Titans Head Coach Mike Vrabel Gives Update on Harold Landry's ACL Recovery

Titans Head Coach Mike Vrabel Gives Update on Harold Landry's ACL Recovery


Titans Mike Vrabel gives update on Harold Landrys ACL recovery

Titans Head Coach Mike Vrabel Gives Update on Harold Landry's ACL Recovery

As if the Titans didn't already have enough injury problems, they suffered another with the announcement that Pro Bowl outside linebacker Harold Landry is out for the season. Landry, who was the Titans' top pass rusher and an integral piece in their 2021 transformation from an NFL-worst defense to a stingy one, will miss all action this year.

Vrabel expects Landry to be ready for the start of the season

Mike Vrabel hasn't explicitly told Harold Landry to set goals yet, but he does anticipate him being ready for the start of the season. That's great news for Titans fans who were worried about Landry's recovery after suffering an ACL injury last Wednesday.

Vrabel anticipates Landry will be fully back at full speed by the time the Titans take him to New York City for their Week 1 opener against the Giants. Though he had been limited in practice, Landry still possesses the talent and ability to make an impact on defense, which is exactly what Vrabel hopes for.

The former Boston College star is an impressive edge-setter, helping him create space and force the opponent inside. Additionally, his versatility allows him to run in various positions for superior efficiency on the edge.

On the other side of the ball, Landry has the ability to break up passes and intercept throws. His potential to take the ball away from a quarterback's hands makes him an invaluable asset for a Titans defense that needs a strong pass rush in 2022.

Vrabel is closely monitoring Landry and his progress during practice this season, expecting him to be ready to compete for a starting spot by year's end - an ambitious goal as they enter their second season under Vrabel.

Landry could potentially return to his old self, giving the Titans defense some stability heading into a pivotal year. As an accomplished athlete who hasn't missed much due to injury in his career, Landry should have no issue playing at a high level once healthy.

Landry excels at getting off and bending the edge, which makes it difficult for opposing quarterbacks to throw the ball away. This skill set will only get better with time as Landry gains experience in this area.

Landry not only had a career-high 16 sacks in 2017, but he also made some impressive tackles for loss. While that number was down from his career-high 16 TFLs in 2016, this still represents an impressive feat.

His performance this past season earned him a top-five selection in the NFL draft. He had an impressive combine performance, and his numbers in training camp were also very promising.

That makes him an excellent addition to the Titans' defensive line, which could use some help on the outside. His talent and potential make him a real threat at the edge this year for Tennessee.

Landry’s injury could force the Titans to part ways with Bud Dupree

Head coach Mike Vrabel provided an update on the recovery progress of outside linebacker Harold Landry, who tore his ACL during practice last week. It's a devastating setback for the Titans and their pass rush unit which was considered one of the best in the NFL last season.

Even after the Titans selected Bud Dupree in the second round of the 2021 NFL Draft, they were still uncertain of his ability to play at a high level and his injury risk. Now, with Landry likely out for the season with an injured knee, they must decide how best to fill his void and whether to part ways with their star linebacker.

Making this decision could be complicated by the Titans' cap situation and how highly they value Dupree. With a number of outside linebackers with varying degrees of ability, they must determine how much sacrifice is worth making to keep Dupree, who hasn't produced consistently over the past few seasons and whose contract expires at $20.2 million in 2023.

Rashad Weaver is another option at this position for the Titans, though he's unlikely to play in the first six weeks due to a serious leg injury that could keep him out for an extended period. Given how poorly their defense has fared this season, I wouldn't be shocked if they let Weaver go and sign one of this year's super athletic EDGE class free agents or draft picks who could help elevate their defensive play this year.

Of course, this might not be the best course of action for the Titans. They lack depth at outside linebacker and other positions as well, leaving plenty of questions unanswered.

Landry's versatility and dependability should be invaluable in this system, while his experience as one of the team's most experienced players (64 regular-season games over two years) also make him a must-have.

When the Titans signed Landry to a five-year deal this offseason, they expected him to play an integral role in their defensive success. After all, he had 12 sacks and a career high 31 pressures in 2021 - earning him the distinction of being named to the Pro Bowl that year.

Landry has spent his three seasons with Nashville as one of the top 10 players for sacks and pressures per game. He's an integral part of their blitz strategy and often serves as the lead pass-rusher in base packages.

Despite all the doubts surrounding Landry's health, it's essential to remember that he only missed five games last season due to an ankle injury. Although he had a strong start this year, it could be that this issue is responsible for his recent decline in performance.

Vrabel says Landry’s injury isn’t as serious as first thought

Last weekend, Harold Landry suffered an ACL injury during a preseason game for the Titans that raised some serious doubts about his future. But head coach Mike Vrabel has since clarified that the injury is not as serious as initially suspected.

Coach said they don't plan on using Landry as an understudy, but he does want him competing. This is beneficial for Landry since it gives him some experience before becoming either a starter this season or next.

It's beneficial for the Titans that they have an outside linebacker they can rely on in this role. Though Landry hasn't been a particularly great pass rusher during his brief tenure with the team, his athleticism and knack for making plays have made him an invaluable part of this team's defensive front.

He possesses the speed, agility and balance to be a formidable presence on the edge, which is an asset for this defense. Additionally, his ability to bend at the waist and raise his hands when being pushed out is an incredibly rare trait in an NFL defensive lineman.

Here, he made a key play by getting to the quarterback and forcing an easy interception - an effort often overlooked in stat sheets but one that made a significant impact for this defense.

Landry's first sack as a college player sealed BC's victory, as they were on the verge of dropping their second game of the season when this occurred.

Landry never played many defensive snaps during his high school career and only started for the final two games of his sophomore year. In those contests, he recorded 3.5 sacks to finish with an overall record of 10.5 for the year.

After his freshman year of college, Landry continued to make strides on the field and ended with 16 tackles for loss and seven sacks. While these numbers may not seem impressive at first glance, they are proof enough that he is a potential star in the NFL.

He's a smart player with great athleticism. His speed and intelligence allow him to run with incredible force, reading plays and knowing when to stay up or run laterals with ease. Additionally, his quick reactions and agility make him difficult for any opponent to catch up to.

Landry's presence as a pass rusher will be invaluable to the Titans this season and beyond. He's one of the top young edge defenders in football, already on track for double digit sacks this year.

He may not be the only talented young linebacker in Nashville, but he's a potential breakout candidate and should be taken advantage of as soon as possible. The Titans have an opportunity to start him as a pass rusher early this season and then progress him towards being a full-time starter next season.

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