Toosii - Favorite Song Official Audio

Toosii - Favorite Song Official Audio


Toosii  Favorite Song Official Audio

Nau'Jour Lazier Grainger (better known as Toosii) hails from Syracuse, New York but now resides in Raleigh, North Carolina. His voice has the capacity to captivate and stir the heart with every note he sings; his latest single "Favorite Song" should definitely be on your playlist.

Love Cycle (Remix)

Brooklyn pop star Enisa has taken a risk and delivered an official audio elixir with Nigerian Afro-pop icon Davido. The track is an exciting blend of American and African beats that will surely get you tapping your feet and waving your tail in approval!

The video for Love Cycle (Remix) boasts a vibrant cast of colorfully costumed stars and was directed by one of music's most creative minds, Edgar Esteves. Additionally, Toosii has utilized him extensively - from creating their r vs. r video to assisting Amine on LIMBO Deluxe project and Stunna 4 Vegas' recent Welcome to 4 Vegas project. To date, the clip has amassed over 6 million views on YouTube and can be viewed below.

Remember, Love Cycle is a remastered track from Toosii's Platinum Heart - the track that first put him on the map and rightfully so. Remastered by Spaceman and Ant Chamberlain, this dynamic composition features drums, percussion and synths that will have you dancing like the proverbial night owl! A must-have for all Toosii fans and one of our favorites on this list; be sure to mark it for download soon!

Poetic Pain

Toosii is a hip-hop artist from Raleigh, North Carolina. He was born in Syracuse, New York and spent his early years there before moving to Raleigh at 13 when he began serious studying music.

Since 2013, Toosii has been active on social media, posting various projects to build a following and attract attention from South Coast Music Group - the label that launched DaBaby's international success. After releasing the Why Not Now EP in 2017, he signed with the label and released 2019 mixtape Who Dat followed by Platinum Heart (February 2020).

Toosii's songs often incorporate more personal details than most rappers, often pouring raw emotion into his words. He seamlessly blends melodic flow with autobiographical storytelling to craft truly unique music.

Toosii is an inspiring self-driven rapper and artist who strives to follow his instincts and unique vision. As an impressive live performer, Toosii has shared the stage with DaBaby, Moneybagg Yo, Polo G, Summer Walker, City Girls and many more renowned acts.

Though he has faced some criticism, Toosii has managed to rise above his difficulties and turn around his life with the support of family and friends. With a bright future ahead of him, Toosii's latest project - Thank You For Believing - was inspired by this support system.

His songs are an expression of gratitude to those who have supported him along the way. Check out Poetic Pain, his new single below, and let us know your thoughts in the comments section!

At 13, 20-year-old Syracuse, New York native DaBaby became a homeless child and started making music at age 13. Signing with the label that launched DaBaby's fame, his melodic autobiographical style has amassed millions of streams and earned praise for its ability to tell stories that are both heartfelt and musically rich. Furthermore, DaBaby has become a social media darling with more airplay being given as time passes.


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Thank You For Believing

Syracuse-born and Raleigh-based rap artist Toosii has quickly earned himself a place among the industry's most prolific and in-demand artists. His debut mixtape Thank You For Believing earned praise from publications like Fader, Complex, The Source and more; its follow-up single Poetic Pain made it into the Billboard 200 chart at number 20 and was quickly followed by several singles that further cemented his position as an up-and-coming star with a dedicated fan base.

The 21-year-old rapper's meteoric rise to fame is driven by his knack for crafting honest songs that capture life on the street and lost love. His music resonates with listeners due to its raw lyrics and captivating melodies and hooks.

In an interview with The Source this week, Toosii spoke about his new mixtape and goals as an artist. He stated that success hasn't altered his overall plans; instead he is looking to focus on Real Estate by taking classes related to it.

Toosii has an international fan base, and his aim is always to communicate with them. He loves being able to connect with his followers on social media platforms, noting how supportive they have been throughout his career.

Thanks to his growing fan base, Toosii has become a central figure in North Carolina's music scene and an influential force for young artists. He's frequently featured at hip-hop events and known for his captivating stage performances that draw in large crowds.

At his press conference, Toosii revealed his fearlessness to explore different sounds and styles. He began as a traditional rapper but has evolved into something more pop and lyrical in nature. This approach has enabled him to craft songs with universal appeal for an expansive audience.

Toosii has faced numerous obstacles this year, including the COVID-19 pandemic which was taking a toll on musicians worldwide. But he believes these experiences have only strengthened him and prepared him for whatever the future may hold. He's currently planning a headlining tour with Gucci Mane & Friends which starts this fall and includes dates in New York City, Chicago, Cleveland and Atlanta.

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