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We Don't Talk About Bruno Lyrics | Future Starr


We Don't Talk About Bruno Lyrics

We Don't Talk About Bruno Lyrics


we dont talk about bruno lyrics

Disney's Encanto's breakout hit song is Lin-Manuel Miranda's "We Don't Talk About Bruno," a Latin-flavored dance number that has gone viral and skyrocketed to the top of pop charts.

It follows the story of Bruno Madrigal, who is shunned by his family due to his gift of foretelling future events. On Maribel and Felix's wedding day, Pepa and Felix blame Bruno Madrigal for causing a hurricane despite Pepa's own magical ability to cause it.

Latin Roots

If you're a fan of Lin-Manuel Miranda's Disney animated romp Encanto, chances are you have heard "We Don't Talk About Bruno." Written and produced by Mike Elizondo, the catchy song has dethroned Adele to reach No. 1 on Billboard Hot 100 chart and become an iconic cultural touchstone.

The animated film follows the Madrigal family, a magical clan whose home in Encanto (in Spanish, "charmed") has bestowed each child with their own special gifts. However, when Mirabel, the only member of her clan without an award, starts to notice cracks appearing in their house structure, she embarks on a search for her uncle Bruno.

Bruno was initially disregarded by his family, who misinterpreted his prophecies and feared they would bring about their doom. That is why they don't speak about him even though he may hold the key to unlocking Encanto's mysterious secrets.

Camilo Madrigal's (Rhenzy Feliz) verse depicts Bruno as a formidable seven-foot figure with rats attached to his back. He draws comparisons between Bruno and Jesus from the Bible who was rejected by his own people and shunned in his hometown.

Camilo's exaggerated portrayal of Bruno is not entirely accurate. Rather, it's based on his memories of various rumors and stories about him over the years.

After Camilo's verse, Dolores Madrigal (Adassa), a cousin of Mirabel who also has magical ears, joins in to offer her own perspective on Bruno's absence from the family. Her seemingly cynical tone is more than just deceptive; she truly wants answers to her own questions regarding Bruno's alleged disappearance.

She explains that her uncle is a quiet individual who just wants to help, but his predictions have been taken as threatening. He's been blamed for their troubles when this isn't the case.

Maribel Madrigal (Stephanie Beatriz) pieces together the pieces of a plaque Bruno had predicted before his disappearance and is shocked by what she discovers. She decides to reintroduce Bruno to his family and win back their trust.

"We Don't Talk About Bruno" is a poignant lyrical parable about family unity. The song exposes their struggles and shortcomings while also hinting at their eventual triumph over trauma. It's an inspiring example of how music can be used to tell an inspiring narrative.

Resonates With Audiences

Disney's Encanto has achieved unprecedented popularity, especially in the United States where it is now the highest-charting animated feature ever. But one of the greatest aspects of Encanto is its soundtrack - featuring several timeless favorites sure to remain crowd favorites for years to come.

The first is "We Don't Talk About Bruno," the latest chart-topper from the movie that overtook Frozen's "Let It Go" as Disney's top single in both the US and UK last week. Starring Carolina Gaitan, Mauro Castillo, Adassa, Rhenzy Feliz, Diane Guerrero and Stephanie Beatriz, this song seamlessly blends Latin music styles with pop, hip hop and dance elements to create an energetic layered salsa that's both catchy and powerful.

At first glance, it may appear to be about Mirabel Madrigal's estranged uncle Bruno who is famous for his doom-and-gloom predictions. But the song really speaks more to how his family's perception of Bruno has affected their lives - not about him at all!

This theme runs throughout the entire song, as each character shares their version of Bruno's past: Cousin Camilo Madrigal (Rhenzy Feliz) describes his uncle as a seven-foot figure with glowing green eyes; Pepa (Carolina Gaitan) recounts their nuptials when Bruno ruind it by foretelling rain for their special day.

Dolores, in Adassa's character Dolores, speaks up, recounting her hearing Bruno "muttering and mumbling" inside the house. This could indicate he is inside instead of just outside or it could signify falling sand - an indication of time passing and change.

Mirabel discovers that her uncle's powers have caused cracks in their house foundations, indicating he has lived there for years. This uncovers some of her family's darkest secrets from years past - making for an inspiring reversal that's sure to please re-watchers.

It's an engaging, genuine song that captures the complex dynamics of a family in an accessible manner. It serves as an excellent example of how simple lyrics can be used to reveal deeper meanings behind stories.

A Parable About Outsiders

"We Don't Talk About Bruno" is an intriguing tale about a family with a mysterious relative who can predict the future. Although he may be the only member of their brood to possess this gift, Bruno often feels outcast amongst everyone else - even by his siblings! He's also a doofus whose best friend thinks himself an expert prankster. This leads to heated arguments between the three generations, each trying to prove who is the coolest uncle around. Country music fans have made "We don't talk about Bruno" a staple, with 124.6 million streams on Spotify and 191.6 million YouTube views. It also serves as proof that having such an expansive fanbase allows creators to make big budget movies with it - which explains why the movie ranked so highly in our ranking of the best country music albums of all time.

A Crowd-Pleaser

This song immediately grabs our attention due to its diverse Latin influences, such as salsa and Guajira. These elements combine with classic pop and musical theater elements for an exhilarating, dynamic listen experience.

The lyrics also offer multiple character perspectives to help us comprehend the events in the story, particularly that of Mirabel's aunt Pepa (Carolina Gaitan) and uncle Felix (Mauro Castillo).

In the song's opening verse, the Madrigal family blames Bruno for ruining their wedding day by prophesying bad weather. Yet a closer look at this verse reveals that Pepa and her incapacity to control her own magic is more significant than Bruno's negligence.

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