Tyler James Williams Remains Tight-Lipped About Janine and Gregory's Kiss

Tyler James Williams Remains Tight-Lipped About Janine and Gregory's Kiss


Tyler James Williams Remains TightLipped About Janine and Gregorys Kiss o

Last night on Quinta Brunson's ABC hit series 'Abbott Elementary,' Janine and Gregory finally shared a kiss - to much joy from social media! The kiss between Janine and Gregory had been building for some time in Season 2 Episode 16 "Teacher Conference," and social media is celebrating as never before!

As viewers of the show know, Janine and Gregory have been building up their chemistry since its premiere in December 2021. It appears they may be ready to commit to one another but first they must work through some obstacles!

Quinta Brunson’s ‘Abbott Elementary’ Character Janine (Quinta Brunson) Has a Kiss With Gregory (Tyler James Williams)

Janine and Gregory, two of the most beloved characters on Quinta Brunson's Emmy-winning "Abbott Elementary," have been an iconic duo for years. But after years of teasing and tension, they finally shared a kiss earlier this month on an episode released by Netflix.

But their love for each other is evident, yet they remain stubborn people who rarely give in easily. So it was quite surprising when Janine (Zack Fox) finally admitted her feelings to Tariq (Steve Carell) in season one's finale after years of trying.

Finally, their romantic journey came to a close with an idyllic moment: as they sneak away from their party to view an installation of a classroom made out of flowers, both share a kiss. Janine even grabs Gregory's lanyard to extend the moment even further.

The Kiss Happened in the Season 2 Episode 16 “Teacher Conference”

Janine was able to distract Gregory during the teachers' conference by having her drink teacher-inspired cocktails and take adorable photos at the photo booth. Later on, they discovered an adorable flower exhibit in one of the classrooms.

Fans had been eagerly awaiting this moment since Season 2 began airing. After months of anticipation, viewers are finally treated to its fulfillment - finally experiencing it for real!

The kiss was perfectly timed, sensual and romantic - a major step forward for Janine and Gregory even if some fans weren't expecting it. It made their relationship that much closer, allowing viewers to witness the depth of their connection. We can't wait to see how it develops in future episodes! Stay tuned to ABC for more of Janine and Gregory's story on 'Abbott Elementary'.

It Happened in a Flower Exhibit

Fans of the show were thrilled when Gregory finally shared a kiss with Janine after nearly two seasons of walking them down the path toward a Jim-and-Pam-like relationship. It occurred in an Abbott Elementary episode called "Teacher Conference," when Janine and Gregory accidentally stumble into a flower exhibit and took a romantic break.

Williams chose not to share details about that moment, but he did offer some insight on what it felt like for him when he shared his first kiss with Janine. He described it as an enchanting experience.

It Happened at a Teachers’ Conference

After 28 episodes, Janine (Quinta Brunson) finally ignited her slow-burn into a full-on kiss with Gregory Eddie (Tyler James Williams). However, the star of 'Abbotta Elementary' remains mum about their offscreen love life.

Fans were quick to notice the couple's strong chemistry on the ABC show, but it wasn't until Season 2 episode "Teacher Conference" that their romance truly ignited into something special.

The episode begins with Janine and Jacob (Chris Perfetti) extolling the virtues of attending a weekend-long Pennsylvania Educational Conference for the Southeast Area Teacher's Conference in Allentown. While there, Janine takes time out of work to visit Philadelphia Flower Show's living classroom exhibit.

It Happened at a Hotel

Janine (Quinta Brunson) and Gregory (Tyler James Williams) shared their first kiss in Season 2 Episode 16 "Teacher Conference." It was an incredibly special moment that further cemented their bond and respect for one another.

But their love story wasn't over yet. They still had their friendship, work, and close friend Maurice (Vince Staples) to consider.

Maurice's divorce may mean Janine and Gregory need to take some time to rekindle their romance before moving forward. If so, perhaps the kiss they shared at the flower exhibit would be just the right moment to do it?

It Happened at a Bar

In season 2 episode 16 "Teacher Conference," Janine and Gregory shared a kiss at the Flower Exhibit, but there wasn't much time for conversation afterwards. Tyler James Williams remains mum about their kiss, leaving viewers to speculate as to how Janine and Gregory feel about one another.

After all, they're two teachers with an intricate relationship history. Thankfully, they have others in their lives to support them as they attempt to resolve matters.

It Happened at a Restaurant

One of the most romantic scenes on Emmy-winning comedy, Janine and Gregory finally shared a kiss. They were in a flower exhibit - an idyllic setting for an intense moment.

But don't expect any soon from Tyler James Williams about that moment of intimacy. He remains mum about it because he's uncertain whether it would be appropriate for him to speak up about it.

Janine and Gregory's relationship is still fairly young, so it could be that they're putting their feelings for each other on the backburner to focus on their friendship first. Regardless, their chemistry is undeniable! We can't wait to see where their season takes them - watch below! Stay up to date with Quinta Brunson news by signing up for our daily newsletter!

It Happened in a Park

Since its 2021 premiere, Quinta Brunson's "Abbott Elementary" has become a fan favorite due to the captivating chemistry between Janine (Quinta Brunson) and Gregory (Tyler James Williams). However, much like other members of the Abbott cast, Williams remains mum about their on-screen kiss.

On Season Two's "Teacher Conference," Janine and Gregory attended the Pennsylvania Educational Conference for the Southeast Area (PECSA) in Philadelphia, where they enjoyed an enjoyable teachers' weekend and discovered an exhibit made out of flowers. After some drinks, Gregory finally opened up to Janine about his insecurities; afterwards they shared a passionate kiss that felt truly romantic.

It Happened in a Room

Tyler James Williams Remains Silent About Janine and Gregory's Kiss of Heartache

The 'Abbott Elementary' actor remains mum about Janine and Gregory's relationship, yet it is evident that there is something special between them. They both appear to be genuinely content when together, as if both are fully aware of their emotions.

Season 2 Episode 16 "Tea Hallway," Janine and Gregory sneak into a romantically-designed room where they share an adorable kiss. It's an endearing scene that showcases how much love these two have for one another.

It Happened in a Hallway

Janine (Quinta Brunson) and Gregory (Tyler James Williams) shared a special kiss on 'Abbott Elementary', something fans had been anticipating since the show premiered in 2021 - and it appears they have finally gotten their wish!

But it's a tricky situation for them. Gregory recently got dumped by Amber after she realized how little he cares about her anymore.

Second, Janine's relationship with Maurice remains strong - and that can be a difficult obstacle to navigate.

We are here to guide you through this time of uncertainty. No matter what is weighing on you, remember that all hallways must come to an end.

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