The Onion's @StephenASmith Is a Twitter Troll

The Onion's @StephenASmith Is a Twitter Troll


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Recently, The Onion ran a piece about Stephen A. Smith's fake debate with his 9-year-old son; unfortunately, it turns out that Smith is actually just another Twitter troll.

This week, Smith and Kyrie Irving had an animated Twitter exchange that has NBA fans in a frenzy. It appears that Irving is taking offense to Smith's criticism of his decision to pick up his player option for next season with the Brooklyn Nets.

The Onion’s Fake Debate With His Fake 9-Year-Old Son

One of the more notable projects from The Onion is its web video program The Onion News Network, launched in 2007. This network has received critical acclaim and multiple awards for its quality production. Furthermore, The Onion has produced other entertainment media products such as a video game and book series.

The Onion's Twitter account may be young, but that hasn't stopped it from producing some intriguing tweets in its short lifespan. Stephen A. Smith recently tweeted about a YouTube video with an intriguing title and biggest thumbnail picture of his latest book; along with text message asking for uploading screenshot to our account - to which Smith eagerly obliged. However, seconds later he was informed that the video had been removed from platform.

The Stephen A. Burner Account Has Been Suspended

Stephen A. Smith is one of the world's most beloved ESPN personalities, known for his humorous catchphrases and love for sports. His massive Twitter following boasts over 5.3 million followers.

The only issue is that his account has been suspended by Twitter for using copyrighted music in their tweets. This demonstrates Twitter's strict policy regarding copyright, which they will take action against any violators.

On April 23, Twitter suspended @sasburneracct after it accrued over 550,000 followers. Reportedly, he was banned for using a Lil Wayne song in one of his posts.

According to a Twitter spokesperson, the suspension was due to "copyright violations." This isn't the first time an account has been banned by Twitter and likely won't be the last; only recently was it also suspended for retweeting an article about White House adviser Stephen Miller's phone number.

However, the man behind the account is appealing his suspension and promises to work hard to restore it. While it could take a few months, hopefully everything will be resolved in due course.

This parody account boasts over 550,000 followers on Twitter, but they haven't been as active since being suspended by Twitter. It's unclear if its suspension was due to being a parody account or just due to Twitter's new rules for the platform.

No matter the cause of their suspension, @sasburneracct says it's unfortunate they were taken down. They had a large fanbase and it was an enjoyable way to view Smith in a different light.

In 2014, a parody account was created as a fan account of the Chicago Bears. However, in November 2019, it shifted focus to mocking Smith.

It posted small clips and edited pictures of the sports star, quickly gaining a large following. Though not monetized, it did catch the attention of producers at ESPN.

The Stephen A. Feud With Kyrie Irving

ESPN fans know Stephen A. Smith as the sports media personality who likes to shout, argue and throw out whatever hot take will grab headlines. That's why his show, ESPN's First Take, has become so popular over time.

On Monday morning, however, the conversation on ESPN's First Take took an unexpectedly personal turn when Smith and Jay Williams got into a heated debate over Kyrie Irving. What began as an innocent question about what went wrong with the Brooklyn Nets quickly escalated into an intense exchange between Smith and Williams about Irving's personal life and motivations.

One of the major points of contention between Smith and Irving has been Irving's tendency not to show up for games. This has been a source of friction ever since the NBA star left the Nets last summer over contract negotiations.

While in Brooklyn, Irving was accused of posting antisemitic material on social media. These comments sparked widespread condemnation from the public.

It's safe to say Irving hasn't exactly made himself at home on social media, and his relationship with the media remains strained. While in Boston, Irving posted an extended rant on Twitter labeling journalists "puppets" and "pawns," asserting they made billions off his name and are hell-bent on slandering him.

On Friday afternoon, Irving posted the most intense Twitter rant of his career to date - one that seemed to fuel him on to continue being critical of the media. Stephen A. Smith issued an official response to Irving on his latest tirade, promising that he would not stop until the superstar accepts responsibility for his actions.

The feud between Irving and Smith is real, and it's causing quite a stir on social media. They've previously disagreed over issues like the Capitol insurrection, George Floyd, COVID-19 and vaccines; now they're engaged in an online fight over a tweet that criticized Kyrie Irving for opting out of his contract with the Nets.

The Stephen A. Memes That Were Suspended

Twitter has a long and varied history of banning bizarre content. Recently, they've purge bots, tweaked rules, and prohibited face-swap videos - but it remains an open secret that some people are just plain weird. One such oddball is a Twitter user with over 5 million followers - who also happens to be an enormous ape! It's no secret that Twitter still has some work to do in reaching its ultimate goal of becoming the ultimate utopia. The newest member of the social media sphere, or rather fiddle, is one of the most popular followers on Twitter - making him a prime candidate for an impressive win. Furthermore, this eponymous scion is an avid supporter of the Golden State Warriors - a team he grew up rooting for back in the early aughts.

Molly Jong Fast - How to Get Started on Twitter

Molly Jong Fast is renowned for her irreverent humor that cuts to the core of our politics. She interviews some of the brightest minds on Capitol Hill, asking questions no one else asks and getting answers even her guests weren't expecting!

Jong-Fast lounges barefoot in her Upper East Side co-op's living room, adorned with all of the trinkets of uptown literary life: Fornasetti candles, her grandfather's Emmy award and enough needlepoints to fill a gallery.

Twitter is a social media platform

Twitter is a social media platform that enables users to post short messages, videos, images, animated GIFs and polls - commonly referred to as "tweets." These posts can be seen by anyone who follows the user and usually contain up to 280 characters.

Many businesses and marketers utilize Twitter for communication and advertising purposes. They post information about their business, products and services in order to attract new customers. Furthermore, the platform enables them to stay in touch with current clients and address any problems quickly and efficiently.

Twitter can be an effective advertising medium, but it should only be used sparingly. Instead, focus on providing quality content for your followers and increasing brand awareness.

People in the US mainly utilize social media platforms to stay updated with news and stay connected with friends. They also utilize it for following celebrities and politicians.

Twitter stands out among other social networks due to its free-to-use model. The platform provides several tools for users to manage their accounts and schedule future tweets, plus search for content or view curated collections of trending topics.

Twitter offers another advantage as a scan-friendly platform, so users can read hundreds of engaging tweets at once, making it ideal for those with limited attention spans.

People can quickly and easily share information via WhatsApp, providing a direct line of communication between ordinary users and their idols. Government officials, businesses, and others often utilize it for news dissemination, opinion pieces, as well as providing effective feedback mechanisms.

Twitter is one of the world's largest social media platforms, boasting over 397 million active users. Celebrities and politicians have built substantial followings on Twitter, while many people rely on it for up-to-date news and trends.

The number of users on social media platforms is growing rapidly. Estimates place there are over 4.48 billion active users worldwide, with 8.85% using Twitter as their primary communication medium.

It is a great way to communicate

Twitter accounts are an ideal platform to communicate about your brand, products and services. They allow you to stay in touch with existing customers while cultivating new ones. Furthermore, having a Twitter account can help promote your business and keep ahead of the competition.

One of the primary advantages of Twitter is its free and instantaneous nature. Within seconds, you can post a tweet that will be seen by millions around the globe.

Twitter is a microblogging service that enables you to send and read short messages known as "tweets." In order to get started, register an account and choose a username and password. After creating your Twitter account, find ways of keeping it active and engaged.

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Twitter is an effective tool for communicating about your products and services, as well as making a good first impression on potential customers. But in order to maximize its potential, you need to know what topics to discuss and how best to do so on this social media platform.

It is a great way to advertise

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It is a great way to connect

Twitter is an invaluable platform to engage with your audience, promote your business and expand your brand. Additionally, it keeps you up to date on industry news and developments. To begin using Twitter, create an account by visiting their website and providing your name, email address, phone number and password. Once verified as a legitimate user on Twitter, you'll have full control of posting tweets as well as viewing other users' updates.

Twitter allows you to include up to four photos and a GIF in your posts, as well as use polls and hashtags. This makes it simple for you to engage with your followers in an enjoyable, creative manner. Furthermore, you can include a link to your website or special offer just for followers!

When signing up for a Twitter account, you will be asked to create a username and handle that accurately represents your business. You also have the option of signing up with an email address and phone number so customers can more easily contact you. It is recommended that you set up an unique and secure password for your Twitter account so others don't discover its details.

Twitter is an invaluable platform for connecting with other people and companies, making it ideal for businesses of all sizes. To get the most out of Twitter, start by following other accounts so you can learn about topics pertinent to your business. Utilize suggested users on Twitter but only follow those relevant to your brand and industry.

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