Tom Sizemore in Critical Condition After Brain Aneurysm

Tom Sizemore in Critical Condition After Brain Aneurysm


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Tom Sizemore, best known for his roles in Black Hawk Down and Saving Private Ryan, is fighting for his life after suffering a brain aneurysm. According to his manager, he was found unconscious at home in Los Angeles and remains in critical condition.

Stuntman Steve de Castro is suing Sizemore and Paramount Pictures for negligence after he was run over by an SUV while filming a scene. What was supposed to be an accident turned into a tragic scene that left de Castro with serious injuries.

Stuntman Steve de Castro filed a lawsuit

A stuntman injured in a July crash while shooting for an upcoming television series is suing actor Tom Sizemore and the production. He claims the July incident, in which he was pinned beneath Sizemore's SUV, left him with severe injuries that have hindered his work ability. On Friday, he filed a lawsuit against Sizemore and Paramount Pictures alleging that their negligence has resulted in permanent limitations to his activities.

On the set of USA Network's Shooter, stuntman Steve de Castro was playing dead when he was hit by an SUV driven by Sizemore, according to reports from the Associated Press. According to state records provided to workplace safety agency Cal/OSHA, Sizemore had intended to remain at his designated seat but instead took off unexpectedly leaving de Castro partially trapped beneath the car.

On July 16, 2016, de Castro was injured in an airlift accident near Agua Dulce Airport near Los Angeles. After being rescued and airlifted to Henry Mayo Newhall Memorial Hospital in Santa Clarita, he underwent further medical treatment.

He suffered fractures to his wrist and forearm, bone and tissue damage, as well as a torn ligament. Additionally, other significant injuries have hindered his return to work - an unexpected blow for the stuntman who had worked as a stuntman for 12 years.

On Friday, De Castro filed a lawsuit against Sizemore, Paramount and Viacom alleging that Sizemore was "intoxicated" when he ran over him and that his injuries are likely permanent. He seeks damages as well as medical expenses from both Sizemore and Paramount.

De Castro asserts in the lawsuit that Sizemore struck him while filming a scene and ran him over. Additionally, de Castro asserts that Sizemore knew he was drunk before taking the wheel of an SUV and killing him.

Sizemore, a veteran character actor who has long struggled with drug abuse and domestic violence issues, has been in the spotlight in recent years as his reputation has suffered. In 2003 he was found guilty of assaulting and battery on his former-girlfriend Hollywood Madam Heidi Fleiss; since then he's been in and out of jail due to his substance abuse problems.

Sizemore’s condition hasn’t improved

One week after being hospitalized for a brain aneurysm, Tom Sizemore's condition hasn't improved. He remains in a coma at a Los Angeles hospital, according to his manager Charles Lago.

On Saturday morning, the 61-year-old actor suffered a medical emergency at his home in Los Angeles and was rushed to a nearby hospital. According to Lago on Monday morning, the medical staff is still uncertain as to what form of treatment will be best for him.

Sizemore was renowned in the 1990s for his roles in action films like Saving Private Ryan and Black Hawk Down. Additionally, he had several supporting roles, such as Heat and Natural Born Killers.

Sizemore's life took an unfortunate turn when he began using drugs at a young age. He was arrested multiple times for drug charges and ultimately found guilty of domestic violence against his then-girlfriend.

He was released from prison in 2003, but returned to prison two years later for drug charges. Although he pled no contest to both counts and received a seven month sentence for each charge, this wasn't enough time for him to kick his drug addiction forever.

Due to his substance abuse issues, he appeared on Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew and achieved sobriety there. Since then he has become a vocal supporter of substance abuse awareness by sharing stories about his struggles with addiction and depression.

Sizemore's career may not have seen much progress over the last ten years, but his family remains supportive of his efforts to remain sober. He shares a son, Jagger, and daughter Jayden with ex-wife Janelle McIntire.

His family hopes he will come out of his hospital stay stronger than before, and they are thankful for everyone who has sent messages of support. At present, they request privacy while they wait for word from doctors about any updates.

Sizemore has had his share of struggles with substance abuse, yet remains a devout Christian who has maintained sobriety for over 10 years. After working with a faith-based treatment program for substance abuse issues, Sizemore hopes to share his story in order to offer hope and inspiration to others dealing with depression or PTSD.

Doctors have recommended end-of-life decisions

Tom Sizemore, 61 years old and star of "Black Hawk Down" and "Saving Private Ryan," is in critical condition after suffering a brain aneurysm, reports say. Doctors have ruled out any recovery and recommended end-of-life decisions for him, according to his manager.

Sizemore suffered a stroke early Saturday morning at his home in Los Angeles and was taken to the hospital by paramedics, where he was diagnosed with a brain aneurysm - an obstruction in a blood vessel that can rupture suddenly, allowing blood into the brain, as reported by Mayo Clinic.

Sizemore has succumbed to his aneurysm and is in a coma, receiving intensive medical care. According to Charles Lago, Sizemore's manager, his family is making decisions for him and has asked for privacy during this difficult time.

Sizemore achieved superstar status in Hollywood during the 1990s, co-starring with Tom Hanks in Steven Spielberg's Oscar-winning war epic Saving Private Ryan and working alongside Oliver Stone on Born on the Fourth of July. Additionally, he appeared in Passenger 57 and True Romance.

Despite his success, the actor has had a difficult life. He struggled with substance abuse and was accused of domestic violence multiple times; including 2003 when he was arrested for assaulting his former partner Heidi Fleiss. In 2010, he appeared on "Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew" to seek treatment for his drug addiction.

He also featured in Michael Mann's "Heat" and Martin Scorsese's 1999 drama "Bringing Out the Dead," both of which costarred Nicolas Cage. Outside of his acting career, Sizemore is also a proud father to twin boys 17-year-old Jagger and Jayden.

His history of drug abuse may have contributed to his recent stroke and brain aneurysm, as the drugs may have made him intoxicated and collapsed suddenly. Not only has he suffered from alcohol and drug abuse issues, but he's also undergone rehab multiple times; most recently in 2009 for assaulting his ex-girlfriend.

After receiving treatment and being found guilty of assaulting his former girlfriend, Sizemore recovered and began acting again. He has since appeared in several films such as David Lynch's "Twin Peaks" and Michael Bay's "Pearl Harbor," both of which received critical acclaim.

Sizemore’s family is asking for privacy

Tom Sizemore's family has asked for privacy in the wake of his accident earlier this month. The 61-year-old actor is in critical condition and a coma at Providence Saint Joseph Medical Center in Burbank.

On February 18th, actor Matt Sizemore - best known for his roles in Saving Private Ryan and Heat - collapsed at his Los Angeles home. Immediately after being taken to the hospital, Sizemore was placed under observation but remains critical condition according to manager Charles Lago.

His family is asking for privacy while they decide on end-of-life matters for Sizemore, whose career has been marked by legal troubles and drug abuse in recent years. In 2003, he was found guilty of domestic violence against Heidi Fleiss and spent seven months in jail; additionally, in the 2000s he was arrested on various drug-related charges.

Sizemore has achieved great success as an actor, working with a wide variety of directors. He has starred in films like True Romance, Heat and Saving Private Ryan as well as numerous episodes of popular TV series such as Twin Peaks.

Over the course of his acting career, he has played a variety of characters from gangsters to tough guys, cops and soldiers. Since 1993, he made his film debut with directors such as Martin Scorsese, Michael Mann and Ridley Scott.

He established himself as a tough, no-nonsense character actor during the gritty, action-oriented movies of his era.

In 1998, he made a memorable appearance as Captain Ryan in Steven Spielberg's war film "Saving Private Ryan," earning him an Academy Award nomination for best actor. Since then he has appeared in countless other films and television series, most recently as the sweet insurance agent on Twin Peaks: 2017 revival.

He's also featured in several major films, such as Pearl Harbour and Black Hawk Down. Additionally, an 11-year-old actress filed a lawsuit alleging he groped her during the making of Born Killers; however, he denied this accusation and the suit was ultimately dismissed by a judge.

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