The Love Story of Tiffany Haddish and Her Husband William Stewart

The Love Story of Tiffany Haddish and Her Husband William Stewart


The Love Story of Tiffany Haddish and Her Husband A Timeline

Tiffany Haddish is one of today's most-beloved comedians, having made waves as both an actress and comic on Saturday Night Live before publishing a memoir entitled, The Last Black Unicorn.

Haddish has been married and divorced twice, yet still enjoys strong ties to her family. She takes great care in taking care of both her mother and grandmother as well as setting up her siblings in fulfilling lives.

William Stewart

Tiffany Haddish and William Stewart were married for five years but filed for divorce in 2013. According to Tiffany Haddish's 2017 memoir The Last Black Unicorn, she alleges she was subjected to both physical and psychological abuse from William Stewart during their marriage.

Stewart served his country during both World War I and the Spanish Civil War. Later he married Tiffany Haddish.

After their marriage had gone sour, comedian Liz Taylor described in her book how Stewart often engaged in heated arguments and stalked her after their separation.

Haddish eventually separated in 2013, filing for divorce a second time in 2015. Her memoir also alleges that Haddish's former spouse has been acting suspiciously after their breakup.

She further accused him of molestation against both of her children - then 14 and 6 years old at the time. However, according to TMZ, this lawsuit was quickly dismissed by a judge.

Before they began dating officially, Tiffany and Stewart had already been in a relationship. They first made their first public appearance together during an interview on Steve-O's podcast in July 2020.

After Common (real name Lonnie Corant Jaman Shuka Rashid Lynn Jr) filed for divorce, they began dating again shortly thereafter and were first seen together at the Hollywood Bowl in April 2022, later seen hanging out at Stallionaires Pooch's hip hop club in Hollywood Hills.

William Stewart was an MLB player, playing professionally for both the Chicago White Sox and Louisville Colonels before coaching Harvard's baseball team.

While not the greatest player, he was an effective teammate and manager. Furthermore, he became well-known throughout Boston due to his officiating skills.

Passionate about sports, he always sought ways to improve. While summer was baseball season for him, winter featured skating as his chosen activity.

His love of hockey was so deep-seated that in his free time he even served as coach or referee for local amateur teams in his community. Additionally, he was an official member of Massachusetts Hockey Association.


Tiffany Haddish is one of Hollywood's best-known and successful comedic actresses, having appeared in movies such as Girls Trip, Keanu and Night School. Additionally, she hosted Saturday Night Live for five seasons and published her memoir.

She credits the Laugh Factory Comedy Camp with helping her overcome her turbulent upbringing and find peace in life. She even credits it as being instrumental in teaching her to laugh off problems rather than allow them to control her.

Though she has always been very confident in herself and her abilities, the comedian is not without flaws. She has had several failed relationships as well as experiencing some turbulent moments within her marriage.

Before she became famous, she was reported to be involved with early 2000s rapper Chingy and they shared an evening together at a hotel and could often be found together out and about Los Angeles.

No one knew the length of time they had been together; however, they could frequently be seen together around Los Angeles and attended events together.

Common, who is known for his seductive voice and use of social media, was often featured on Haddish's Instagram page and videos. He played an integral part of her social life and was beloved due to his friendly disposition.

At some point, though, they began to drift apart due to distance issues and weren't able to maintain a strong relationship.

The pair parted ways in November 2021 after dating briefly but being unable to make things work due to both of their busy schedules.

After her departure from Common, Haddish quickly found another love interest. In 2020 she dated Pooch, an Australian rapper. Although close, neither individual felt romantic feelings for each other - the relationship quickly disbanded itself.

Tiffany Haddish’s Divorce

Tiffany Haddish is an award-winning actress, comedian, and actor who has appeared in films like Girls Trip and Card Counter as well as comedy specials.

She has since gone on to win several awards and nominations, such as a Primetime Emmy Award for hosting an episode of Saturday Night Live. Additionally, she authored her memoir entitled The Last Black Unicorn as well as becoming a prolific writer and comedian.

Haddish details her troubled marriage to William Stewart in her book. Over their five-year union, there were frequent misunderstandings, disagreements and acts she described as similar to physical abuse.

After filing for divorce twice and then agreeing to separate in 2013, both partners decided they could remain friends while maintaining separate living quarters.

Not long after her breakup with Common, Tiffany Haddish met rapper Common and they quickly developed an attraction before it quickly faded. Unfortunately, in 2021 they parted ways due to "busy work schedules" not allowing enough time and attention for the relationship.

Now, she has been linked with Bitcoin investor Marvin Jones. They were recently seen spending time together at brunch in Studio City, California and are said to have reignited their romance.

As it turns out, their presence together is actually beneficial; it means Haddish has found someone new whom she can lean on for support during a challenging period in her life.

Stewart, 41-year-old former husband of 41-year-old starlet Nicole Richie is in court after alleging that The Last Black Unicorn, Nicole's best-selling biography is filled with falsehoods regarding their marriage.

He alleges that her book's chapter on him (titled "The Ex-Husband") depicted him as an abusive partner and claimed she was pregnant with their child - allegations which he considers false and is now seeking legal redress against. Additionally, he is filing suit for both libel and defamation against her.

The lawsuit names Tucker Max and Simon & Schuster as defendants; court proceedings will start on April 20.

Tiffany Haddish's former husband Stewart has denied all physical abuse allegations made by his former spouse in her book, The Last Black Unicorn. Additionally, he denies causing a miscarriage during their relationship.


Tiffany Haddish and William Stewart tied the knot on one of the best days of her life. The comedian, who had already been married twice before filing for divorce, discussed their marriage in depth in her 2017 memoir "The Last Black Unicorn."

Marriage has long been seen as an institution with multiple functions. From increasing fertility, to strengthening family ties and maintaining social cohesion within communities or clans. Marriage represents a lifelong commitment that often includes legal and financial repercussions.

Some cultures frown upon having sexual relations before marriage for fear that this can reduce fertility or impede it in any way.

Tiffany Haddish and Common, whom had recently parted ways after an initial short marriage, resumed a romantic relationship soon thereafter. Their initial split occurred in 2021 before they quickly reconciled again later on in 2022.

On March 21, they were seen spending time together at a brunch in Los Angeles and were seen together at several events since. According to E! News' report, however, they no longer appear to be in a romantic relationship.

Although their relationship has only become official since 2020, rumors surrounding it date back over a year. A source tells People they may be too busy for serious relationships or cannot spend enough time together to maintain one.

They first started dating in August 2020 after bonding on the set of her film The Kitchen. She confirmed their romance on Steve-O's Wild Ride podcast later in August 2020, later proclaiming it to be "hands down the best relationship I've ever had".

Relationships can be wonderful experiences, yet also challenging at times. Couples may struggle to overcome issues like infidelity, infertility and emotional instability in their partnerships.

There are various means by which these problems may be resolved, including counseling and legal support. Furthermore, it's crucial that each individual understands their personal needs and expectations from potential partners.

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