Uponor Announces New VP Role for Integrated Supply Chain

Uponor Announces New VP Role for Integrated Supply Chain


Uponor announces new VP Role for Integrated Supply Chain

Uponor has announced the appointment of Erica Amevo as its new Vice President for Integrated Supply Chain. Previously an HR manager, she brings with her 17 years of expertise in HR and employee relations.

Uponor is committed to adhering to both an environmental management system in accordance with ISO 14001 and an energy-management system compliant with the ISO 50001 standard in order to consistently reach their environmental and energy objectives.

Jon Sillerud

Uponor has appointed Jon Sillerud as its new Vice President of Integrated Supply Chain. This newly created position will oversee the advancement of Uponor's manufacturing and distribution operations to deliver superior customer service and enhance overall business results.

He will also oversee the growth and development of Uponor's integrated supply chain, creating partnerships with suppliers and leading continuous improvement initiatives across supply planning, production scheduling, distribution, transportation and inventory management. Through his leadership role at Uponor he plans to maintain their global supply chain excellence as they build on their reputation as a reliable partner with top-notch products.

The Vice President for Integrated Supply Chain will be supported by Uponor's senior leadership team, including President and CEO Michael Rauterkus, Managing Director Jyri Luomakoski and Chief Marketing Officer Tom Rowbotham. These individuals will provide strategic direction on Uponor's integrated supply chain while also enabling it to utilize leading applications and technologies across its global operations.

Jon will lead the North American Operations division, an essential function which encompasses manufacturing, maintenance, quality assurance, process engineering, real estate investment management, security operations and safety. As North American Operations Leader since 2017, his role includes oversight of these vital tasks.

Jon will continue to build upon Uponor's global supply chain excellence, working closely with its leaders in Europe to guarantee operations are on track to meet customer expectations and capitalize on any opportunities that present themselves. This includes utilizing cutting-edge supply chain technologies to boost efficiency at facilities and deliver world-class products to customers.

He is an experienced operations professional with vast knowledge and skillset in leading teams to achieve operational goals and objectives. Prior to joining Uponor, he spent 17 years with the United States Marine Corps as an officer commanding various aspects of logistics and supply chain management, including deploying new technology solutions.

Uponor's integrated supply chain strategy utilizes best practices from its global operations with advanced manufacturing and distribution processes to increase efficiency, dependability and consistency in product offerings. This is an integral element of Uponor's growth plan and one which will be key for its future success.

Tom Rowbotham

Today, Uponor Corporation, a leading global producer of building products and member of the Cornerstone Building Brands family, announced Tom Rowbotham has been appointed to a newly created Vice President role for Integrated Supply Chain. In this position, he will direct and oversee all aspects of supply chain operations such as logistics, plant operations, materials management, engineering and test for Surface Solutions.

Rowbotham brings over 35 years of expertise to Uponor North America and its global customers, where he will lead the development of strategic plans and initiatives. As part of a team of experienced supply chain professionals, he'll ensure that Uponor's infrastructure is efficient and in sync with the business objectives.

He will also oversee Uponor's global supply chain integration strategy and collaborate with its information technology, product development and sustainability teams to identify opportunities to utilize emerging applications and technologies that support Uponor's strategic goals. Utilizing industry leading software and systems can enhance productivity, streamline processes and reduce costs by up to 40%.

Rowbotham will also be accountable for strengthening Uponor's global supplier relationships by cultivating and nurturing strong vendor alliances that enable it to meet its strategic objectives on time. He will implement effective supplier and customer relationship management, supply chain optimization, sourcing strategies and inventory control programs in order to maximize efficiencies and competitiveness throughout all stages of growth.

His key responsibilities include formulating the global strategic direction and crafting long-term operational strategies for each of Uponor's six business units based on market opportunities, economic conditions, competitive trends and customer needs. Each unit must have clearly defined strategies, objectives and performance targets to ensure its success across its global network.

The role of Vice President - Integrated Supply Chain is part of Uponor's Supply Chain and Transportation Organization, which strives to maximize efficiency throughout design, manufacture, delivery, and distribution of their product portfolio. They assist the leadership team with demand forecasting, logistics management, warehousing operations and inventory management.

Erica Amevo

Uponor, a leading global provider of drinking water and radiant heating and cooling systems, has announced the appointment of Erica Amevo as Vice President Role for its integrated supply chain division. She has been with Uponor for 17 years and most recently held the position of interim vice president of human resources.

Amevo has spent her career at Uponor spearheading many HR initiatives and programs that uphold the company's culture and employee engagement. Her responsibilities include talent management, recruitment & selection, compensation & benefits administration, training & development as well as employee relations.

She has also been actively engaged in the company's strategic planning process, including helping create its global HR framework. Her comprehensive understanding of HR challenges and opportunities will continue to support Uponor's continued growth.

Amevo has extensive experience designing and implementing HR strategies, and she is an active member of the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM). She holds a Master of Business Administration from University of Minnesota as well as certification in Professional in Human Resources (PHR).

Amevo will assume the VP role for Integrated Supply Chain in her first role, responsible for leading global supply chain transformation, identifying opportunities to improve performance and driving innovation across operations and technology. She will collaborate closely with Uponor's supply chain and IT leaders to make sure they have access to cutting-edge applications, tools and technologies to address today's global supply chain challenges.

The next step in this journey is to implement a single, integrated system that allows internal and external stakeholders to quickly view their roles across the entire supply chain. Doing so will streamline workflows and eliminate needless back-and-forth communication between departments.

To achieve these objectives, Uponor is currently using Supply Chain Advantage and HighJump as part of its strategic planning process. These solutions enable the firm to streamline inventory management and order processing procedures while cutting costs while improving key metrics like shipping on time and in full.

Matt Bahr

Uponor North America recently announced that Jon Sillerud, their vice president of operations, has agreed to take on an additional role as Vice President Role for Integrated Supply Chain Effective Immediately. In this capacity he will serve as Chief Supply Chain & Logistics Officer and supervise a team of senior supply chain professionals across both US and international locations.

Over the past two years, Sillerud has spearheaded efforts to transform operations and devise new supply chain strategies in order to meet rising demand. He achieved this by cultivating productive relationships with suppliers and creating an efficient supply chain with an emphasis on sustainable practices and a positive environmental impact.

Additionally, he has strived to build relationships with employees across the organization in order to foster a strong culture and achieve business objectives under sound leadership. One major area of improvement focuses on increasing employee engagement and helping the organization attract and retain top talent while guaranteeing their health and safety at work.

He has also integrated financial metrics into both strategy and operations, leading to improved costs and margin stability for the business.

In 2022, Uponor's management re-instituted its sustainability strategy to align with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). This includes seven objectives that can be achieved through company actions: gender equality(2), clean water and sanitation(3), decent work/economic growth(5), industry innovation/infrastructure(6), responsible production/consumption(7) and climate action(8).

Uponor's sustainability initiatives have primarily focused on implementing circularity into their business processes. Furthermore, the company is increasingly emphasizing sourcing materials from renewable sources. Most recently, Uponor completed a restructuring that enabled staff to identify both practical projects and structural adjustments that will further integrate circularity into their overall strategy and culture.

The restructuring infused sustainability champions more deeply into the company culture and encouraged staff to further advance its sustainability initiatives. Furthermore, it demonstrated the company's ongoing efforts to provide resources and build relationships with colleagues as it pursued circularity as part of its business strategy.

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