The Mandalorians - Who We Are

The Mandalorians - Who We Are


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Who We Are

The Mandalorians are one of the most feared factions in Star Wars, known for their violent nature. But this warrior-based race is not all alike - there are some individuals that stand out more than others.

Boba Fett is the most infamous member of this group and an undisputed badass. Despite only receiving seven minutes of screentime in the original Star Wars trilogy, Fett has become one of the most recognizable and beloved bounty hunters ever since.

He's had a major impact on the Star Wars universe, especially for young fans. Aside from being an iconic bounty hunter, Fett was also an accomplished Jedi and leader of the Rebel Alliance.

Boba Fett's inspirations came from his father Jango Fett, a member of the Mandalorians and former bounty hunter. While it's uncertain whether Jango was truly a Mandalorian, he certainly proved to be an incredibly strong and determined warrior.

Boba Fett is a family man when not engaged in battle against villains, with an adopted daughter and son named Grogu. Additionally, Boba Fett was orphaned when his parents were killed during the Clone Wars; thus, he has no legal family of his own.

His stoic nature and Spartan warrior culture made him a pivotal leader for the Mandalorians, aiding in their conquest of several worlds while freeing slaves, including those on Iskadrell.

The Mandalorian's armor is an integral part of their culture and heritage, representing both their warrior status and worldview. Their most distinctive cultural features are their battle helmets, chest armor and wrist gauntlets.

Another significant aspect of Mandalorian culture is the practice of rescuing foundlings. If they're orphaned, the Mandalorians will take them in and prepare them to become warriors.

Once they reach maturity, the Mandalorians will continue to train them and use them as soldiers. Furthermore, they'll take them on missions like protecting a Jedi Master or teaching them how to be good, honorable men and women.

The Armorer

Emily Swallow portrays The Armorer, a tribal leader of Mandalorian warriors. Clad in gold helmet and red body armor, this character is an intelligent, patient, and spiritually guided figure for her people. She forges beskar - an iron alloy made by ancient Mandalorean tradition - as part of maintaining their culture.

Emily Swallow plays The Armorer, previously starring as Amara/The Darkness on Supernatural and Kim Fischer on The Mentalist. Aside from acting, Swallow also has a background in directing. She's directed several short films as well as singer-songwriter SZA's music video.

She was nominated for a Primetime Emmy Award for her work on The Mandalorian. As one of many creative minds behind the show, she serves as executive producer alongside Jon Favreau, Dave Filoni, Kathleen Kennedy, Colin Wilson and Carrie Beck.

She stands out from other Mandalorian warriors we've met so far in that she is female and she has a son named Grogu, whom Din Djarin also saved during Season 2.

As Armorer, she is responsible for upholding her tribe of Mandalorians - commonly referred to as "foundlings" due to their adoption by Mandalorian warriors - and providing spiritual guidance. Furthermore, she possesses expertise on beskar, an ancient art form from Mandalorian tradition which she crafts with skill.

Star Wars Insider reports that The Mandalorian's first episode takes place nine years after Star Wars: Episode IV A New Hope, while its second depicts Grogu's rescue. That span in time is particularly large for this particular storyline and suggests that The Mandalorian journey will continue in season 3.

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The Black Panther

The Black Panther is a superhero who represents both the best of Africa and humanity. He's an intelligent leader who stands up against injustices against his people, becoming a beacon of hope for African Americans, especially after President Obama's historic and groundbreaking presidency.

The Black Panther, the first Black superhero to appear in comic books, has undergone an evolution that has transformed him from being a simple relic of his time into an inspiring modern hero who inspires and teaches. It is this journey which has made the Black Panther such a beloved and motivating superhero for new generations of comic book fans.

He was originally created in 1966 by Jack Kirby and Steve Ditko, but didn't become popular until Marvel released Jungle Action in the 1970s. This series attempted to market Black Panther to young adults who were drawn to its tough-as-nails Klan members. Unfortunately, it drew poor sales and soon after was replaced with a self-titled Black Panther comic from Christopher Priest who would go on to revitalize the character.

Priest had the brilliant idea to create an all-female royal guard for T'Challa to protect him, and thus introduced the Dora Milaje into comics history. These highly trained female warriors swear loyalty and honor to serve T'Challa and his nation of Wakanda.

T'Challa, as leader of Wakanda, is responsible for maintaining its wealth and technology by sharing it with the rest of the world. As the Black Panther, he stands up against oppressors like Ulysses Klaue - a black-market arms dealer trying to steal an artifact from Wakanda.

Shuri, T'Challa's younger sister, is an inspiring leader who fights for her people and their future. She dreams of becoming the next Black Panther and finds the key to this ambition in Namor - an underwater creature from Wakanda who gifted her with a bracelet.


Disney+ has revolutionized Marvel Entertainment, bringing their most beloved films and TV shows to streaming. From Saturday-morning cartoons to the newest installments from the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the service has quickly become a one-stop shop for everything Marvel.

While the service currently focuses on the Marvel Cinematic Universe, it also offers a variety of other content like live events and original shows - including the recently released Black Panther: Wakanda Forever.

Angela Bassett, Letitia Wright, Winston Duke and Danai Gurira star in the film which can be streamed in 4K HDR with Dolby Vision, Dolby Atmos and IMAX Enhanced video on compatible displays for $20 from major retailers such as Amazon, Google Play and Vudu.

With its Oscar-nominated cast and broad cultural recognition, the film is sure to be a hit with viewers of all ages. However, be wary of some noteworthy moments which may spark debate.

One of the most polarizing scenes in the film is its mid-credit scene. This powerful moment illustrates how society can become controlled by violence and oppression, making it a little shocking to witness but definitely essential and should not be missed.

It also emphasizes how women have broken through these barriers to become leaders within their communities. Unfortunately, this topic remains relevant today in our society, so let us ensure our women don't remain second-class citizens.

In addition to showing women's strength, the movie also sheds a light on how Wakanda has changed and will continue to evolve over time. After King T'Challa's passing, it is up to Queen Ramonda (Bassett), Shuri (Wright), and M'Baku (Duke) to protect Wakanda and guide its people forward.

For even further exploration of the film, don't miss Voices Rising: The Music of Wakanda Forever, a new documentary series that will honor all music featured in it. Set to debut on Wednesday, February 22nd - it will be the first time ever that Marvel has its own documentary series!

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