Top 10 Tracks in Ginuwine's Discography

Top 10 Tracks in Ginuwine's Discography


Tracks in Ginuwines Discography

Ginuwine has long been revered as one of the premier R&B artists. His music brings with it great vibes and unforgettable hooks that has cemented him a place as one of history's top-performing R&B acts.

He released his debut album, The Bachelor, in 1996 and it quickly became an instant classic, including fan favorites such as "Pony", "What's So Different? and "So Anxious".

Let's Talk About It

Ginuwine rose to fame with the release of his debut album Ginuwine - The Bachelor in 1990. His seductive stage presence and silky vocal delivery won over fans quickly, leading him down an immensely successful path that saw two multiplatinum albums released while amassing a dedicated fan base who loved his catchy tunes.

Timbaland will reunite with Pony singer for their eighth studio album project entitled, 'Same Ol G'. They plan to enter the studio later this summer and record together.

This song has become synonymous with seduction, and is used by Pony to market his fragrance line, G Spot (for women) and 100% Ginuwine (for men). It remains incredibly popular across both male and female audiences and often appears in television commercials.

"Pony" was an irresistibly catchy hit from Timbaland that featured vibrating rhythms and lots of trebly percussion. Aaliyah, Missy Elliott, and Jay-Z all used Timbaland's production talents on hit songs during that era.

Timbaland has become an influential force in the music industry, and his contribution to Ginuwine's signature track helped solidify her place as a household name. Timbaland's seductive beat complements Ginuwine's sensuous voice beautifully and helps produce an entrancing song that will stand the test of time.

Timbaland went on to collaborate with artists like Aaliyah, Missy Elliott and Nelly Furtado due to this track's influence. A classic from Ginuwine's discography as well as one of Timbaland's first productions for any artist!

Ginuwine has released several hit singles over his career, but Let's Talk About It stands out among them as his best-known track. Produced by Timbaland and featuring vibrating beats with plenty of trebly drums, Let's Talk About It first released in 1996 has since been covered by multiple artists.

100% Ginuwine

Ginuwine had an extraordinary year in 1999. He signed his first major record deal with 550 Music, released his second studio album 100% Ginuwine in March of that year and achieved critical acclaim with its album and its songs that still hold up today.

"So Anxious" stands out as the album's most seductive track, featuring Ginuwine's signature smooth vocals and romantic lyrics in all their glory. Additionally, Timbaland created some exceptional production on this track utilizing sample usage as well as innovative sound design features.

While the album as a whole is impressive, some of its finest tracks get lost among all the beats and don't receive as much recognition as they deserve; notable tracks like "Differences" and "So Anxious" should have greater recognition.

"So Anxious" stands out from the album as its signature track. Boasting an exquisite production with five different drum kits and various synthesizers, its captivating arrangement makes this track ideal for dance floors or bedrooms alike - creating an earworm for many listeners who can listen to it on repeat!

So Anxious

Ginuwine stands as an accomplished member of DeVante Swing and deserves credit for an array of astounding achievements, which he dubs 'Devil in the Cellar.' In particular, this accolade recognizes his magnum opus which earned him his title. Ginuwine has always displayed an affinity for olfactory curation; combined with his penchant for good alcohol may have resulted in some unexpected scent mishaps! Here is his top performers; let's see if we can come up with a definitive winner; feel free to make your case before our esteemed editors!


Ginuwine is an accomplished R&B singer with an extensive discography of hits that have made him a beloved musician among fans worldwide. His signature style blends soothing vocals with infectious beats and catchy hooks to craft infectious tracks sure to get crowds moving and grooving!

Ginuwine has worked with some of the leading producers in R&B music, creating his signature style. Thanks to their collaboration, he has produced multiple chart-topping hits and sold millions of albums during his career - becoming one of the most iconic R&B singers of all time.

Timbaland and Static Major have both produced for him at different points during his career, and he has written many of his own songs including "Hell Yeah" and "Same Ol' G." Among others.

He has released multiple platinum-selling albums and received various accolades for his talent, such as being named by Rolling Stone and Billboard as one of the best R&B singers ever.

His debut single "Pony," released in 1996 and quickly becoming a hit single, showcased his smooth vocals as well as Timbaland's innovative production style. Additionally, it marked Timbaland's first song to receive composer credit - marking an important step forward at that time for himself and Timbaland as an artist.

In 1999, Ginuwine released his second studio album 100% Ginuwine and scored three hit singles from it: "So Anxious," "None of Ur Friends Business," and "Same Ol' G."

"So Anxious" is an upbeat R&B song by Ginuwine that features her smooth yet soulful vocals. With an infectious chorus and memorable lyrics, this track has quickly become one of her signature tracks in her discography.

"Same Ol' G" is another hit from Ginuwine's discography that stands out. This upbeat R&B song showcases his confidence as he navigates the music industry; Ginuwine sings about being proud of his abilities while remaining true to himself despite pressure from others.


Ginuwine was one of the most beloved R&B artists of the '90s, yet some songs in his discography stand out more than others. He encompasses multiple musical genres--pop, R&B, jazz and hip-hop are among them--while also creating several iconic tracks which have since become classics in their own right.

Ginuwine first made waves with the song, "Pony," reaching number one on Billboard R&B charts in 1996. Subsequently, his debut album Ginuwine: The Bachelor was widely received.

Ginuwine joined forces with Timbaland again for his second album 100% Ginuwine, which debuted at number five on the Billboard 200 and went platinum. This produced hits like "So Anxious" and "None of Ur Friends Business" while solidifying Ginuwine as one of the premier R&B singers at his time.

He followed 100% Ginuwine with 2001's The Life. Although its sexy tracks fared well on radio stations, critic Amy Linden of People magazine felt that The Life was lacking the same seductive vocals that worked so well alongside Timbaland's futuristic beats as its predecessors.

Ginuwine collaborated with Bryan-Michael Cox on an infectiously seductive song entitled "In Those Jeans." Featuring smooth yet soulful vocals, its lyrics describe Ginuwine's attraction towards women wearing tight jeans while its music provides an upbeat, romantic vibe - this track quickly became one of his signature tracks among fans and remains one of his best remembered tracks today.

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