Toronto is Getting a Winter Music Festival Spanning 3 Days

Toronto is Getting a Winter Music Festival Spanning 3 Days


Toronto is getting a winter music festival spanning 3

Are you in search of an enjoyable winter experience? There are plenty of music festivals in town. Whether you're into EDM, country or hip-hop music genres, we have something to suit everyone.

Digital Dreams is Canada's largest EDM festival, drawing some of today's renowned DJs. Additionally, there's a food fair, beer garden and plenty of activities for everyone to enjoy - making this festival perfect for everyone in your family!

Hillside Inside

Canadian capital will host Hillside Inside, a three-day winter music festival. Free admission and no charge to attend this no-charge event takes place during the middle of winter and features indie folk bands alongside local favorites.

Established in 1984, this music festival has seen steady growth over the years. Nowadays, it boasts a permanent stage at Guelph Lake and was recently named one of North America's top music festivals by Acoustic Guitar Magazine.

What sets Hillside Inside apart is their dedication to sustainability and environmental awareness. Situated in a conservation area, the festival features both an outdoor 'living roof' on their main stage as well as an outdoor Solar Stage that runs solely on solar power. Plus, there are multiple water refill stations throughout the property.

In addition to musical performances, the event offers workshops on various arts and crafts. There are crocheting, winter cycling and mindful mending sessions as well as an art workshop featuring Anishinaabemowin with Rene Meshake.

There will also be an art market featuring regional artists and a children's area. Finally, the weekend will conclude with an appreciation of First Nations, Metis and French Canadian culture.

Toronto's music scene is vibrant, offering a range of events year-round from Canadian Music Week to Decadence Toronto. Whether you're searching for an epic festival or something more relaxed and local, Toronto has something special to offer everyone.

Toronto is not only known for its music scene, but it's also renowned for its vibrant sporting events and stunning waterfront skyline. This world-class destination boasts unique landmarks as well as an exciting cultural community. So if you're into music or simply love travelling, take some time out and experience this vibrant city!

House of PainT

For fans of street art and hip hop culture, Toronto's House of PainT is the place to be. Running from August 19th-21st, this urban arts festival will showcase various activities, artists and events related to street art, hip hop culture, dance and music.

At HoP, murals will be a major focus. But HoP goes much deeper than just street art - they're partnering with local businesses and encouraging creativity through other formats like poetry slam contests and short film screenings.

Another highlight of the festival are its headliners, Toronto rapper Haviah Mighty and French hip-hop legend D-track. These acts are sure to draw in a large audience.

At this event, Ottawa-based hip-hop artists Mischa and Ava will perform. Both have become increasingly popular over the last few years, with Mischa's catchy feminist track Alpha Barbie becoming a hit across Canada.

Supporting local artists and having a good time in the city are just two of the benefits! With plenty of hip-hop, dance and spoken word events planned throughout the festival, there's something for everyone!

Rolling Loud Miami, taking place over three days in 2022, will feature some of the greatest hip-hop and rap artists. Kanye West, Kendrick Lamar and Future are expected to perform alongside Playboi Carti, Lil Durk, Don Toliver, 2 Chainz and more for an unforgettable three days!

The Jubilee

Are you searching for a unique holiday tradition or just an evening with friends, there are plenty of live events taking place during the winter season. And thanks to Vivid Seats - the world's largest ticketing marketplace - you can catch them live!

The Jubilee is a three-day music festival that showcases various genres. It is one of Nova Scotia's iconic events and an important source for local tourism businesses, having received 3 Music Nova Scotia Awards, 2 ECMA Award Nominations and the TIANS Golden Hospitality Award 2013.

In addition to music acts, The Jubilee also features food and beverage options. Its picturesque setting and outdoor amphitheatre provide a memorable experience for music enthusiasts.

What better way to celebrate the holidays than with a show! Check out The Jubilee show schedule and secure your tickets today.

This Canadian and international choral singing festival is held annually in both Regina and Saskatoon, rotating between the two cities. It is conducted by renowned Canadian conductors and includes a week-long series of workshops, seminars, auditions, as well as daily rehearsals.

The festival strives to promote cultural awareness in Canada and the United States by offering a platform for artists, composers and scholars of all genres to engage with the public.

The festival places emphasis on Indigenous artists and celebrates Aboriginal culture with various events. It provides an opportunity for people to learn about issues facing First Nations, Metis and Inuit peoples. Overall, it is a fun-filled festival that draws visitors from around the world.

Calgary Folk Festival

Since 1980, The Calgary Folk Festival has been held annually at Prince's Island Park and has become one of Canada's most acclaimed music events. Featuring 70 industry legends and rising stars who come together for concerts and spontaneous collaborations that showcase diverse traditions, deep roots and cool grooves in an inspiring alliance across genres and continents.

At this event, music professionals can take advantage of a series of workshops on songwriting, vocal techniques and guitar playing. This three-day seminar offers emerging artists an exclusive chance to collaborate with some of folk music's renowned names.

It has been said that the event has a strong environmental ethic, which is demonstrated through the use of reusable plates at the festival. Furthermore, they encourage attendees to bring their own water bottles which helps divert waste away from landfills.

The Folk Festival Society of Calgary is working to revive their in-person summer festival. Though the format may differ from previous years, the team behind it remains committed to finding a solution that makes this happen.

For years, the folk festival has been known for its eco-friendly initiatives, such as using reusable plates and encouraging people to bring their own water bottles. Since the 2013 floods, they have worked diligently on these efforts and successfully diverted a great deal of waste away from landfills.

Prince's Island Park, a beloved venue for live shows in the city, has hosted this festival for 24 years. It offers an eclectic blend of music with other activities like an engaging family area, international craft market, tree-shaded beer garden and more - all under one roof!


Are you searching for a way to celebrate the end of winter and start thinking about spring? Toronto is hosting an epic 3-day winter music festival that will feature hundreds of artists in downtown Toronto. This event promises to be one of Toronto's must-attend events!

North by Northeast (NXNE), also known as NXNE, is one of Canada's biggest music festivals featuring over 300 of the world's best new bands in twenty top live music venues in Toronto. Since 1995, NXNE has been championing discovery music and connecting audiences to exciting new acts.

NXNE music festival offers the latest bands and performances, plus it's an enjoyable opportunity to explore Toronto's many incredible music venues. NXNE strives to eliminate financial obstacles for artists by connecting them with passionate fans.

NXNE not only offers music, but other forms of entertainment like eSports, comedy, cinema and thought leadership as well. It's the ideal opportunity to get out of the house and enjoy some quality time with friends while listening to some great music.

NXNE offers an array of passes at great prices, such as a full weekend pass for $25 and single venue night admissions for $15. Additionally, you can purchase VIP tickets which grant access to exclusive areas at venues.

Toronto hosts many concerts and music festivals, such as Digital Dreams. Here you'll find some of the world's biggest DJs performing at Canada's largest EDM party! It's an awesome place to dance and have some fun!

Toronto is not only the perfect spot for music festivals, but it also hosts numerous other exciting events throughout the year. Popular examples include Luminato, Decadence and Canadian Music Week.

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