Vanessa Bryant Reaches A $28.85 Million Agreement With Los Angeles County Over Kobe Bryant Photos

Vanessa Bryant Reaches A $28.85 Million Agreement With Los Angeles County Over Kobe Bryant Photos


Vanessa Bryant Reaches A 2885 Million Agreement With LA County Over Kob

Vanessa Bryant Reaches A $28.85 Million Agreement With Los Angeles County Over Kobe Bryant Photos

Vanessa Bryant is a successful businesswoman, philanthropist and role model. She was married to basketball great Kobe Bryant for 19 years before his tragic passing in January 2020.

After a contentious separation last year, Nike and Vanessa Bryant have reached an agreement to continue producing sneakers in tribute to her husband's legacy. Furthermore, 100% of the proceeds from Gianna Bryant's shoes will be donated to Mamba & Mambacita Sports Foundation so they can establish a youth basketball center in Southern California.

Los Angeles County to Pay $28.85 Million to Kobe’s Wife

Vanessa Bryant, the widow of Kobe Bryant, has found some peace after reaching an agreement with Los Angeles County over the grisly photos taken and shared by deputies and firefighters. When she discovered that her husband and daughter's bodies were being displayed on several LA County devices, Vanessa filed a lawsuit against the sheriff and fire departments for negligence and invasion of privacy.

In Los Angeles, a federal jury determined that the sheriff's department and fire department had violated plaintiffs' rights. Kobe's wife was awarded $15 million while co-plaintiff Chris Chester - who tragically lost his wife Sarah and daughter Payton in the crash - received another $16.95 million to settle any future claims against the county.

A jury found that sheriff's deputies and firefighters violated Vanessa Bryant's rights by taking and sharing photos of her husband's and daughter's bodies at the crash scene in January 2020. Although the county denied liability for any long-standing practice of photo-sharing, the sheriff's department was found accountable for not enforcing policies or training that would have prevented such behavior.

Vanessa Bryant told jurors she had just begun to grieve the loss of her husband and daughter when she discovered sheriff's deputies and fire department employees had been sharing graphic photos of their remains on social media. It was a moment of fresh horror which compounded her grief, she said in an emotional trial that lasted 11 days.

After a day of deliberations, the jury unanimously found in favor of Kobe's family, finding that the sheriff's department was responsible for photo-sharing. Sheriff Villanueva expressed her shock and despair at these allegations against her in a statement released following the verdict.

In addition to settling the case, Vanessa Bryant plans to donate $15 million to her non-profit, Mamba & Mambacita Sports Foundation, which she established after her husband's retirement in 2016. This foundation provides funding and sports programming for young female athletes in underserved communities.

A jury also ordered the county to pay Bryant's attorney Luis Li $28.85 million as compensation for her emotional distress and other legal fees. A release from her attorney stated that Bryant will donate this money to her non-profit foundation in order to "brighten up" the lives of her husband and daughter.

Kobe’s Wife to Donate $15 Million to Mamba & Mambacita Sports Foundation

Vanessa Bryant, the widow of Kobe Bryant, plans to donate part of the judgment she was awarded Wednesday in her lawsuit against Los Angeles County over photos taken by first responders after her husband and daughter died in a helicopter crash. According to her attorney, Vanessa will donate the money to a foundation named in their memory.

Last Wednesday, a California jury awarded Bryant and her co-plaintiff $15 million for emotional distress caused by the graphic photos. Their suit ended just one day after Kobe's birthday - 8/24 - which has become widely celebrated as "Kobe Bryant Day" among fans of the NBA Hall of Famer.

Bryant filed a lawsuit alleging she and her family were traumatized by the graphic images of her husband and daughter shared by deputies and firefighters on their personal phones at the scene of the fatal crash. She maintained these images violated her family's privacy rights, resulting in severe emotional distress which she still experiences to this day.

Her attorney, Luis Li, informed the Los Angeles Times that she planned to donate an unspecified portion of their judgment award to Mamba & Mambacita Sports Foundation - a non-profit founded by Kobe and Gianna in 2016 that was renamed in their memory. The organization provides funding and sports programming for underserved athletes so they can engage in school or league sports that promote socio-emotional and physical development.

John Tchekmedyian, the judge in this case, had already determined that the photos weren't protected by the Privacy Act and ordered the sheriff's department to delete them.

At trial, Bryant revealed she struggled with suicidal ideation and lived in constant fear that the photographs would be revealed publicly, leading to further distress and harm. She told Tchekmedyian she is "suffering and will continue to experience severe emotional distress over these images," adding that their discovery has completely disrupted her life.

Bryant and Chris Chester, a financial adviser who lost his wife Sarah and daughter Payton in the crash, filed suit against Los Angeles County for violating their privacy and causing emotional distress by sharing graphic pictures taken at the scene of the incident on their personal phones.

Kobe’s Wife to Pay Her Own Legal Fees

One year after Kobe Bryant passed away in a helicopter crash, his wife Vanessa has become embroiled in an intense domestic drama. Her mother Sofia Urbieta Laine is suing her, claiming that she should receive $5 million in backpay for being her daughter's "longtime personal assistant and nanny" to their grandchildren.

She's also suing Los Angeles County over graphic photos taken by deputies and firefighters at the crash scene, which invaded her privacy. On Wednesday, a federal jury awarded her $16 million for this violation of her rights.

Vanessa Bryant and her attorneys maintained that deputies and firefighters sharing graphic photos of the accident deprived them of privacy and caused emotional distress. According to the jury, it ruled that the Sheriff's Department violated both Vanessa Bryant's constitutional rights as well as those of her 13-year-old daughter Gianna in their handling of the accident.

It was a victory for the family, who have already been awarded $15 million by a jury. Unfortunately, this settlement leaves Vanessa with an enormous mountain of legal fees to pay in connection with her ongoing litigation.

Vanessa has received a substantial settlement, yet she still struggles to make ends meet. She relies on savings but cannot afford the new Mercedes GLE her husband had planned for them.

Meanwhile, Natalia Diamante has been relying on her family for support. Her daughter Natalia (18), son Bianka (4), and 19-month old Capri have all been by her side to offer strength and love.

She's still trying to find her feet when it comes to social media, blocking all Kobe-related posts last June because she wasn't sure how she would manage with all the pictures -- and worried some would end up in the wrong hands.

But she hasn't let that stop her. In fact, she's been making it clear that she wants to honor both her late husband and Gigi's legacy by celebrating it in their honor.

Vanessa has also celebrated Kobe Bryant Day (August 24) by posting a photo of herself posing with her husband and their daughter. Additionally, she's enlisted tattoo artist Nikko Hurtado to ink messages written in their handwriting onto her body.

Kobe’s Wife to Donate $20 Million to Mamba & Mambacita Sports Foundation

Kobe Bryant was an iconic NBA legend and an inspiration to society. His passion for sports was unmatched, yet he also showed his support through philanthropy by helping uplift those around him.

He was an advocate for women and children's empowerment through sports, supported by his Mamba & Mambacita Sports Foundation. It is through these endeavors that history will remember him most fondly.

Vanessa Bryant has been grieving the loss of her husband since two years ago. However, after being awarded a substantial settlement from Los Angeles County over the improper handling of pictures taken at the helicopter crash site, Vanessa Bryant has decided to donate all of her winnings.

Yahoo Sports reported that she plans to donate the $16 million judgment she received from the county to the Mamba & Mambacita Sports Foundation, established in honor of her late husband and daughter to provide sports education to underserved athletes.

The Mamba & Mambacita Sports Foundation was established in 2016, but its name was changed after Gianna's passing. According to its website, this foundation strives to "create positive impacts through sports and leave a legacy for boys and girls through funding, training and education".

Once the lawsuit was resolved, Bryant's lawyer informed Yahoo Sports that she intended to donate the money she won to the Mamba & Mambacita Foundation. This nonprofit organization offers sports education to underserved children and youths in Los Angeles County, according to The Los Angeles Times.

Kobe Bryant was one of basketball's all-time greats and an intense competitor. Though he passed away two years ago, his legacy lives on through his work for those around him. As an advocate for women and children empowerment in sports, as well as taking personal initiative to promote gender equality within athletics, his legacy lives on today.

Kobe Bryant was one of the greatest athletes ever, and his passing left a profound mark on society. Even through tragedy, his legacy lives on; as an inspiring father and philanthropist who worked to make a difference in this world.

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