Travis Scott's Lawyer And More Downplay His Alleged Rampage At Nightclub

Travis Scott's Lawyer And More Downplay His Alleged Rampage At Nightclub


Travis Scotts Lawyer  More Downplay His Alleged Rampage At Nightclub

As the lawsuits arising from last summer's tragic Astroworld Festival continue to mount, rapper Travis Scott has retained a team of experienced legal counsel to represent him. One prominent attorney is Daniel Petrocelli from O'Melveny & Myers LLP in Los Angeles - a law firm with one of the premier entertainment practices in America.

Edwin McPherson

Travis Scott's Lawyer and Other Sources Downplay His Alleged Rampage at Nightclub

As news of Travis Scott's alleged rampage spread around New York, his lawyer and other sources took to social media in an effort to downplay what occurred. It is reported that on Wednesday morning at Club Nebula in Midtown Manhattan, Scott allegedly punched a sound engineer in the face and caused $12,000 worth of damage to equipment at the venue.

According to NBC News, the incident began as a verbal dispute between Scott, an engineer, and himself - believed to be in his 30s. At approximately 3:25 a.m., police were summoned to the location according to NBC News.

After an alleged altercation, Scott allegedly left the club and took off in a vehicle. However, police later caught up to him, according to NBC.

While the case was being investigated, Scott's attorney Edwin McPherson issued a statement on his social media account to bring clarity to the situation. McPherson expressed that he wanted the investigations to stop "finger-pointing" and focus on discovering what went wrong.

He challenged Houston police chief Troy Finner's original statements, noting it wasn't their responsibility to shut down the festival. Additionally, he brought up that the chief had reversed his initial report about a security guard being injected with a needle which rendered him unconscious, saying he wanted more facts revealed.

Additionally, Scott's attorney questioned if the audience knew they were going to yell at the artist during their performance. He suggested that perhaps they got into an incorrect mindset due to being in a darkened venue and not seeing what was taking place behind the stage.

McPherson explained that it was impossible for the security guard to see what was taking place behind the stage due to their earpieces containing music and producers, making it difficult for them to keep an eye on things.

Richie Romero

Richie Romero, a longtime associate of the Scott family, earned the award for best name holder. Although he didn't make it to the top, his reputation as one of Scott's most reliable advertising executives earned him a place of honor and will no doubt be key for many seasons to come. Additionally, he will do his best to keep Scotts at bay and prevent another disaster from hitting their front yard or better yet, hit a home run in the ring - something which has been on his tongue for more than a decade now!

Don Toliver

Reports that rapper Travis Scott punched a sound engineer at nightclub are false; according to his lawyer and other witnesses, it was just an unfortunate misunderstanding. This occurred after he and Don Toliver performed at Nebula in New York City earlier that night.

According to NBC News, a 52-year-old sound engineer reported that Scott punched him in the face during a post-show party. This incident caused an estimated $12,000 worth of damage to equipment and police are now investigating the case.

At Club Nebula in Midtown, an alleged assault occurred. Scott, who performs with Toliver on a weekly basis at the club, is suspected of attacking an engineer after a verbal altercation ensued. Additionally, Scott threw a fan's phone to the ground according to TMZ.

Scott's attorney Mitchell Schuster told TMZ the report was "exaggerated," and expected the situation to be resolved quickly. Club Nebula's managing partner and talent booker both denied these assertions as well.

Though the rapper is a veteran of the music industry, this incident isn't his first brush with controversy regarding inciting violence at concerts. In 2021, an outbreak at his Astroworld festival in Houston resulted in 10 fatalities and hundreds of injuries.

He has been accused of instigating a riot, which is considered a class B misdemeanor. In the past, he has been arrested multiple times for inciting crowd violence at concerts.

Toliver's style is a captivating blend of 90s rhythm-and-blues stars like Aaliyah and D'Angelo with modern trap instrumentation, top-notch production techniques and high-profile collaborations. His autotune crooning creates an enchanting sonic explosion that's thrilling to listen to.

His 2020 album, "Heaven Or Hell," was an improved and well-crafted version of his 2018 project, "Donny Womack." It showcased more of Toliver's rapping ability while providing him with features from artists like Travis Scott, Sheck Wes and Quavo.

His debut commercial project included hits such as "After Party" and "No Idea."

Toliver's rapping style is far more refined than his 2017 project, "Donny Womack." His songs are filled with melodies and atmosphere that create an immersive sense of depth and energy that's hard to replicate on other rap collaborations. As an innovator of autotune-crooning genre, Toliver's songs feature modern trap instrumentation combined with atmospheric vocals. He's currently signed to Travis Scott's Cactus Jack Records label which gives him access to some of music industry's top producers and singers.

New York Police Department

On Wednesday morning (March 1), New York police responded to an altercation at Club Nebula in midtown Manhattan. The nightclub was hosting a concert by rapper Don Toliver when at around 3:25 a.m., 52-year-old sound engineer reported that Scott punched him inside the club and damaged $12,000 worth of equipment.

On Tuesday evening, Travis Scott stopped by the club for a DJ set before performing at an after-party featuring Don Toliver and others. According to Scott's lawyer, this event was organized by a talent booker who works with Don Toliver.

In a statement, Schuster noted, "While this miscommunication and misunderstanding have been exaggerated by clickbait and misinformation, we are actively working with the venue and law enforcement to rectify and set the record straight." He concluded by noting that everyone had an enjoyable experience at the event and everyone left peacefully."

Though the NYPD says an investigation is underway, Scott's lawyer has dismissed it as a "misunderstanding" in multiple statements to media outlets. He expects his client to be cleared of any wrongdoing.

Travis' concert in 2014 ended in violence, though this is not his first arrest for inciting violence at shows. Last year, a stampede at his Astroworld Festival killed 10 people.

After the attack, Scott launched Project HEAL to aid those affected by it. Additionally, he began dating Kylie Jenner's family, which includes two children.

He's set to headline the Rolling Loud festival this Saturday in Inglewood, California and has several other performances planned throughout the summer.

Meanwhile, his legal team is bracing for more lawsuits in the wake of the 2021 crowd crush incident at Astroworld. Numerous claims have been leveled against him alleging he caused or encouraged the stampede to occur.

The NYPD may seek a public safety exemption under FOIL in order to shield records from disclosure, as they could be pertinent to ongoing terrorism investigations. They must demonstrate that such disclosures would interfere with an active investigation, reveal nonroutine criminal investigative techniques or endanger any person - an extremely high standard that must be met.

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