them that this was meant for them. Abby originally planned on becoming a doctor while Matt pursued finance - but their love affair with TikTok has forever altered the course of their lives.

The newly married couple, who got engaged during their sophomore year of college, began sharing updates on TikTok over the past few months as they adjusted to life as new parents. Recently, they announced that they were expecting their second baby via TikTok.

Their fans couldn't be more delighted for them as they welcomed their second child into the world. They posted kind wishes and messages on their videos, receiving countless congratulatory emails from people all around the globe in celebration.

On The Unplanned Podcast's most recent episode, Matt shares his observations of changes in his wife even before they knew she was expecting. He reflects on what it feels like to become a father for the second time and what that entails.

They also discuss the changes they noticed in Abby's body before she became pregnant, which she is now accepting as her body goes through major hormonal shifts.

The duo has amassed a devoted following on YouTube and TikTok, with 3.15 million subscribers to the platform and 4.9 million followers in the app. Their viewers appreciate their relaxed vlog-style videos which often include lifestyle content as well as challenges.

Due to their success on TikTok, they're able to generate a substantial income from their social media presence. A team of dedicated individuals create videos that showcase both their brand and products for maximum exposure.

Their videos tend to be humorous and upbeat, making them popular with their followers. Furthermore, they sometimes address topics relevant to them such as pregnancy.

The podcast is accessible on iTunes and Google Play, where you can subscribe for free to see how many other listeners there are. Or, upgrade to Premium access a range of additional features.

Abby's Pregnancy

In their latest Unplanned podcast episode, Matt and Abby Howard revealed they're expecting a second child. The TikTok power couple first revealed the news through a video, but fans had begun to guess at some clues long before then.

It's an incredibly special milestone for this young couple that they are expecting their second child on their own, but even more remarkable that they were able to achieve this feat without assistance. This marks a first in their lives and they are immensely proud of what has been accomplished.

They're thrilled to share their news with the world. Their social media pages have seen an incredible growth, and recently, they retweeted messages from people encouraging them to keep going strong.

When they first announced they were expecting a baby, they weren't sure if it would be healthy or not. Since then, they've shared updates on their pregnancy journey and are delighted to say that it has gone smoothly for them.

They are thrilled about this pregnancy due to God's work in their lives. Through a series of events that led them to fall in love and become parents, they've seen Him transform their hearts.

What they're most thankful for is having a support system of family and friends who are always there to listen. Although they've experienced their fair share of ups and downs in the past, they remain optimistic that this next chapter will bring them even closer to Christ.

They're especially appreciative of the support they've received from local pro-life group And Then There Were None (ATTWN), which actively reaches into abortion clinics to pull out workers who require assistance to leave the industry. To date, ATTWN has assisted over 460 abortion workers and seven full-time doctors working in abortion facilities.

Abby's Health

Abby has been wheelchair-bound since last year, after being diagnosed with Burkitt lymphoma and undergoing spinal surgery. But earlier this year she promised that she would be walking again by September - now Abby has posted an Instagram video proving that promise has been kept!

She also suffers from the rare autoimmune disease granulomatosis with polyangiitis (GPA). Similar to pneumonia, GPA attacks blood vessels in her lungs and other respiratory tissues, leading to collapse and fluid buildup.

Abby spent time in the PICU where doctors confirmed her diagnosis. They began treating her with plasmapheresis, combined with drugs to suppress her immune system and slow down the disease's progress.

As time passed, her lungs began to deteriorate and eventually required a chest tube for breathing. Due to their excessive blood content, doctors were worried that a blood clot could damage either her heart or brain.

Golisano Children's Hospital was able to help her breathe again with various forms of ventilation and an oxygen machine. After spending three weeks in the PICU, she moved onto the pediatric floor where she gradually gained strength and began feeling better overall.

One of the most valuable lessons her family experienced during this period was that finding the right people at the right time can make a huge difference in your health. Throughout her stay at the hospital, she encountered many remarkable nurses and doctors from various specialties.

They were all so committed to aiding her recovery from the devastating illness she faced, and it was essential for them to be able to communicate with her about what was going on inside of her body. Through gentle explanations, they made it easier for her to comprehend.

They were also able to communicate with one another about their journeys, keeping them connected during their stay in the hospital. Ultimately, they are deeply grateful for having had this chance to share their story and learn from one another.

Abby's Relationships

Abby struggles with her family, particularly her father Victor Newman and mother Ashley Abbott. She has one older biological paternal half-sister Victoria Newman, two biological older half-brothers Nicholas Newman and Adam Newman, as well as an adoptive paternal half-sister Colleen Carlton.

In 2009, Abby began to question her father Victor's sexual relationship with her mother Ashley. When they reunited as parents, Abby developed an intense interest in Victor which ultimately caused Brad to feel betrayed and created a rift between the two of them.

Abby was initially angry with her parents for their relationship, but eventually came to accept it. When her mother was diagnosed with cancer, she recorded a video message for Abby that revealed the truth about her alleged biological father.

Abby returned to Genoa City and with Diane Jenkins' help was able to locate her mother. At the same time, Abby attempted to mend her relationship with Tucker Callahan, her future stepfather-to-be who had a child with Diane.

Abby was seduced by Ryder Callahan after meeting him, unaware that he had a fraternal twin sister named Daisy Sanders.

In October 2009, Abby unwittingly assisted Ryder and Daisy in a scheme when she met them at her uncle Billy Abbott's Halloween party. Once caught, Abby made a promise not to see either sibling again - especially not Ryder.

She eventually attempted to become pregnant with a man she didn't love, but failed. At that time, she was still learning how to manage her emotions and didn't understand that it was possible to have children without an established parent-child relationship.

Abby became more mature with age and began dating Matt Press. At first, Abby felt drawn to him due to being rejected by her friends. Eventually though, Abby began developing feelings for him more deeply.

Abby does not fear Dennis finding out about her secret will drive her crazy like Ginny does. All she wants is for Dennis to respect their privacy and put an end to all the rumors.

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