The Value of NFL Players Lives is Trending Down - Rams Won't Add Odell Beckham Jr. in Remodel

The Value of NFL Players Lives is Trending Down - Rams Won't Add Odell Beckham Jr. in Remodel


Rams wont add OBJ in remodel You wont believe how much money he wants

Les Snead has made it known that the Rams' rebuild will not be as aggressive as past ones, but instead focus on developing their core players.

Los Angeles does not seem interested in adding OBJ to their remodel plan, as they already have three elite receivers in Cooper Kupp, Robert Woods and Van Jefferson who all have Super Bowl potential this season. That makes sense why Los Angeles is opting out of adding OBJ during this renovation project.

OBJ Wants $20 Million Per Year

OBJ has been one of the top playmakers in football since his rookie year, yet he is still looking for a new contract. Reports indicate he wants a deal worth $20 million per year which would surpass Antonio Brown's $17 million and make him the 15th highest-paid wide receiver in the NFL.

It seems unlikely OBJ will sign a deal at this level, though he could potentially be willing to negotiate down. Beckham has an impressive track record when healthy, but last season he suffered two ACL tears which make signing a new contract with such a hefty asking price even more challenging for him.

Beckham needs to demonstrate his ability and skillset before being considered for such a deal, though that has yet to be the case. With plenty of time remaining until then, there is still hope that Beckham can return to full health.

However, if he can recover from his injuries and return to the field, then Dallas mustn't ignore him. That's because he could be exactly the type of player they need in order to make it to the Super Bowl.

In addition to a top receiver, the Cowboys require help along the offensive line and in the running game. A receiver like OBJ can provide that assistance and give them a huge edge in that regard.

If OBJ is in full health, the Cowboys could easily sign him to a deal that pays him at least $20 million annually. That would be an enormous boost from his current salary and far exceeding what other quarterbacks such as Kirk Cousins are expected to command this spring.

Giants brass may be wary of agreeing to a deal that makes OBJ the highest-paid receiver in the league, particularly with today's rising cap environment. Gettleman will need to carefully examine this offer and assess its value before agreeing to anything.

OBJ Wants More Money

OBJ is one of the most renowned players in football. He has earned an impressive amount of money throughout the years, culminating in a Super Bowl win with the Los Angeles Rams in 2021. Even before entering the NFL, his salary had already been substantial - however this figure has increased substantially since becoming an NFL star.

However, that salary hasn't been enough for OBJ, who wants even more money. According to a recent report, the star WR has requested $20 million annually - an astronomically high figure given his recent injury history.

However, this number could prove too much for the Los Angeles Rams to bear. They already have several void years on their roster and are projected to exceed the salary cap next season. Furthermore, they'll be getting back some of their younger wide receivers in 2022.

Though OBJ is an impressive receiver, the Rams won't be able to offer him a multi-year contract. Unless he lowers his asking price to something more reasonable, it appears unlikely the team will add him this offseason.

It's worth noting that OBJ is a free agent with plenty of other ways to make money. His list of endorsements includes Nike, EA Sports, Dunkin' Donuts, Head & Shoulders, Foot Locker, Lenovo and Steiner Sports.

His impressive earnings have allowed him to increase his net worth by $40 million. Unfortunately, he may not be able to expand upon it further in the future as taxation on his income may become an issue in the near future.

Furthermore, he could potentially lose his entire paycheck if the price of Bitcoin drops significantly. In past years, many athletes have converted their salaries into Bitcoin to receive payments more quickly and conveniently.

If OBJ can secure a multi-year deal and remain healthy, he could be worth it. With success on the field, he could become an NFL star and earn much more money in the future than what he earned during his NFL career.

OBJ Wants a Two-Year Deal

Two months into free agency and Odell Beckham Jr. still hasn't signed a deal with any team. This is unfortunate as Beckham has the potential to be an elite receiver but has yet to find a team that values his talent enough to offer him a long-term contract.

He has stated his desire to remain with the Rams, yet it appears unlikely they can offer him what he desires at this stage of his career. Indeed, he has been frustrated with their approach during contract negotiations since early October when he told reporters he "got the lowest of low offers."

Beckham has not given up his goal of returning to the Rams. Coach Sean McVay has expressed publicly that he wants Beckham back and it's clear from how McVay speaks about him that he admires the wideout.

The reigning Super Bowl champions are one of the top teams in the NFL, and Beckham has shown plenty of promise with them over the past few seasons. He could be an excellent addition to their passing game this season and a key element for their playoff push this year.

If the Rams don't make the playoffs this year, OBJ might want to explore his options elsewhere. As a three-time Pro Bowler and an incredible athlete, there are plenty of teams looking for playmakers like him.

Other than the Giants, OBJ could potentially be attracted by teams such as the Buffalo Bills or Baltimore Ravens. The Bills have been one of the NFL's most consistent teams over recent years and they have a good chance to make the playoffs this year.

The Baltimore Ravens have been a top-10 offense for several years and currently hold the advantage of having a first-round bye in this year's playoffs. Furthermore, they're currently favored to win the AFC East, making them an even better fit for OBJ.

OBJ Wants a Three-Year Deal

OBJ is still searching for a team that will offer him the type of money he desires. While it remains uncertain how much he would like to make in three years, the Rams are one option he has considered.

At first, Beckham was believed to be looking for a deal with either the Buffalo Bills or Green Bay Packers. But his location and financial incentives ultimately convinced him to sign with the Los Angeles Rams.

Due to his return, he has rediscovered his old form and become an important element of the Rams' offense. In just one season with them, he has amassed 27 receptions, 305 receiving yards, and five touchdowns.

It's no secret that the Rams hope to bring OBJ back in the future and help them reach the Super Bowl next year. They actually want him to stay for several years instead of continually changing teams.

However, the Rams are unwilling to commit $10 million for one season because that is an enormous sum of money and carries significant risk for them - especially considering he just returned from a knee injury.

Even if OBJ were to receive that amount in a single season, it's unclear whether he would be willing to commit for the long run. At only 30 years old and his body not in its prime when he played for New York, there's a possibility he may opt to retire rather than play another season.

There's no reason to doubt his recovery from his latest injury, but the Rams must first address other matters before offering him a three-year deal. They need to find a way to keep wide receiver Cooper Kupp healthy and have some doubts about Robert Woods who suffered an injury to his knee last November.

That's why it's so essential for the Rams to acquire an experienced NFL player like Beckham. He's a big-play receiver who has proven his worth time after time, so their team needs him back on the field as soon as possible.


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