Video of Draymond Green Punching Jordan Poole During Practice Leaked to the Internet

Video of Draymond Green Punching Jordan Poole During Practice Leaked to the Internet


draymond green poole beef

Draymond Green is renowned for his fiery passion. The four-time NBA champion is an integral part of the Golden State Warriors' dynasty and a leader who expects his team to hold them accountable.

Last Wednesday during practice, Green took his emotions too far with his punch against Jordan Poole and that has put him into hot water with the Warriors.

Why It Happened

The Golden State Warriors are in the midst of training camp and they are investigating what transpired during practice between Draymond Green and Jordan Poole. This is a serious matter, with potential discipline against Green likely being considered by them for his involvement.

Shams Charania, Anthony Slater and Marcus Thompson II of The Athletic reported that Green had intentionally struck Poole during an altercation at Wednesday's practice. After exchanging words on the court and pushing each other in an aggressive manner, Green reportedly slammed a punch into Poole's head with full force.

Reports indicate Green was in a difficult mental space when he punched Poole. He explained his actions as being out of character, believing there to be no excuse for his actions.

Following their altercation, the Warriors decided to fine Green for his behavior but did not suspend him. Despite this decision, the incident remains highly publicized and has caused major problems for the Golden State Warriors.

TMZ has obtained video footage of the altercation, seen by millions. In it, Green is seen viciously punching Poole in the face and seemingly causing him to lose his composure.

Chris Haynes of Yahoo Sports reported the altercation as being caused by a disagreement over an extension for both players. Poole and Green are on the cusp of signing lucrative contracts from the Warriors, so both have been seeking long-term deals that would keep them in Golden State.

It's understandable for a player of Green's stature to be in an unpredictable mood, particularly when his team has been in the spotlight recently. Although he's one of the best players in the league and has won four NBA championships, that doesn't guarantee him not having an off-day.

But he's an adult and should know better. Hitting someone close to him, no matter the motivations, is never acceptable - regardless of your intentions.


On Friday, TMZ leaked video of Draymond Green punching Jordan Poole during practice. This is the first time such a video has been made public and it's raising many questions.

At first glance, reports about the incident seemed to indicate it was just a routine training tiff between Poole and Green. But video evidence clearly reveals that Green actually went in for an aggressive punch to Poole's jaw - it's truly shocking!

Poole's betrayal could be seen as a betrayal of his trust, even though both the Warriors' coach and general manager denied tension had been building. Furthermore, it raised questions about team chemistry given that both players are eligible for extensions before the season starts.

Furthermore, such behavior could potentially have an adverse effect on team leadership. Green is one of the most esteemed players on the squad; as defending champions' leader and role model to younger players, his actions could be seen as detrimental to his position.

But that could change if video emerges and it becomes public knowledge that Green physically pushed Poole away with two hands before striking him in the face with a vicious punch. That would be an enormous escalation that team and fans likely wouldn't have noticed until seeing it for themselves.

That would be a major red flag and one which the Warriors must address immediately. They need to identify who leaked the video and decide whether they want to fire them or not.

Warriors face an uncertain future, and it's unclear how long they have to work through this issue. But they must find a way forward and avoid the potential disaster that has already begun.

Though it's too soon to know for certain, the team appears to be seriously considering taking disciplinary action against Green. That is according to Shams Charania of The Athletic, Anthony Slater from The Athletic and Marcus Thompson II from The Athletic. These sources state that internal discipline will be taken into account but no decision has yet been made as to whether Green may be sent away for some period of time.


Draymond Green is an integral member of the Golden State Warriors team, so any incident that could negatively affect their chemistry and relationships would be devastating. That's why Draymond's recent altercation with young player Jordan Poole - a young member on their roster - is so troubling.

The Warriors are reportedly considering disciplining Green for the incident with Poole. According to The Athletic's Shams Charania, Anthony Slater and Marcus Thompson, The team is seriously considering taking disciplinary action against Green after an altercation that escalated during practice on Wednesday morning. Green allegedly "forcefully struck" Poole before they needed to be separated quickly.

However, it appears that Green will not face suspension from the NBA. This isn't his first ejection for an altercation; last season's playoffs saw him receive a Flagrant 1 foul after engaging LeBron James in an altercation which cost them a 3-1 series lead in the 2016 NBA Finals.

That was also the year he called then-teammate Kevin Durant a "bitch" during a game against the Los Angeles Clippers, leading to Green being suspended for that infraction.

It's especially concerning that Green allegedly punched his young, rising star on a practice court in front of teammates and media, suggesting there may be something seriously wrong with Green's mental state - which unfortunately for the Warriors.

Green has a history of accruing fines and suspensions throughout his career, including being suspended for one game last season after calling Durant "bitch" during a game against the Los Angeles Clippers.

Following the incident, Green expressed regret and acknowledged his teammates had noticed a change in him as he nears signing an extension with the Warriors. Additionally, he responded to Dillon Brooks' remarks last week that he doesn't like them by saying, "I just don't like Golden State."

Though the media often spins this incident for a positive, there is real concern that Green may struggle to adjust his behavior after the incident. This could have an adverse effect on their team chemistry and relationships, potentially jeopardizing Golden State's chances in the playoffs as well.

The Final Words

Draymond Green will have to explain himself soon enough. Video of him punching Jordan Poole during a practice has leaked and become an internet sensation that's spreading to the homes of both players' families.

On Friday, TMZ Sports released video footage showing Green bumping Poole in the chest before delivering a vicious right cross to his face. This punch appears to have knocked Poole to the ground and may have caused injury.

If the incident is serious, Green could miss several games or even be suspended. But the Warriors are taking no chances. Kerr, Myers and Curry all believe they can work through the situation together as a unit and focus on preparing to defend their title.

What's certain: the punch will have a negative impact on Green's market value, given the Warriors' deep bench and other players who could replace him on the roster. Teams interested in him because of his extraordinary defensive prowess and time-honored leadership traits likely will take a pass.

Some reports have suggested that the altercation between Green and Poole was caused by their respective attempts to negotiate lucrative extensions with the Warriors. But both players have denied this report and maintain there is no connection between their contract situations.

In a statement, Green admitted to reporters that he was an "incredibly flawed human being" and was struggling with his emotions before the fight started. He announced that he would be taking a leave of absence to heal.

In the wake of this incident, it has been a challenging week for both players and their families. The Warriors have launched an investigation to discover who leaked the video, and are taking all legal measures to uncover what transpired.

On Thursday, Green apologized to Poole for losing his temper. He explained that he has been given space and time to work through the issue and is giving the team a chance to resolve it. Furthermore, he stated he wasn't looking for sympathy or any change in public opinion; rather, he promised that he would return to the Warriors as soon as he was able.

draymond green beef

Dillon Brooks and Draymond Green Beef

Draymond Green and Dillon Brooks' feud is heating up on Twitter. Whether you're rooting for either team or not, their personal rivalry is creating a lot of excitement in the NBA.

Draymond's brawny nature, physical bullying and willingness to get physical have made him a nuisance for opponents for over a decade now. But he has also been an integral part of the Warriors' rise to title-winning status.

Dillon Brooks vs. Draymond Green

One of the more contentious NBA rivalries has recently flared between the Memphis Grizzlies and Golden State Warriors. This one has been fuelled by personal issues between Dillon Brooks and Draymond Green.

This week, the two players exchanged verbal barbs, and it got worse during Thursday night's clash between the Grizzlies and Warriors at FedEx Forum. Brooks stole a Warriors inbound pass and took it around Green for an easy finger-roll layup to set the tone for what would become an all-out war that would last throughout the rest of the game.

Despite the heated moments, both players remained composed and in control. They did not exchange more words, though Green was one technical foul away from suspension.

Brooks and Green exchanged words during the opening quarter, though it didn't escalate much from there. When Green bumped into Brooks in the second quarter and started barking in his ear, however, the Grizzlies wing kept his cool and refused to give into any of it.

This rivalry dates back to a thrilling second-round playoff series last season, which featured technicals, ejections and flagrant fouls in abundance. Although they haven't played since then, their rivalry remains as fierce as ever.

With the regular season coming to a close, both teams still have much work to do. They're both competing for their seed and an initial round opponent, but there's no denying the intensity between these two squads.

Dillon Brooks and Draymond Green have long been known for their competitive natures on the court, so it was only natural that their rivalry would deepen over time. Recently, Brooks refers to Green as "an idiot" on his podcast and asserts that the Grizzlies aren't yet ready for a championship.

Brooks responded on his podcast by refuting Green's assertions and downplaying his belief that the Grizzlies are ready for a championship next year. He noted that if one had four NBA titles and two Olympic gold medals, one might talk a little differently than Brooks did.

Brooks vs. Green

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The company strives to make its shoes more sustainable and reusable. For instance, it uses 75% post-consumer recycled materials in both its shoes and insoles, requiring significantly less energy production than traditional athletic footwear does.

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Green had never faced Blue during the regular season, yet they made their way to the Lake Shore Feeder Baseball League championship game for a winner-takes-all battle unlike any other. As tournament top seeds in their respective divisions, these teams faced off against each other; Blue took an early lead of six runs before Ryan Lorge's home run sent it into extra innings.

After a scoreless fifth inning, Green pulled out an 11-7 victory to cap off an incredible run through the tournament. It was an emotional moment for all involved, especially Green's New Trier teammates who cheered them on to their championship win.

Reflecting on his NFL career, Green can't help but recall that moment in Los Angeles last season when the Browns didn't have much depth at cornerback with Greg Newsome II out and Denzel Ward out with a shoulder injury. So Green was thrust into the deep end position and faced real-world pressure in an intense situation.

Green's experience was difficult, but it taught him what he needed to do to become an All-Pro player. This season he's taking over both outside and inside corner positions with the aim of becoming the go-to guy at each position. Working closely with head coach Kevin Stefanski, Green is learning all aspects of the game while honing his passing game skills.

Green vs. Brooks

The rivalry between the Memphis Grizzlies and Golden State Warriors has reached fever pitch. The teams have been engaged in an intense rivalry since last season, with the Warriors winning both regular-season meetings this year.

Wednesday night, Green launched his podcast and fired back at Brooks for criticizing him in a March 3 ESPN story. According to Brooks, Green is only good with the Warriors and that if he were placed on another team, people wouldn't know who he really is.

On his podcast, Green took a shot at Brooks' teammates and claimed they weren't prepared to compete for a title due to him. Brooks responded by calling Green's statement a "low blow," noting he is far superior to Green in every area.

One day after Green made those comments, the two players met up in Memphis for an emphatic 131-110 victory. Throughout the encounter, both players got in each other's faces, exchanged barbs at the media and provided plenty of entertainment for fans.

After the game, Brooks was interviewed by TNT's Jared Greenberg and used Green's comments as fuel for his own postgame interview. In that conversation, Brooks disparaged Green for his 2.5-minute rant against him on his podcast which aired Wednesday.

He watched the entire segment later that night and used it as motivation for Thursday's game. At 17 points ahead in the second quarter, Brooks picked off a Green pass and celebrated with an elegant finger-roll layup.

Brooks then took a step in front of Green during a faceoff, creating some tension between them. Despite this, neither side received any technical fouls from the referees.

It's not the first time this has occurred. The Warriors' big man has had an ongoing disagreement with the Grizzlies over the years, beginning after they played in a play-in tournament together in 2021.

Since 2007, the rivalry between the Grizzlies and Warriors has been intense; it appears that it will only intensify throughout this season. Already, they've met twice in the playoffs this year; with each victory going to their opponents, there may be an opportunity for the Grizzlies to change that soon enough.

Perkins vs. Green

After the Golden State Warriors won their fourth NBA title, Draymond Green can rightly feel proud. He's made a name for himself as an outspoken leader who stands up to those in the media who make sensationalized statements or lack understanding. There can be no doubt in Draymond Green's mind that his teammates and coaching staff have done him proud.

While Green has been celebrating his team's victory, he's also engaged in some personal feuds of his own - the most prominent being with ESPN analyst Kendrick Perkins.

Over the last year, Green and Perkins have been engaged in an intense feud. It all started when Green challenged Perkins' comments on his Old Man and the Three podcast, alleging that Perkins prayed that LeBron James would get injured; this elicited a fiery response from former Boston Celtics star in a since-deleted video.

Green hasn't let that go and has continued to escalate their feud on social media. He called Perkins "c**n" during a recent episode of his podcast, made some scathing criticisms of the ESPN analyst, and even went so far as to say he'd fight him in a celebrity boxing match if given the chance.

Though this isn't the first time these two have clashed, their dispute has become more serious recently. In a video posted on Sunday, Green went off on an extended tirade about Perkins' commentary style and seemed to escalate their tension.

After posting the video, Perkins took to Twitter and denounced Green for his incendiary remarks. He accused Green of saying he'd be "ready to fight" and asserted that he is "on the old law."

It appears this rivalry is far from over. On Monday, Green posted a tweet taking aim at Perkins and accusing him of wanting something bad to happen to LeBron James.

Green's tweet revealed that Perkins once expressed his desire for James to get injured during the 2008 Eastern Conference semifinals between his Boston Celtics and Cleveland Cavaliers. This sparked an angry exchange between them which resulted in Green labelling Perkins an "idiot" and a "moron."

On his latest episode of The Draymond Green Show, Green escalated their feud with Perkins by calling him a "c**n." While it remains unclear if that was truly his intention, this is clearly the most serious incident yet between them.

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