Travis Scott's Lawyer, Talent Booker And Club Nebula Management Downplay His Alleged Rampage At Nightclub

Travis Scott's Lawyer, Talent Booker And Club Nebula Management Downplay His Alleged Rampage At Nightclub


Travis Scotts Lawyer  More Downplay His Alleged Rampage At Nightclub

On Wednesday (March 1), Travis Scott's lawyer, talent booker and the management of Club Nebula downplayed his alleged rampage at the nightclub. Law enforcement sources told Nexstar's WPIX that it appeared to have been caused by an apparent miscommunication between a sound engineer and artist, who then punched him in the face.

1. Scott’s Lawyer & More Downplay His Alleged Rampage At Nightclub

Attorney Mitchell Schuster, Club Nebula's managing partner Richie Romero and talent booker Dorian Harrington all dismissed the alleged mayhem. Although Scott has yet to be charged with any crime, NYPD officials reported he got into a verbal altercation with a sound engineer that caused about $12,000 worth of property damage during an altercation at Club Nebula on West 41st Street early Wednesday morning.

A 52-year-old sound engineer claimed Scott punched him in the face. According to NBC News, Scott fled the scene in a car after breaking some expensive equipment at a nightclub.

Although Scott is unlikely to face criminal charges, this incident serves as a reminder of the importance of public safety measures and the necessity of safeguarding against unscrupulous patrons. The New York Police Department is currently conducting a nationwide search for Scott, who hasn't been seen in public since Wednesday.

The incident highlighted how New York has a longstanding tradition of upholding its citizens against criminals in the name of justice. A recent survey revealed that more than 80 percent of New Yorkers consider police to be their most reliable ally in fighting crime - an increase of 10 percentage points from last year.

Attorney Scott Resnik is an experienced litigator who has dedicated more than two decades to representing clients in high-stakes commercial disputes, class actions, antitrust and intellectual property litigation as well as government investigations and trial advocacy. A member of the American Bar Association and participant on their Department of Justice Dialogue Group, Scott has written several books including We're All Journalists Now: The Transformation of Journalism and Reshaping Law in the Internet Age which was awarded a gold medal by both American Bar Association and Legal Intelligence Center.

2. Scott’s Lawyer & More Downplay His Alleged Rampage At Nightclub

Travis Scott's legal team in the lawsuits filed by thousands of injured and deceased attendees at Astroworld Festival has released a statement, acknowledging that the rapper was unaware of the full extent of tragedy until after it occurred. Attorney Edwin McPherson shared with PEOPLE: "Travis did not fully grasp the full ramifications until that next morning."

The Houston rapper is among hundreds of victims who have filed lawsuits against Live Nation, the concert promoter, in connection with the November 5 crowd surge that claimed 10 lives and left several more in coma or brain dead. The plaintiffs are seeking damages for injuries, mental health care services, loss of enjoyment of life and pain and suffering sustained as a result of this ordeal.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, during his performance, Scott incited a crowd to rush through gates and enter the concert venue, leading to chaos. Some members of the crowd even managed to slip past security personnel and jump on stage despite being warned against it by security personnel.

Though some speculated that Scott may have caused the stampede, his lawyer maintained he was ignorant of its full extent and hadn't acted with malice. They added, "It wasn't his responsibility to know what was happening on a mass level."

On Tuesday, November 21, Scott hired Daniel Petrocelli - a Los Angeles-based litigator who represented then-presidential candidate Donald Trump in fraud lawsuits over real estate seminars held by Trump University - as his attorney. Additionally, he offered to cover funeral costs for 10 victims who died due to the crowd surge.

Petrocelli is a member of O'Melveny & Myers LLP, an entertainment law firm. His clients include a major record label and several musicians.

Furthermore, he has extensive expertise in civil and commercial litigation matters. He is known for his ability to work effectively with clients during difficult circumstances, having successfully handled cases across the nation.

Scott is passionate about improving lives through philanthropy. He recently established Project HEAL, a fund to provide scholarships for children suffering from behavioral or emotional issues. Furthermore, Scott donates funds to the U.S. Conference of Mayors' Task Force on Event Safety as well as his Cactus Jack Foundation which offers free mental health services to kids.

3. Scott’s Lawyer & More Downplay His Alleged Rampage At Nightclub

Travis Scott's legal team is working feverishly to defend him against accusations that he caused last week's deadly crowd surge at his Astroworld concert in Houston. Hundreds of lawsuits have been filed against him, Live Nation and other event organizers.

According to TMZ, Scott has hired an attorney with experience handling high-profile cases to represent him in his upcoming litigation. This lawyer is a veteran of the OJ Simpson trial and an accomplished mass injury litigator who has handled multiple cases within this field.

Scott has denied any involvement in the stampede that left nine fans dead, but is facing allegations he breached a gag order that forbade him from making public comments about the case. Additionally, Scott announced his plans to donate $5 million to Project HEAL - an initiative designed to assist victims of trauma and suicide by sending them on mental health counseling.

Recently, however, an incident at Club Nebula in Manhattan has many believing that Scott was involved in yet another altercation. A sound engineer at the venue reported that Scott punched him in the face early Wednesday morning.

Contrary to what a police report states, the victim reported an unprovoked assault with no visible injuries. He stated that there had been verbal arguments between himself and Scott before they got physical.

The New York Police Department is now actively investigating this incident as a potential assault and has sent investigators to Club Nebula. Reports indicate that it occurred sometime around 2 a.m.

During the investigation, officers spoke to multiple witnesses and interviewed them. The victim stated that he and Scott had been having an argument over a mix-up with his ID at the time of the attack, when Scott then punched him in the face.

It's unclear whether the incident took place during or after the rapper's set. Although the nightclub was packed when it allegedly occurred, there were no security cameras recording it.

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