Tom Sizemore and Elizabeth Hurley

Tom Sizemore and Elizabeth Hurley


tom sizemore and elizabeth hurley

Tom Sizemore is one of Hollywood's hottest stars, but he also has a notorious drug addiction that nearly derailed his career. He has battled substances such as cocaine, crystal meth and heroin throughout his life.

He could potentially face jail time after being spotted with drugs in California. But he's an incredibly strong individual, having starred in several successful movies.

Maeve Quinian

In today's world of celebrity scandals and murky affairs, it can be hard to discern who is trustworthy or not. However, some do their best to keep their private lives out of the public eye - like Maeve Quinian. She is an accomplished actress whose credits include films and TV shows like South of Nowhere as well as her role on soap opera The Bold and the Beautiful.

She has had the distinct pleasure of working with some of the industry's renowned names, such as Tom Sizemore and Elizabeth Hurley. Both actors were close friends of hers, with whom she shared a mutual admiration, and she has always been supportive throughout their respective careers.

Maeve left her job as a tennis player to pursue acting full time and has been in the spotlight ever since. She has worked across various genres of film and television, most recently appearing as part of CW Network's All American: Homecoming series.

Her work as a character on the soap opera The Bold and the Beautiful earned her several awards and nominations over its 15 year run. She has appeared in multiple episodes of the series as well.

She has guest starred on several other television shows such as All American, The Sopranos, Law and Order: SVU, and The Young and the Restless. Additionally, she voiced a character in the animated movie My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.

Quinlan attended the University of Southern California, majoring in theatre and political science. She earned a bachelor's degree and received a full-ride scholarship while being one of the top women players within USC's tennis program; playing on both professional and amateur levels before choosing to change careers.

Maeve was married to American actor Tom Sizemore from 1996 until 1999 and they have two children together. Additionally, she has had several other relationships with notable personalities such as Elizabeth Hurley, Juliette Lewis, Heidi Fleiss, and Janelle McIntire.

Maeve was a tennis pro before she became an actress. She earned a full scholarship to the University of Southern California where she majored in drama. Maeve was ranked among the top-105 players worldwide and considered a promising young athlete.

After graduating from USC, she began playing on the Virginia Slims tour and won several tournaments. Subsequently, Megan Conley joined Bold and Beautiful as Megan Conley and was a regular on the show from 1995 until 2005.

Maeve is often seen around Los Angeles at social events when she's not shooting films. She has earned a following for her bubbly personality and is well-liked in the community.

Sawyer Grant

Grant has extensive financial professional expertise to assist people plan for the future and grow their wealth safely and securely, while providing them with a comfortable retirement. His intuitive understanding of client needs allows him to work alongside them throughout their lifetime, building confidence and helping them reach their objectives. With over ten years of experience under his belt, he is an independent and trusted retirement and business specialist.

Grant currently resides in Dallas, Texas with his wife Amanda and two children. In addition to his professional work as a Financial and Insurance professional, he also volunteers and supports numerous charitable organizations worldwide. Grant strongly believes success comes from hard work, perseverance, learning, study and most importantly love of what one does.

Sawyer had the chance to sit down with Grant and other cast members such as Emma Thompson, Bill Nighy, Laura Linney, Thomas Brodie-Sangster and Olivia Olson to discuss how their beloved film became a holiday tradition for millions around the world and continues to inspire viewers. Additionally she spoke with writer/director Richard Curtis about his role in the iconic film and received a message from Martin McCutcheon about its legacy.

The special, entitled The Laughter & Secrets of Love Actually: 20 Years Later - A Diane Sawyer Special, will air November 29 at 8 p.m. ET on ABC and the following day on Hulu.

Many of the cast members recalled their time on set, but Thomas Brodie-Sangster encountered a problem during an interview. While shooting a scene with Liam Neeson for Queen's Gambit, police intervened and informed them they "don't have the proper permit" and were "going to arrest" them if they didn't leave immediately.

Grant and his co-stars reflected on their time together, as well as shared some of the changes that had taken place in their lives since the movie's release. Grant revealed that he and his wife Anna Eberstein had an insightful discussion about the movie earlier this year.

Grant, who stars as David the prime minister who falls in love with Downing Street staffer Natalie (Martine McCutcheon), still gets chills while watching the movie. It's a classic rom-com that follows several characters' stories about all the things that go wrong in their lives.

The film has become a holiday classic and global phenomenon, with its message of hopeless romanticism remaining timeless. However, writer/director Richard Curtis addressed some of the criticism that has followed as the movie has aged in an interview with Diane Sawyer.

Curtis explained that he wrote the movie to illustrate that love can triumph despite obstacles and it isn't always easy to find contentment. He noted that Sarah, a character struggling with her brother's mental illness who must end a long-awaited romance abruptly, was inspired by his own life lessons.

Liz Hurley

Liz Hurley has always been one of the world's most desirable women, from her debut role as Vanessa Kensington in Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery (1997) to her stunning red carpet looks in EDtv (1999) and Bedazzled (2000). Born to teacher Angela Mary and army major Roy Leonard on June 10th 1965 in Basingstoke Hampshire England to an illustrious life!

Hurley achieved international fame with her Versace dress at the premiere of Four Weddings and a Funeral in 1994. Her high cheekbones and curves made her an instant fashion icon, leading to her signing as Estee Lauder Beauty Model of the Year for 1995.

However, it was during her 13 year relationship with Hugh Grant that she truly found success as a model and film actress. They formed Simian Films together, producing such films as Extreme Measures (starring Hugh and Sarah Jessica Parker) and Mickey Blue Eyes (a mob comedy).

Her beauty and charm have won her many admirers, such as Katy Perry, Paris Hilton, and Victoria Beckham. Her latest venture is Elizabeth Hurley Beach - a luxury swimwear line she launched at Harrods in April 2005.

She follows a healthy diet that incorporates plenty of fresh produce such as vegetables, fish and light soups. Additionally, she enjoys taking contrast showers which are beneficial for her skin and immune system.

Even with her hectic schedule as an actress, she still finds time for dancing. She takes ballet classes and hosts dance parties with friends, plus she even teaches her son how to dance!

Elizabeth Hurley has endured a number of difficult relationships, yet she has managed to remain in the public eye. Despite cheating partners, breakups, and paternity suits - she still manages to maintain her attractive appearance and engaging personality.

After a successful career as an actress, she founded her own production company and gained notoriety worldwide. Her name has been featured in over 30 movies, along with The Royals on E! Additionally, Estee Lauder made her a household name by featuring her face on their cosmetics ranges.

She has dedicated herself to giving back to the community despite her hectic schedule. This includes serving on the boards of several Huntsville-area charities. Her accomplishments have been recognized with awards such as Huntsville Hospital Foundation's Doctor of Philanthropy Award and Alabama Broadcasters Association's Distinguished Service Award.

In her free time, she has dedicated herself to animal advocacy. She assisted several homeless cats and dogs in her local area by adopting them, and started a community outreach project at a nearby news station.

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