The Sound of a Weekend Update Joke Bombing Appeared

The Sound of a Weekend Update Joke Bombing Appeared


Saturday Night Live The Sound of a Weekend Update Joke Bombing Appeared

The Sound of a Weekend Update Joke Bombing Appeared

NBC's Saturday Night Live is back for its 47th season, and one thing is certain: A Weekend Update joke has definitely gone off this time around.

It's an impressive milestone for the comedy show known for its subversive, irreverent take on politics and culture. Unfortunately, this episode felt somewhat chaotic and lacked the big laughs that SNL has become renowned for.

What Happened?

The Sound of Weekend Update Joke Bombing

Saturday Night Live's fake news parody, Weekend Update, has become one of the most beloved elements for viewers. Over the years, this show has featured numerous comedic icons like Jane Curtin, Dan Aykroyd, Dennis Miller and Tina Fey as its anchors.

There was a time when writing Update was especially challenging, and that was after 9/11 when Michael Schur's writing team was formed to find some lightness in an otherwise depressing news cycle. With his help, they managed to do just that - creating some humorous segments throughout the show's runtime.

Though it's difficult to definitively say, this episode of the series is considered a high point in its history. It featured several guest hosts such as comedian Woody Harrelson and musician Jack White.

On the show, Harrelson delivered an intriguing opening monologue about a script he read while high and sunbathing in Central Park three years earlier. This clip went viral, prompting widespread media criticism accusing the actor of spreading "anti-vax conspiracy theories."

Last week, Downey was reminiscing about those days on the Fly on the Wall podcast, sharing some of his favorite SNL moments. Additionally, he shared one story about an unaired Macdonald joke which proved too much and ultimately caused him to leave due to audience reaction.

SNL had already suffered several cast losses in recent seasons - Pete Davidson, Kate McKinnon and Aidy Bryant were all gone by 2022. This set a major blow for the show that already struggled to fill its seats at the end of 2022.

Despite these departures, the show continued to air and remains popular with viewers. However, it faces challenges due to an increasingly strong emphasis on streaming services and increased competition from rival broadcast networks for advertisers.

On March 25, SNL will return for its 48th season and a year of reinvention under new executive producer Lorne Michaels. If this season is any indication, Michaels can only improve the show's comedy and make it more captivating for audiences in the long run.

How It Happened

Saturday Night Live has become a Saturday Night Live institution: head writers and hosts take over the Update desk to create jokes. It's an opportunity for the show to test its writers' limits, plus get some of its most renowned celebrities to perform sketches on-air. But there have been times when things got out of hand.

This weekend, head writer Michael Che delivered a joke that completely failed on the show. His anti-trans joke was similar to those Dave Chappelle, Louis C.K. and Ricky Gervais have often parroted in the past.

But that doesn't make the joke funny or appropriate in its context. That is because the joke was an example of hate speech, which not only causes harm to trans people who hear it but also damage to comedy when parodied.

Last week, head writer Michael Che was joined by co-host Colin Jost and cracked a joke about Caitlyn Jenner being "an actual person". To their roaring laughter and applause, Michael Che could not help but smile along as he said it.

Che has come a long way since his days as a staff writer and correspondent for "Saturday Night Live." Now more confident in the role, Che can deliver longer stand-up-style pieces instead of just one-liners.

He's become closer to the cast, especially Tina Fey; their dynamic on the show works perfectly.

Through the years, The show has had some notable personnel changes. In 2000, Jimmy Fallon and Tina Fey took over for Colin Quinn and Norm MacDonald as head writers on the desk - a move which proved beneficial for both of them.

Jimmy Fallon made quite the impression at "SNL," being both charming and talented with impressions. However, it was his Update material which really captured audiences' attention; he's an accomplished writer with great comic timing even if he didn't possess as much personality as some of his co-hosts or colleagues.

Why It Happened

Saturday Night Live's 'Weekend Update' has been a staple of its show for decades, often taking aim at current events. This week, however, the segment focused on Russia's invasion of Ukraine.

The Weekend Update, hosted by an SNL cast member, usually features character guest appearances. In this week's episode, Paul Rudd and Elliott Gould joined Tina Fey and Steve Martin for the conversation.

On occasion, Weekend Update will host special guest appearances from celebrities. Last week's episode featured a performance by Fear - they performed slam dancing while John Belushi and other members of the band sang.

Saturday Night Live is one of the world's most beloved sketch shows, and its 'Weekend Update' segment often features special guest appearances by cast members. In fact, it's rare for SNL not to feature any sketches during a show!

In addition to regular updates, Weekend Update has featured a variety of other features. These include the "Update Door", a door on the left of the stage where celebrities could walk through for commentary; Jeff Richards' Drunk Girl character; and regular appearances by The Land Shark.

One popular feature of The Weekend Update is its celebrity impersonations, which often mimic real people in real life.

When a celebrity visits the studio, the host will introduce them to the audience with words such as, "I'm so glad you're here. Let us do something special to welcome you!"

Jimmy Fallon and Tina Fey featured many recurring updates during their tenure together. Some were humorous spoofs, while others were based on actual news stories.

On occasion, The Weekend Update featured guest appearances by comedians and other celebrities. These cameos often included a sketch in which the celebrity did an impression or made an amusing joke.

Saturday Night Live's longest-running comedy segment, 'Weekend Update,' has become one of the show's most beloved. In it, a comedian provides quick news headlines before delivering an amusing punchline.


Saturday Night Live (SNL), broadcast by NBC since 1975, is an American late-night comedy television series that covers a wide range of topics. It features guest hosts as well as regular cast members.

The show has become renowned for its improvised sketches that combine topical and political subject matter with observational humor and parody. Its format draws inspiration from Chicago-based improv comedy traditions like Second City and Groundlings in Los Angeles.

SNL has been home to many notable actors over the years, such as Dan Aykroyd, Chevy Chase, John Belushi, Jane Curtin, Garth Morris, Garrett Morris and Laraine Newman. Furthermore, some notable musical guests have included Elvis Costello, Nirvana, the Rolling Stones Run-D.M.C U2 Britney Spears Beyonce and Taylor Swift.

Weekend Update has become a beloved segment of Saturday Night Live, and its anchors have often achieved fame in their own right. Notable names include Norm MacDonald and Charles Rocket; however, Amy Poehler and Tina Fey have also hosted the segment at various times.

Colin Jost is another popular Update anchor who took over for Steve Harvey in 2014. Although he's an excellent joke writer, his delivery and style leave something to be desired.

Kevin Nealon made a notable addition to the Weekend Update team in the early 1990s, replacing Dennis Miller with a less verbose version of their old routine that relied on direct delivery. This style allowed him to become more believable as an impartial third party to his various characters such as Tim Meadows' Ike Turner, Chris Farley's air-quote enthusiast Bennett Brauer and Adam Sandler's singers.

Norm McDonald was an iconic anchor known for his deadpan bombs. He stood alone in Weekend Update history because he didn't care what people thought and had his own dark sense of humor that reflected his beliefs.

The era was also notable for the first all-female Weekend Update pairing, featuring Tina Fey and Amy Poehler. Their combination of impressions and character wit made them standouts, eventually leading them to collaborate on "30 Rock."

Over the years, The Show also featured numerous celebrity guest hosts like Paul Simon, Alec Baldwin, Paul Reubens, John Belushi and Steve Martin. Additionally, musicians had an opportunity to perform on one of television's most prestigious stages by joining this prestigious showcase.

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