This Pisces Season We're Swimming Upstream

This Pisces Season We're Swimming Upstream


As winter finally ends, it is time to focus on the coming of spring. But before we can finally step into the sunlight, let us clear away all of the ice and snow of old memories.

Pisces season is an opportunement to assess our resource allocation and value creation. It's also a chance to ensure your needs are being met and to take stock of larger plans and objectives for the coming year.

1st House

The First House, or Rising sign, is where we define who we are and define our identity. It also shapes how we appear externally; it's where first impressions are made and our personal brand is formed.

When the Sun and natal planets are in this area of your chart, it's essential to consider how others might perceive you at first glance. Your hairstyle, wardrobe choices and mannerisms all have the potential for making an impression upon first glance.

Pisces often express their emotions directly on their arms. This season, you may find yourself more vulnerable to tears and sadness than usual; be on the lookout for memories of past delights or losses that bring up nostalgic feelings.

2nd House

The 2nd House is all about your financial situation, the amount of material wealth you possess, how you relate to money and possessions, as well as your attitude toward abundance. It also indicates how you plan for the future in terms of finances.

Celeste Brooks, an astrologer, emphasizes the significance of taking stock of your assets and resources during this Pisces season. Think about your spending patterns and income distribution, she advises.

She recommends setting a budget and creating long-term financial goals to improve your financial security. Furthermore, you should examine how you are handling stress, anxiety and overwhelm in daily life to determine which approaches work best for you.

3rd House

Pisces is a dreamy, empathic water sign that can bring out feelings within you. It's important to channel those emotions but don't let them consume you.

This is also an ideal moment to reflect on how you are managing your emotions, particularly in relation to love. If you're single, take this chance to explore new places and add some excitement to your social calendar; if in a relationship, take this time to improve communication with your significant other.

This is an exciting time for learning, which means you'll have plenty of opportunities to pursue new tasks and expand your horizons. You can do this through classes, online courses or independent study.

4th House

Virgos with 4th House Neptune tend to be deep thinkers and feelers. They possess empathy, but also remain private when discussing their emotions.

Family is an integral part of their lives. Their family of origin may shape their beliefs and values, though they tend to be highly progressive and open-minded when it comes to accepting new ideas.

They may harbor family secrets or have shady ancestors which they have yet to uncover. Additionally, these individuals may feel very disconnected from their primary environment.

5th House

Pisces season is the ideal time to rekindle your interests and pamper yourself. Spending some money on yourself for a treat like going out for lunch is an excellent way to do this.

The Fifth House symbolizes all forms of pleasure, including romantic relationships and affairs. This can be an auspicious time to try something new - whether that means gambling or taking risks with love.

Pleasure can be an enormously powerful force in our lives, and the Fifth House often speaks of a willingness to take risks to experience it. This is particularly true of romantic relationships where risk-taking may be key for long-term bliss.

6th House

Pisces is the spiritually most attuned sign in the zodiac. Its mutable nature is further amplified by Neptune, the planet of spirituality and imagination.

Neptune can help you overcome karma and heal wounds from your past. It also has the power to influence how you handle obstacles or challenges in life.

The 6th house is all about structure, daily routine tasks and your health. It can reveal whether you suffer from health problems or diseases, how you handle them and for how long.

The sixth house is associated with service, employees, controlling entities such as pets and food, and volunteering your time to those in need. If you enjoy taking care of others and are willing to dedicate yourself to helping those less fortunate, the sixth house could be an indication that you enjoy helping those less fortunate.

7th House

Pisces, the water sign, rules your seventh house of personal partnerships, marriages and contracts. Whether in an intimate connection or professional one, this house often tests your strength and integrity.

This is especially relevant to one-on-one partnerships such as marriage. Additionally, the seventh house governs legal ownership issues, claims and contracts.

This season could prove challenging for any of your relationships as the upcoming March 7 full moon activates this zone and forms a T-square or tense opposition with intense Mars in Virgo. According to Brooks, now is an excellent time to assess how to better balance power dynamics within relationships or move toward deeper commitment.

8th House

Pisces Season is the time of year when we must swim upstream to prepare for Spring. By abstaining from indulgences and fasting, we cleanse ourselves of the waste that accumulates during winter - a period of waiting and waiting for renewal.

Pisces individuals possess artistic, compassionate and emotional souls - often even psychic abilities. They bring a spirituality and awareness of higher purpose into all they undertake and possess an abundance of regenerative life force for use in all endeavors.

They tend to possess intuition and empathy for others, but this placement could also lead them to be nosy or invade on other people's privacy if not properly mitigated.

The Sun or Venus in the 8th House typically indicates a deep and intense relationship, either with someone currently in your life or someone from your past. These associations can be long-term or temporary in nature.

9th House

The 9th House is associated with higher learning, travel and cross-cultural connections. These gifts can be expansive and reinvigorate your spirit.

Jupiter's placement in the 9th House indicates you are an adventurous thinker who seeks to expand her mind through experiences. Your curiosity can fuel your education and lead you down a career path in teaching or coaching.

Are you curious about spiritual meaning and religious beliefs? Connect with people from around the world by exploring spirituality and discovering belief systems that differ from your own.

Sometimes this can be caused by a major life change such as death, divorce or violence. Once you identify the underlying patterns in your life and seek answers that make sense to you, searching for answers may become easier.

10th House

On February 19th, Pisces begins their synchronized swim through the realms of the unconscious to break through to consciousness on March 20th. We too can join them by swimming upstream towards our spiritual spark that lies within us and bring it back up close so it can become more fully expressed in our lives.

On Tuesday, March 7, Saturn (Capricorn's ruling planet) enters Pisces and joins Neptune (Pisces' ruling planet). This transit brings with it a fusion of Neptunian themes through the Capricornian ringer.

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