The Roast Of The Sidemen 2

The Roast Of The Sidemen 2



The ROAST OF THE SIDEMEN 2 is an entertaining video featuring popular YouTube group Sidemen getting brutally roasted by their friends. In this clip, they invited viewers, close friends, and girlfriends to hit them hard with some hilarious jokes.

Parents should be aware that this reality show contains mature content, such as strong language and references to sexual topics and graphic depictions of body parts. While tweens and teens who are already acquainted with The Sidemen may find it appealing, it's best to keep it away from young children.


JJ Olatunji, better known by his stage name KSI, is a British YouTuber and entertainer. He began his channel as a FIFA gaming commentator but quickly moved onto other genres such as vlogs or video game videos. Additionally, he joined other YouTubers in creating Sidemen videos - this side project has become an integral part of who he is today.

Since October 2013, KSI has been part of The Sidemen collective. Here, he and other YouTubers create videos featuring challenges, sketches and video-game commentary. As a collective of seven members, each member contributes something special to the group's culture and personality.

In 2017, The Sidemen's YouTube channel began featuring a trend: members roasting one another to diss tracks. This trend spread quickly, with other YouTubers such as Wroetoshaw and RiceGum getting roast by the Sidemen members.

Throughout the roasting, KSI was repeatedly attacked by both Sidemen members and his own family member. In one video clip, Callux and Stephen took a hard-hitting shot at him for his lack of support for his family members.

His younger brother Deji Olatunji is also a YouTuber with his own channel Deji that boasts over 10.5 million subscribers. They have an often strained relationship but remain close and collaborate on content together.

He has had a successful music career, having released multiple hits that reached the UK singles and R&B album charts. Additionally, he toured with KSI across the UK in 2021 and appeared on BBC's Stand Up To Cancer the following year in 2021.

In recent years, KSI has ventured into acting, appearing in both movies and TV shows alike. In 2014 he starred in 5-A-Side - a comedy web series about an ensemble of soccer players - as well as in Laid in America (2016).


Ethan was a member of The Sidemen for five years, known for his humorous sense of humour and ability to make people laugh. As one of the best MCs, his videos have gained huge success on YouTube.

He was a member of THE ROAST OF THE SIDEMEN 2. In this video, he joined other notable creators such as Callux, BambinoBeckie and Stephen Tries for an epic collaboration.

At the roast, everyone had a good time until someone made a joke about Ethan's friend who committed suicide two years prior. This moment brought tears to Ethan and his friends' eyes; yet he kept calm and didn't let anyone else know about it.

After this incident, Ethan decided to alter his vlog style. He stated that his relationship with JJ could still be repaired and any disses he made were intended as friendly banter.

He then encountered a new challenge that would forever alter his life. He joined the Sidemen on their show and was given the chance to try out various challenges.

On August 6, he uploaded a video entitled "REPLACING KSI IN THE SIDEMEN HOUSE". In it, he made fun of KSI and dismantled his old room. Additionally, he created an extended "diss track" against JJ regarding all of their drama, simply entitled "Drama".

In the video, he also mentioned his mother's name. He expressed that her love has been a constant support to him throughout his life, but due to health issues she can no longer be by his side.

On August 20, Sky Does Everything (real name Adam) released another diss track, "'Diss Track ED". It was uploaded without warning and immediately sparked controversy. Many believe this track to be a direct reply to Sky Does Everything's (real name Adam) diss track against him.


Last week, English YouTube group Sidemen brought to life the popular multiplayer game Among Us in real life with their video THE ROAST OF THE SIDEMEN 2. In this clip, members of the group are brutally roasted by their friends.

The video features numerous humorous punchlines that hit home. These jokes were specially written for the members by friends and special guests who are famous creators or streamers themselves; these people include Callux, Calfreezy, Jaackmaate, Lozcast, StephenTries and TrueGeordie.

JJ "KSI" Olatunji, one of the most beloved and influential members of The Sidemen, got thoroughly pummeled in this video by Callux and Stephen.

He was also roast by Deji, his own family member. During the roasting session, Deji expressed her opinion of JJ's relationship with his parents.

Many viewers were intrigued to know more about KSI's relationship with his parents, speculating that this could have been one of the reasons he left the group.

On August 3rd, KSI posted a series of tweets in which he announced his departure from the Sidemen. On August 6th he uploaded a short video in which he further confirmed his decision.

KSI suffered a devastating loss, as he was widely seen as the most important member of their group. Nonetheless, he enjoyed an excellent working relationship with Simon 'Miniminter' Minter and Josh 'Vikstar' Virk.

KSI ultimately had to leave the group in mid August due to personal reasons. He ultimately had to go back home to Los Angeles with RiceGum for a few weeks, which also contributed to his problems with fellow members.


Tobi is one of the more private members of The Sidemen, making him the target of many questions and jokes since his YouTube debut. Deji even called him "the black pinocchio" in their "Deji - Sidemen Diss Track (Official Music Video), while Tobi often disappears while making videos - prompting many ghosting jokes to follow suit.

Josh - As the oldest member of the Sidemen, Josh is often referred to as a "daddy" by his peers. He also appears to be the most responsible and mature member of the group.

Lateness - On their "Sidemen Escape Room" video, Josh overslept a lot and had to rush to the shoot as soon as possible; earning him the crown of lateness.

Tourette's Syndrome - Josh has often been ridiculed for the outrageous things he says, especially in gameplay videos where Josh makes inappropriate remarks that make other members laugh. This phenomenon can be especially prevalent when discussing topics outside of gaming itself.

Height - Tobi is a tall man, often referred to by other members as "The Tallest Sideman." His large nose also leads him to be nicknamed 'Black Pinocchio' in videos.

Simon has a blunt personality which has led to many jokes about him being an arrogant prick. Additionally, Simon is an impressive rapper and has even had his skills mocked in the past for them.

Femininity - Simon has often been described as the closest male member of The Sidemen to a girl, which may have been partially due to their James Charles make up video, but also in response to fan questions regarding Simon and Talia's relationship.


This week on THE ROAST OF THE SIDEMEN 2, The Sidemen put themselves in the firing line for an entertaining comedy roasting session. Joined by their closest friends and family members, they were ready to put their skillsets to the test.

Louis has been a friend of the Sidemen since 2013, with 4.86 million subscribers to his YouTube channel where he creates content such as gaming, vlogs, Q&As and recreating classic Vine videos.

He owns a property company and creates content for it as well. He was one of the original members of KSI when they founded it back in October 2013, and has been instrumental in its growth ever since.

Despite his success, he remains notorious for his controversial personality. He has a history of being part of diss tracks and feuds within the Sidemen group.

At first, he was a fan of Ethan and Harry but soon discovered they weren't the type of people he wanted to spend time with. Ultimately, he left the group for 'personal reasons'.

Louis, born and raised in the UK, has an intense passion for sports. He enjoys playing FIFA, football and other video gaming titles with friends.

His family has always been supportive of his career and he enjoys a close bond with them. His mother and father are especially proud of him, while the close connection he shares with his brothers only strengthens over time.

The roast of the Sidemen 2 is an entertaining video that blends comedy with some reality. It has been viewed over 4 million times in 24 hours, and we're sure you'll love it too!

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