Torture Squad Releases Official Live Video For Possessed By Horror

Torture Squad Releases Official Live Video For Possessed By Horror


Torture Squad releases official live video for Possessed By

One of Brazil's most esteemed metal bands has just released an official live video for their sci-fi epic "Possessed By Horror." Check it out below and don't forget to check out their new live album Tortura En La Iglesia En Vivo which was just recently released.

This record captures the energy of their sold out show at La Iglesia in Sao Paulo, Brazil's largest city. The entire recorded concert inspired this album which will be released on November 24th.

Recorded at La Iglesia in Sao Paulo

Torture Squad have earned a worldwide reputation as one of the most intense and powerful metal bands today, with a career spanning almost three decades. They have performed at some of the biggest metal festivals around the world including Metalfest Brazil.

They've amassed an adoring following, playing alongside legendary acts like Anthrax, Slayer, Sepultura, Scorpions and Iron Maiden. Their live show has been described by fans as "intense", with them always striving to push the limits of their sound.

Torture Squad have released a brand-new video for their song 'Possessed By Horror' ahead of the release of their live album 'Tortura En La Iglesia En Vivo' ('Live in the Church Live'). This clip includes fan testimonials and showcases the band's highly energetic live show.

Recently, the band has been touring around the world with performances in Brazil, Mexico and Central America as well as Europe. Additionally, they will appear at Rock in Rio 2019 next October.

On this tour, Torture Squad will be joined by Claustrofobia and Chuck Billy from Testament for an incredible sunset performance on the Sunset stage at Rock in Rio.

This tour marks an exciting milestone for the band as it will be their first trip to Central America, visiting Mexico, Guatemala, El Savador and Costa Rica.

They bring their unique brand of heavy metal to the peoples of these countries, performing with the same energy and intensity that has become their trademark since forming. You won't want to miss them!

For further updates, be sure to follow Torture Squad on Facebook and Instagram. They are constantly sharing their latest news and tour dates!

Torture Squad and director Eric Luchini of Tilt Filmes collaborated on the official music video for 'Possessed By Horror', set to be released November 24th. Filming took place at La Iglesia in Sao Paulo - one of the world's largest cities.

Directed by Eric Luchini (Tilt Filmes)

The band collaborated with Tilt Filmes to produce an official live video for their most popular song, "Torture in la Iglesia de Sao Paulo." It's a fitting addition to the band's ever-expanding catalog.

Eric Luchini, a Tilt Filmes veteran who has previously collaborated with major artists like Deftones and Dream Theater, directed the video. Together they compiled all of their live material into an aesthetically stunning package.

They even added a touch of the band's legendary musical legacy to complete the video. To ensure it looked flawless, they used multiple cameras to capture every moment of the show. Plus, they added some cool special effects for added effect - and the results look utterly professional!

Produced by Brendan Duffey & Adriano Daga

Torture Squad's video for "Possessed By" is an intriguing one in many ways. It captures the intensity and sheer power of their sold out show at La Iglesia in Sao Paulo, Brazil (one of the world's largest metropolises) which was captured on film for their new album Tortura en la Iglesia en Vivo.

Eric Luchini (Tilt Filmes), producer of the "Possessed By" video for Artillery and Gama Bomb, produced it. This production featured both video and sound elements with special appearances from bassist Felipe Andreoli (Angra/Almah), guitarist Lari Basilio who has been active in the scene for some time, as well as drummer Adriano Daga - fresh from Brazil's thrash metal revival that took place over two decades.

The video was stunning in many ways, but perhaps most notably for how accurately it replicated a real live performance. Recorded and mixed at Norcal Studios in Sao Paulo, Eric Luchini shot the footage at Gillians Inn Rock Bar on Avenida Paulista of that city.

Mauricio Nogueira and Lari Basilio composed the music for their signature album Hellbound, which became their flagship since 2008. Notable among other gimmicks on board such as an elaborate lighting scheme and ultramodern instruments, the band now enjoys a dedicated following both at home in Brazil and abroad.

Released on November 24th

Torture Squad, who released their live album Tortura En La Iglesia En Vivo in 2016, recently unveiled another video for their unreleased single Possessed By. The band created an imaginative music video that captures the energy of their sold out show at La Iglesia in Sao Paulo - one of the world's largest cities - which inspired this new live album.

Torture Squad have released the official music video for "Possessed By Horror", shot at La Iglesia in Sao Paulo and directed by Eric Luchini (Tilt Filmes). Along with this clip, Torture Squad also made available an official live video for the song which can be viewed in all its brutal glory!

From 1990, TORTURE SQUAD began performing live in the underground metal scene of Sao Paulo. Initially, they only had one guitarist, Fulvio Pelli; however in 1993 they recruited Amilcar Christofaro on drums and Castor on bass for their new line up which resulted in several albums being released by the group.

In 2003, TORTURE SQUAD were chosen by Roadie Crew Magazine readers as the best Brazilian metal band. After winning that honor, they embarked on a promotional tour for their debut live cd/DVD "Death, Chaos and Torture Alive".

After this, they recorded their first lyrical concept album entitled Esquadrao de Tortura as a tribute to Brazil's military regime and also marked their first Portuguese release.

This album was a huge hit in the metal scene and led them onto the European touring circuit. They played 18 concerts throughout Germany and Austria, including a show at Musikmesse - Europe's biggest music fair - to celebrate its success.

They met their German manager Hansy Heyder, who helped secure them a contract with Wacken Records that would enable the release of their next album in Europe. Furthermore, the band took part in the "Metal Battle" at Wacken Open Air 2007 and came out victorious - becoming the first Brazilian band to do so!

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