Third Person Dies Following Stampede After @GloRilla Show

Third Person Dies Following Stampede After @GloRilla Show


Third Person Dies Following Stampede After GloRilla Show

Rochester Police have confirmed that a third person has perished in the stampede that followed GloRilla's concert with Finesse2Tymes on Sunday night. As MADAMENOIRE previously reported, unfounded fears of gunfire caused a deadly crowd surge at Main Street Armory in Rochester.

After the show, two women were tragically trampled to death in a stampede. Rhondesia Belton (33), and Brandy Miller (35).

Aisha Stephens

Three days after a stampede that ensued following a show headlined by rapper GloRilla, another person has perished. Local news outlets report that Aisha Stephens succumbed to her injuries sustained during the incident.

On Sunday night, Aisha Stephens was one of the victims of a stampede that occurred at Main Street Armory. A Syracuse resident, she was the last remaining hospitalized survivor from this horrific event.

On March 5, 2011, unfounded fears of gunfire led to a mass stampede as rappers GloRilla and Finesse2tymes performed at Rochester's main street armory. As reported by MADAMENOIRE, concertgoers were trapped in an unprecedented crush.

Police initially reported hearing reports of gunshots firing inside the venue, yet when they arrived there was no sign of any shooting. Therefore, police are looking into various potential causes, such as crowd size, shots fired, pepper spray and other contributing elements which could have caused the stampede to take place.

After the concert, GloRilla took to Twitter to express her prayers for everyone in attendance. She continued by saying her heart goes out to those affected by this tragedy.

On Twitter, the rapper shared another message to her fans - informing them she would be returning to perform. She went on to mention how she was "still praying" for all those involved and promised another performance soon.

Meanwhile, Rhondesia Belton, 33 and Brandy Miller, 35 both of Buffalo, NY have passed away from the stampede. The other two victims who were reported from Rochester, New York also perished.

Due to the deaths, the main street armory was forced to close as authorities revoked its entertainment license. As a result, the building will remain shut for several weeks and all staff members have been let go.

The stampede has caused grave concerns about concert safety and security practices. As a result, the effects of this tragedy will likely last for years to come. Thankfully, these tragic deaths have brought attention to the need for enhanced safety measures at concerts, potentially leading to improved policies at participating venues.

Rhondesia Belton

Rochester Police report a third death as the result of Sunday night's Stampede After GloRilla Show: 35-year-old Brandy Miller from Rochester, New York died as a result of the stampede along with Rhondesia Belton from Buffalo's Traffic Violations Agency who had reportedly been at the concert with her mother and father.

On Monday, March 6, Rochester Mayor Malik Evans condemned the tragedy as "totally unacceptable". He promised an extensive investigation to determine whether Main Street Armory operators had put in place adequate safety measures for such a large crowd. Furthermore, he pledged to collaborate with venue owner Scott Donaldson in finding ways to enhance their entertainment space.

On Sunday night, Memphis rappers GloRilla and Finesse2tymes wrapped up their concert at Rochester's Main Street Armory. Fears of gunfire caused a panicked rush for the exits that left one woman dead and two others fighting for their lives.

GloRilla took to Twitter after learning of the deaths to express her prayers for everyone and hope they were all safe. She added a further message, which has yet to be posted on her page as of this writing, but which she still prayed for everyone involved.

No matter the tragedy that took place at this show, it was still an exciting moment for fans who attended. It marked the final leg of Glo's Anyways, Life's Great tour which began earlier this year and concluded on February 26 in Philadelphia.

Though the show was a huge success, it has been marred by this tragic incident. GloRilla took to social media to express her sorrow and support for those injured and killed in the accident. Additionally, she has urged other music artists to take precautions during their shows as well as encouraging all of her fans to stay safe on the road.

On Monday, the rapper took to Twitter and expressed her sorrow and prayers for those who perished during the stampede. She added a message that read, "My heart is broken for all victims of this travesty; my prayers are with their families and friends."

Brandy Miller

On March 5, a stampede ensued after rapper GloRilla's performance at Rochester Main Street Armory due to unfounded fears of gunshots. Tragically, two people died and many more were injured in the crush; unfortunately, Rhondesia Belton, 33, of Buffalo succumbed to her injuries on-the-spot.

Brandy Miller, 35 of Rochester, was tragically lost at age 35. She was the middle child in her family and her siblings said that she wasn't just their sister but a dear friend as well. Brandy volunteered at local nursing homes and treated elderly patients like family. Her dog Champ even waited outside her door upon her return!

Brandy lived a full life, and her family wants to learn what happened to her during the stampede - including why she was trampled. According to Brandy's family, Brandy "was always trying to help people" and was an exemplary human being.

Brandy died in the stampede, leaving her family searching for answers. Her brother Jordan remembered Brandy as always being a cheerful girl who would give you whatever she had. Her family says her death was tragic and they are praying for the families of the other three victims who perished after the Stampede After GloRilla Show.

Her family remembers her for working hard to achieve what she had. As a nurse's aide, she always wanted to help those in need. Her father James Green remembered her as an incredibly kind individual. She was an excellent mother to her children and enjoyed spending time with her husband and kids.

Malik Evans, mayor of Rochester, declared the Armory Armory was being closed down with 5,000-capacity capacity, and promised an investigation into its safety protocols. No more concerts will be held there and officials will review photos and videos taken inside to identify any violations.


Tragically, a third person has succumbed to injuries sustained at the Stampede After GloRilla Show. Aisha Stephens, 35 years old from Syracuse, passed away Wednesday night (March 8), one day after she suffered them during the stampede in Rochester, New York.

According to the AP, a stampede occurred at GloRilla's concert with Finesse2Tymes on Sunday night, March 5. Reports indicate that some in the crowd mistook shooting for gunfire and began running toward exits after the show - leading to two fatalities and seven injuries.

After the incident, GloRilla took to Twitter to express her shock and send prayers to those in attendance. Additionally, she shared the hashtag #GloRillaStampede for support on social media platforms.

As reported by Rolling Stone, fans at a concert featuring Drake in Rochester believed they had heard gunshots after the show and began running towards the exits. The concert ended around 11 p.m. with an estimated capacity of 5,000 attendees.

Though many GloRilla fans believe the stampede occurred due to false fears of gunshots, Rochester police have confirmed there is no evidence of any shooting and none of the victims' injuries are consistent with gunshot wounds.

On Monday, GloRilla shared her grief on her Twitter account. In a post, she expressed how she was "shocked & heartbroken" over the deaths and expressed her prayers for all those affected.

Later on, Rhondesia Belton and Brandy Miller both succumbed to the stampede. She returned to Twitter with a heartfelt message, mourning the loss of her fellow musicians and praying that all victims "go home soon".

In 2022, he and Hitkidd were nominated for best rap performance for their song "F.N.F."

On Monday, GloRilla expressed her grief over the tragic deaths of her fellow musicians and expressed that she hoped they would return home soon. Additionally, she asked for support from the community as a whole in order to cope with such loss.

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