Then and Now: How John Oliver Has Aged Since Last Week Tonight?

Then and Now: How John Oliver Has Aged Since Last Week Tonight?


Then  Now How John Oliver Has Aged Since Last Week Tonight Debuted

A half-hour topical comedy series that has won praise from critics and audiences alike for its humorous take on the week's news, politics, and current events.

John Oliver, former correspondent for The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, hosts the show.

It often addresses the latest headlines with more honesty and relatability than other partisan shouters. Furthermore, its longer segments provide a deeper comprehension of the issues and their underlying socio-political context.


John Oliver's debut as host of Last Week Tonight in 2014 was a breath of fresh air - an alternative late-night talk show that avoided the cliches and inane jokes of its predecessors. Drawing inspiration from Jon Stewart's The Daily Show, Oliver created an show that would eschew traditional interview segments in favor of deeper explorations into topics rarely covered by other programs.

Since then, political satire has evolved and Last Week Tonight has adjusted accordingly. Recently it has focused on deeper explorations into systemic issues that are difficult to decipher on a surface level and rarely affect individual people's lives directly.

He created a show called "The Prison Industrial Complex," which remains one of the most accessible introductions to this topic and an effective way to educate viewers about how criminal justice works.

He has become increasingly passionate about exploring how politics and culture intersect in society, exploring how our media consumption shapes how we view the world. He's even interviewed some of the greatest minds on these subjects such as Edward Snowden and the 14th Dalai Lama - two renowned thinkers.

Every now and again, however, he gets it wrong. Recently, his description of a jury selection process in Danbury, Connecticut as "slutty joke" caused outrage from the town's mayor - an experience which cemented for him the need to modify both his tone and approach.

John Oliver: Nine Years Later

For nine years, Oliver has developed a style that blends wit, sarcasm and humor with an interest in exploring how politics and culture are integrated into daily life. It has been credited as having had an impact on legislation, court rulings and regulations alike.

One such instance is his advocacy on net neutrality. His efforts convinced the FCC to adopt stringent regulations, and in addition, they opened their website so that 3.7 million comments could be left on the matter.

He plans on doing more "advocacy"-oriented shows in the future, covering topics that don't typically get as much coverage on other shows like stand-your-ground laws and prison systems.

He's currently working on a comedy project with writer/producer/actor Russell Crowe, whom he began dating back in 2011. They met at a blockbuster video store in New York City where he purchased what would later become part of their show, The Jokers.

Oliver has a longstanding record of philanthropy. Recently, he forgave over $15 million in medical debt owed by thousands of people and gives away books, toys and other gifts to those in need. Furthermore, Oliver founded the charity Operation Smile with his partner Mark Zuckerberg.

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