Three Colts Among CBS Sports Top 100 Free Agents

Three Colts Among CBS Sports Top 100 Free Agents


3 Colts among CBS Sports top 100 free agents

CBS Sports' list of the 100 free agents expected to hit the market this offseason includes three Colts players. While they could potentially re-sign any of those players, it appears more likely that they will wait for the market's direction - something Chris Ballard often does.


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Jones is a professional footballer renowned for his hard-hitting style of play. He was born in Watford, England and represents Wales on the national team. Jones has played for various clubs such as Newcastle United, Wimbledon, Leeds United and Sheffield United.

Jones has amassed more than 40 sacks throughout his career with the Kansas City Chiefs, serving as a reliable force in the defensive backfield. In 2022 alone, he recorded 6.5 sacks and nine tackles for loss - helping to bolster a defense that finished second in points allowed per game in the NFL.

His versatility as either a 3-4 end or 4-3 tackle will be beneficial to any team looking to assemble a more balanced front. As such, he is expected to be highly sought-after this offseason and could crack the top 100 free agents.

He has established himself as a reliable run blocker and pass blocker during his tenure with the Rams, so it should be no problem for him to secure a starting position as left tackle for any team looking for one. Furthermore, his durability in past seasons was impressive - only missing three games due to injury last season.

While it remains uncertain how much impact the Colts will make in '22, the team could still use some depth up front and could look to add a veteran presence in the trenches. A solid tackle could help with this endeavor since there likely to be an open slot at right guard.

Due to questions at quarterback, it can be challenging to compile a list of free agents with enough talent - not just players who had successful years previously. As such, this year's class of free agents features fewer players than recent years.

Some players could be considered the top free agent at their position, but many will receive franchise tags or signed to extensions. As a result, this list may not accurately reflect the top 100 free agents identified by CBS Sports this week.


With four weeks left until the NFL regular season, many teams are already planning how they'll utilize their free agency money. Some have lofty aspirations of winning a Super Bowl, while others just hope to return to the playoffs.

If your team is in need of a starter on the edge, consider Ngakoue. He was previously a third-round pick from the Baltimore Ravens and has proven to be an incredibly versatile and consistent pass rusher. With pure speed and quickness, Ngakoue can beat blockers to the edge, explode into the pocket, and often snap the ball loose.

Last season, Ngakoue had 29 tackles and 9.5 sacks in 15 games. Additionally, he forced two fumbles and recovered one.

Ngakoue's sack total broke Tony Brackens' rookie record. He also contributed to Jacksonville winning its opening game of the season against Houston Texans with four combined tackles, two sacks and two forced fumbles.

Ngakoue is a long and lean defensive end with exceptional agility and stamina. He can quickly rush the quarterback from his end while also chasing after and pushing away any fleeing passers.

The Colts are reportedly searching for a pass-rusher in free agency, and Ngakoue could be an attractive option. He had 10 sacks last season in Vegas and has shown steady improvement since then.

He can play inside or outside and the slot position. His versatility in defense can only serve to increase his value on the open market.

Ngakoue, despite his age, remains an impressive edge player and would make an excellent addition to any offense. His speed and knack for getting after the quarterback will be huge assets to any team in need of veteran leadership.

He is an impressive corner who can cover man coverage and could potentially earn a lucrative free agent contract. At 26, he should be seen as an ideal candidate for such an offer.


Key, an eight-year NFL veteran, is one of the top three free agents this year. He's a versatile player with the versatility to play both inside and outside linebacker. His speed makes him ideal for running games while his coverage skills provide valuable help during passing situations.

He's an ideal option for teams looking to upgrade their cover men. As a Cover 3 safety, he can be used as either a split-back or off-ball linebacker in multiple schemes. With plenty of experience under his belt but still only in his early 30s, there should be room for growth with the right coaching.

His numbers have dropped off the last two years, yet he remains an excellent option for Cover 3. Additionally, he's highly effective in pass protection with 40 pressures and only five quarterback hits this season.

MIKE linebackers have an advantage, and Long should not be overlooked. He's been a reliable anchor in an injury-plagued Titans defense and would provide plenty of physicality for any team with plenty of cap space.

The Falcons must address the interior of their front seven, but they also require a pocket-pusher. Allen recorded 5.5 sacks and 10 tackles for loss in 2022 while dealing with injuries; thus, he would make an ideal addition to an already talented defensive line.

He's a capable run defender who can take on the edge. Though not an All-Pro, he should be able to contribute quality minutes in a new system and help fill Arthur Smith's shoes.

Poyer has made great progress over time to where he is today, and is now an impressive cornerback with the potential of becoming an All-Pro. He boasts a solid physique and great athleticism, plus his productivity has been exceptional since joining Buffalo in 2017.

Hargrave has rapidly developed into one of the premier interior pass rushers in the NFL over the last couple of seasons, making him a likely free agent target. He boasts an excellent reputation and is nearing the end of his prime, so Hargrave should continue producing at a high level for several more seasons to come.

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