Virgin River - Where Is It Filmed?

Virgin River - Where Is It Filmed?


where is virgin river filmed

Virgin River is a stunning romance show that's winning over viewers around the globe. It follows nurse practitioner Mel Monroe as she moves from Los Angeles to Northern California with the dream of starting over fresh.

As one might expect, scenery is an integral element of Virgin River's charm. Filming locations throughout the season often provide breathtaking views of redwood trees and mountain ranges. Here are some of our favorite spots from Virgin River - and where you can visit them in real life!

Jack’s Bar

Netflix drama series "20 Strong", based on Robyn Carr's 20-strong book series, offers the ideal blend of American values, will-they-won't-they romance and picturesque small towns. It's a must-watch for anyone with an appreciation for idyllic small towns, charming landmarks and quirky residents.

Virgin River is shot in Vancouver and select locations around British Columbia, such as Burnaby, Squamish and Port Coquitlam. The show's backdrop features vibrant redwood trees and majestic mountain views that transport viewers away from reality into a surreal realm.

Virgin River is one of the best shows on television and it has gained a dedicated fan base around the world. The series follows nurse practitioner Melinda Monroe (Alexandra Breckenridge), as she relocates to a fictional California town named Virgin River to work as a midwife. Though the town may be made up, its residents share an incredibly close-knit community that feels just as real.

How is this enchantment, where every window overlooks a mountain and dashing bartenders double as leading men, created? That has long captivated fans around the world.

Unfortunately, Virgin River is actually an invented town based on Robyn Carr's book of the same name. But don't fret if you're a fan of the show and want to visit some of its locations without packing your bags - there are plenty of ways to do so without leaving home.

The opening scene of the show, where Mel and Jack first meet, was shot on Pioneer Avenue in Agassiz, an Eastern Fraser Valley town just east of Vancouver. Though not a true Virgin River, Agassiz is definitely worth visiting if you're ever passing through.

Virgin River's iconic location for Mel's cabin is Murdo Frazer Park on the North Shore of Vancouver, which was previously featured in Fringe, Once Upon A Time and The Flash. A well-photographed caretaker's cabin that has served as a screen staple for years.

Mel’s Cabin

Virgin River, based on Robyn Carr's novels, has viewers spellbound by its romantic characters and stunning mountain scenery. Nurse Mel Monroe (Alexandra Breckenridge) moves to a small California town after her husband passes away, creating an idyllic setting for viewers to savor.

Mel and Jack's central love story has kept viewers enraptured to their screens, but it is the stunning scenery that keeps them coming back for more. From Mel's idyllic waterside cabin to Doc Mullins' Queen Anne-style house, the picturesque settings have won over viewers around the world.

In the opening episode of Virgin River, Mel arrives and finds her new home to be quite different than she expected. It's an old, dilapidated cabin that wasn't meant for her; thankfully for Mel, Jack Sheridan (Martin Henderson) has made a lasting impression on its owner.

Movie Maps confirms the cozy cabin in Murdo Frazer Park on North Vancouver's scenic North Shore has been featured on TV shows like Fringe, The Flash and Once Upon a Time. Home to its caretaker for years, the cabin featured in several scenes throughout each show.

Mel and Jack shot several scenes here, including the romantic dock scene in episode eleven. Additionally, it serves as the location of their meeting bar.

In addition to the Cabin, several other locations are used for filming in Virgin River. These include Mayor's House and Paige's Bakeway in Burnaby; Doc Mullins' Clinic in New Westminster; as well as numerous bars and shops located throughout Port Coquitlam.

These towns are famous for some of Virgin River's most memorable scenes, so if you want to find your own slice of heaven, take time out and explore them!

Start by taking a selfie at the iconic 'Welcome to Virgin River' sign from the show, filmed on Pioneer Avenue in Agassiz, 75 miles east of Vancouver.

Doc Mullins’ Clinic

Netflix's Virgin River is one of the most beloved dramas on the streaming platform, offering slow-burning romances and captivating twists that will keep you on the edge of your seat. And if you're searching for that ideal getaway, those mountain views and flowing river shots will make you yearn to visit remote town where Jack (Tim Matheson) and Mel (Alexandra Breckenridge) reside.

The pilot season of Virgin River was shot primarily in Vancouver and several locations across Canada. The show's welcome sign features an idyllic scene in Agassiz, east of Vancouver that showcases quaint homes framed by snowcapped mountains; Hope McCrea's wood-framed bungalow can also be seen along Deer Lake Drive in Burnaby.

In addition to these iconic Virgin River locations, the show also shoots in popular Canadian cities like Port Coquitlam, Burnaby, and Squamish. These cities feature a range of local businesses featured on the series such as Samz Pub in Port Coquitlam; In a Wink Beautique in Burnaby; and Paige's Bakeaway food truck from Burnaby.

At the start of this year, Tim Matheson - who plays Doc Mullins - shared his top tips for fans visiting Virgin River. According to Tim, playing Doc Mullins - there are "many redwoods" in the area where Virgin River takes place and that "the setting for the show is truly unique."

Although Virgin River itself doesn't exist, you can get close to its stunning scenery by taking a road trip up north. The Sea to Sky Highway runs between Squamish and Bowen Island, providing plenty of stops along the way, including Fitches Bed and Breakfast for an idyllic stopover.

Visit Port Moody, BC to explore its small airport and charming shops. You'll need a car to get around, but the drive is definitely worth it for those stunning mountain and river views!

Finally, if you're searching for the ideal place to eat after binge-watching the show, Jack Sheridan's fictional bar in Brackendale is definitely worth visiting. Located on Government Road about an hour's drive from Vancouver on Government Road, it offers delicious cuisine.

The Welcome to Virgin River Sign

Virgin River is a fictional California town where residents know each other, live in cozy log cabins near nature, and fall in love at their local bar. It's like living in a Hallmark-esque small town - and the show perfectly captures that essence.

Though much of the show takes place in a sleepy California town, many episodes were actually shot in Vancouver and British Columbia, Canada - otherwise known as Hollywood North. Vancouver has become a popular filming location for many popular American TV series and films.

Conde Nast Traveller reported that the opening shots for Virgin River were shot over "typical small-town scenes in the region," with Pioneer Avenue in Agassiz serving as its Welcome sign. Furthermore, Snug Cove on Bowen Island played an integral role in filming the show.

Virgin River not only features stunning scenery, but it is a heartwarming show about love and family as Jack Sheridan navigates his recovery from war injury in the small town of Virgin River to begin again.

Fans eagerly await the story as Jack and Mel adjust to life in a small town. The drama, which has been renewed for another season, boasts an all-star cast that includes Martin Henderson as Jack the bar owner, Lauren Hammersley as his former flame Charmaine Roberts, Annette O'Toole as mayor Hope McRea, and Tim Matheson as doctor Doc Mullins.

In the Season 4 opener, Jack and Mel discover they're expecting a baby but can't quite figure out who their father is. Meanwhile, Hope returns home from hospital after suffering a head injury, yet she doesn't remember Lilly.

The season also brings back beloved characters like Doctor Mullins (Tim Matheson), Paige's food truck, and Kai Bradbury as the baby's grandfather. You can be sure that this fourth season of this beloved Netflix series will be filled with exciting plotlines - so stay tuned!

Season 4 promises us many heartwarming moments! While we won't spoil anything, Jack and Mel's relationship has blossomed beyond our wildest dreams. Additionally, we'll get to see more of Brie with her new job offer, plus learn about Charmaine's pregnancy and who her baby daddy is!

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