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UFC Notes ROH Impact


Daily Update UFC notes ROH Impact

The Daily Update brings you up-to-date on everything in ROH Impact. Our news updates include spoilers, debuts and title changes from upcoming PPVs.

In the main event, Rich Swann defends his Impact World Championship against Josh Alexander. This match promises to be an exciting World Title battle at Rebellion.

1. Rich Swann vs. Josh Alexander

Tonight's No Surrender pay-per-view features the main event a match between Rich Swann and Josh Alexander, who have both been on an impressive streak. Both men will be looking for victory this evening.

Alex goes after Swann, catching him in the ring and dropping him on his back for a two count. They exchange slaps and chops until Alex gets in a rana off of the top rope. Alex then puts Swann in an ankle lock but quickly breaks free to score another two points.

They then make their way to the apron, where they begin trading kicks until Swann gets a Phoenix splash and hits a rollup for a two count. He then attempts a handspring cutter but Alexander stops him midway with a spear.

Alexander attempts to hit Swann with the C-4 Spike, but she rolls out before it can connect. Alexander then hits a piledriver and follows that up with another C4 Spike for the victory.

Gia Miller asked Rich Swann what is on his mind right now and he responded that it has been building for two years. The World Championship is the one thing on his mind and nothing will distract him from being at his best.

He also mentioned that Steve Maclin would make an appearance and hoped to beat Swann again; however, if Maclin did win the number-one contender's match at Rebellion, Maclin would gain even greater motivation to triumph. What do you think about this storyline?

2. Jessika Havok & Taya Valkyrie vs. Allysin Kay & Marti Belle

Jessika Havok and Taya Valkyrie have not faced off against each other since their October battle for the Knockouts title. Both women have been busy with their own storylines, but they remain committed to resolving this disagreement tonight.

Recent episodes of Impact have focused on Taya's ongoing feud with Jordynne Grace, but this match could be about something completely different. It has been months since their last meeting and both women still have unfinished business - especially Jessicka being able to humiliate Taya so badly during their previous confrontation.

Havok has a long and successful relationship with IMPACT Wrestling, having served as World Superstars champion and member of Women's Superstars Uncensored (WSU) group for several years.

She also has a colorful past with Ohio is for Killers, having feuded with her former tag team partner Nevaeh before joining the main roster in 2013. On March 30th's Impact episode, Rosemary joined Rosemary and Su Yung to compete as part of an all-female tag team against Kimber Lee and Susan; however, their alliance proved short lived.

On June 7th, she made her return to the show alongside James Mitchell as they interrupted a tag team match between Rosemary and Taya Valkyrie to reveal they were forming an alliance. In their match on Slammiversary XVII, Havok and Valkyrie defeated Su Yung and Rosemary to become Knockouts Champions; however their bond soon began to fray.

Havok and Valkyrie have joined forces as The Death Dollz, having emerged as one of the most dominant teams in IMPACT Knockouts division. Now, they will look to continue their winning ways against Allysin Kay and Marti Belle.

3. Wheeler Yuta vs. Orange Cassidy

Orange Cassidy successfully defended his All-Atlantic Championship against Wheeler Yuta in an intense match that featured hard hits from both players. Despite taking a hard hit from Yuta, Cassidy still managed to retain his title and then sealed victory with an Orange Punch that put the match away.

The Phoenix crowd was fully into this match as Cassidy unleashed plenty of high-impact moves, including a massive Tornado DDT outside the ring. Additionally, he hit his other finisher - Beach Break - to put away his challenger!

After the match, Orange Cassidy offered Wheeler Yuta a "Best Friends hug," but Yuta declined. This seemed odd.

BCC's Claudio Castagnoli has now come out and encouraged Yuta to return to school. Yuta appears anxious, so it appears he's trying to make sense of everything and get things together.

Meanwhile, Orange Cassidy has been steadily working his way up on Yuta and is eventually getting the better of him. He's landed a belly-to-back suplex, an elbow to the side of Yuta's head, and then another German suplex!

Next, he hits a lariat. This is his only shot for victory and it's nice to see him working hard towards it!

Yuta clearly wants to win this match and become the man who beats Orange Cassidy at AEW Revolution, but that will take a lot of hard work - and Yuta isn't quite there yet!

On Saturday night's show, La Faccion Ingobernable, Top Flight and Aussie Open engaged in a tag team battle royale for a place in the AEW Tag Team Championship match at Revolution. Each team scored points but only one could advance to a four-way playoff for the title of AEW Tag Team Champion at Revolution.

4. Steve Maclin vs. Brian Myers & PCO

At No Surrender, Steve Maclin faced off against Heath, Brian Myers and PCO in a four-way #1 contenders match for the IMPACT World Championship. It was an intense contest but Maclin emerged victorious by defeating both PCO and Heath to claim his title shot.

At the end of the match, Maclin was in control and poised to pin Heath when Eddie Edwards intervened. He pushed PCO over for the win, giving Maclin his first Impact World Title shot against Josh Alexander at April's Rebellion pay-per-view.

Everyone tried to target PCO during the match, but Maclin would not let anyone take him down. He and Myers engaged in a fierce battle inside the ring before engaging in some physical exchanges outside. Myers even hit PCO with a back body drop for several missed pin attempts!

Myers and Maclin exchanged clotheslines throughout the fight, but Maclin emerged victorious. He hit a DDT on PCO for two counts and followed that up with a rolling spear for another two count.

After that, Myers and Maclin exchanged offense in the ring. However, Maclin proved too strong, hitting a double superkick on Myers for a two count. He then dropped Myers onto his knee for a three count cover.

As Eddie Edwards charged into PCO to attack PCO, Myers and Maclin unleashed a barrage of offense on him. Myers and Maclin exchanged punches before Myers gained the upper hand; he went up top for a reverse DDT but just as Myers was about to get three counts, Edwards came in with a shovel to break up the pin.

5. Heath Slater vs. Trey Miguel

On the June 16 episode of Raw, Slater appeared to take a step in his career by standing up to Rusev and Lana by responding to their anti-American promos. Unfortunately, Rusev quickly put an end to it by applying the Accolade on Slater for the win.

On the August 23 episode of SmackDown, Daniel Bryan and Shane McMahon offered Slater a contract to join their brand if he could find a partner and win the tag team title tournament. After struggling to find someone, Slater eventually teamed up with Rhyno in the finals.

Slater's victory on Raw marked the first time since 2010 that he had won a match, marking an important milestone in his career. He transitioned from midcarder to fan favorite for the first time ever and quickly became one of Raw's most beloved stars.

Heath made an appearance on the December 28th episode of Raw during Brock Lesnar's segment that cut off Paul Heyman so he could face Lesnar in a one-on-one match for a contract with Raw. Although Heath didn't make the cut, he still received two German suplexes from Lesnar as well as an F-5 from Lesnar.

Slater won his only match on Raw or SmackDown on July 2nd when he faced off against Doink the Clown one-on-one. Additionally, he participated in the Knockouts Match that would determine who would become champion at Backlash PPV.

Slater has achieved great success in IMPACT X-Division, though his success at the highest level wasn't what most expected. His feud with Austin has lasted longer than expected and he has also been instrumental in getting IMPACT back onto the main roster and creating positive buzz around the company.

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