The NBA All-Star 3-Point Contest

The NBA All-Star 3-Point Contest


NBA AllStar 3Point Contest Whos participating when does it take place

The NBA All-Star 3-Point Contest takes place during the All-Star Weekend, and it's one of the most exciting events on the schedule. Eight players will go at it to see who can make the most 3-pointers in two rounds.

The field includes Jayson Tatum (Boston Celtics), Damian Lillard (Portland Trail Blazers), Julius Randle (New York Knicks), Tyrese Haliburton and Buddy Hield (Indiana Pacers), Tyler Herro (Miami Heat) and Lauri Markkanen (Utah Jazz).

Donovan Mitchell

The NBA All-Star 3-Point Contest is a thrilling event that pits the best long-range shooters in the league against each other. This year's event will take place on February 18th, in Salt Lake City, Utah.

The competition is always a tough one, with players vying for the title of long-range shooting king. This year, eight players have been selected to participate in the event, including Boston's Jayson Tatum, Sacramento's Kevin Huerter, Miami's Tyler Herro, Indiana's Tyrese Haliburton and Buddy Hield, Portland's Damian Lillard and Anfernee Simons and Utah Jazz forward Lauri Markkanen.

Mitchell, who was selected to two All-Star teams this season, is a two-time Slam Dunk champion and will try to win the 3-point contest as well. The 24-year-old is currently shooting 38.9 percent from behind the arc this season, which is fifth-best among his Jazz teammates.

He's also the leading scorer on his team this season, averaging 24.7 points per game. He's also averaging 4.5 assists this season, so he should have no problem putting up big numbers in the contest.

If Mitchell does win the three-point contest, he'll be the first Jazz player to do so since Jeff Hornacek won it in 1998 and 2000. This will also be his first 3-point contest of his career, as he has never competed in the event before.

While he hasn't competed in the three-point contest since his time at Duke, Donovan Mitchell has a solid record from deep. The Utah Jazz guard has shot a career-high 38.9 percent from behind the arc, and is one of the league's top 3-point shooters.

However, he hasn't won the three-point contest in his six-year NBA career, and he's likely not going to be a favorite to win it this year. That's because he's more known as a scoring machine than a good 3-point shooter.

This week, he'll be representing the Utah Jazz in several games and the 3-point contest at All-Star Weekend in Salt Lake City. He'll also play in the All-Star Game on Sunday. It's an honor that he says he wants to add to his All-Star resume.

Klay Thompson

Whether you're a fan or not, the NBA All-Star 3-Point Contest is a must-see event during All-Star weekend. The competition is held on Saturday night and features the best long-range shooters in the NBA competing against one another.

The three-point shot has changed the game of basketball and this competition is a perfect way for players to show off their skills with a long-range jumper. Since the competition was introduced in 1986, fans across the world have gotten to see some of the best beyond-the-arc shooting ever.

Klay Thompson is one of the most talented shooters in the NBA, and it's no wonder that he has won the 3-Point Contest several times throughout his career. He's made a ton of three-pointers this season, and he's also ranked in the top 10 for most 3-pointers attempted per game in the NBA.

But the Golden State Warriors star hasn't competed in this year's event. His knee injury has been a huge blow to the team and the Warriors haven't been able to find the identity they had before his injury.

He was a key part of the team's historic run in 2015-16, winning the championship and the NBA MVP award. He's also a two-time winner of the All-Star 3-Point Contest, and it would be great to see him participate in this event.

If he does participate in this year's All-Star 3-Point Contest, he could potentially face Steph Curry and Devin Booker. That's a lot of potential competition for him, so he'll have to make an informed decision about participating in this year's event.

It's also possible that he'll face other stars from around the league, such as Indiana Pacers forward Buddy Hield or Portland Trail Blazers guard Damian Lillard. The Pacers and Blazers both have strong 3-point shooting teams this season, so it's likely that these stars will take part in the contest.

If the NBA decides to bring back the 3-Point Contest, it will be interesting to see how the competition evolves with the emergence of players like Caldwell-Pope and Lillard. Both have been consistent shooters, and both are improving their long-range shooting each year.

Kentavious Caldwell-Pope

The 3-point contest is a staple at the NBA All-Star Game, and the annual event showcases some of the league's best long-range shooters. It's an exciting contest that draws a lot of attention from fans across the country and around the world, as players like Damian Lillard, Jayson Tatum and Lauri Markkanen compete against each other.

But a few notable players are missing from the competition this year, including Utah Jazz guard Donovan Mitchell. That's a shame because Mitchell has been one of the league's best scorers over the past two seasons, and he would have been a strong candidate to participate in this year's competition.

He's also a great shot creator and has over 200 three-pointers in each of the last two seasons. So he's definitely an asset to have in the competition, especially if his team has a good chance of winning it.

Another player who's a good candidate to participate in the 3-point shooting contest is Memphis Grizzlies small forward Luke Kennard. He's been an effective long-range shooter since his days at Duke and has a 44.7% 3-point shooting percentage this season.

That's a pretty impressive number, and it's a good reason why he's considered a top pick in the draft. In fact, Kennard was the first overall selection in the 2011 NBA draft and he's been one of the best small forwards in the league for years.

As a result, it's surprising to see him absent from the competition this year, especially after he's been one of the best 3-point shooters in the NBA all season. In fact, he's led the league in 3-point shooting percentage all season and he's only missed one game this season.

If you're in a 12-team league, Caldwell-Pope is a dependable back-end option who continues to put up solid production. His floor is just too high for him to be a must-roster player in most formats, but he can be a solid streaming option if you need a consistent plug-and-play guy with some backend value.

KCP's value is capped a bit by his injury status, though. He's sitting out Sunday's loss to the Timberwolves with a right ankle sprain, but that likely won't keep him from suiting up for Monday's matchup against the Nuggets. It's possible that Bruce Brown will continue to replace Christian Braun in the starting lineup, which will limit KCP's fantasy value.

Damian Lillard

The NBA All-Star 3-Point Contest is a time to showcase the league's best three-point shooters. The competition is held each year during All-Star weekend in Salt Lake City.

The three-point contest winners are selected by a panel of the sport's greatest sharpshooters. This year, a total of eight sharpshooters will participate in the event.

One of those players is Damian Lillard, a three-time All-Star who will compete in the event for the third time. He's joined by his teammate Anfernee Simons in the competition for the first time.

Lillard, a former standout at Weber State, has been a top option for the Portland Trail Blazers this season. He's averaging 30.7 points on 46.4 percent shooting, including 37.2 percent from beyond the arc. He also averages 4.1 rebounds, 7.4 assists and 0.8 steals in just 36.0 minutes per game.

He's also incredibly efficient on the free-throw line, shooting 181 for 188 this season. That makes him a solid pick in fantasy basketball lineups as well.

When he's healthy, Lillard is a top-five fantasy player in 9-category value, scoring 37.3 points, 7.6 assists and 4.6 rebounds while shooting a stellar.412 from the field. He's been particularly hot from the charity stripe this season, going an impressive 181 for 188 in his last 16 games.

In addition to being a great scorer, Lillard has been an excellent defender this season. He hasn't allowed a single team to score more than 125 points this season, and he's averaging a whopping 4.2 blocks per game.

This year, the three-point contest was broken into teams. Each group will consist of a different set of sharpshooters. For example, Team Antetokounmpo will have Giannis Antetokounmpo, Alex Antetokounmpo and Thanasis Antetokounmpo while Team Jazz will feature Jordan Clarkson, Collin Sexton and Walker Kessler.

Several other sharpshooters will be participating as well, including Indianapolis' Tyrese Haliburton and Indiana Pacers' Buddy Hield. The list is also rounded out by Miami Heat's Tyler Herro, Sacramento Kings' Kevin Huerter and Utah Jazz's Lauri Markkanen.

As a result of the three-point contest being broken into teams, this year's competition has a wide variety of skill levels. It's the ideal environment for players to put on their best show and impress the crowd.

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