The Hidden Meaning Behind Offset's Full Back Tattoo of Takeoff

The Hidden Meaning Behind Offset's Full Back Tattoo of Takeoff


The Hidden Meaning Behind Offsets Full Back Tattoo of Takeoff

Offset recently unveiled an elaborate tattoo in memory of his deceased cousin Takeoff from Migos who passed away last November. It's an artistic tribute to Takeoff.

Offset's stunning tattoo is an intricate depiction of Takeoff surrounded by illustrations of space and rocket. A truly gorgeous piece of art that will never leave his skin.

1. It’s a tribute to Takeoff

Offset recently gave fans an exclusive glimpse of his latest artistic expression: a full back tattoo dedicated to Takeoff of Migos. Offset (real name Kiari Kendrell Cephus) took to Instagram and shared two photos revealing this tribute tattoo which features Takeoff surrounded by illustrations depicting space.

Offset posted this photo to Instagram on Saturday, April 15, with the caption, "Love you 4L & after." His 21.4 million followers quickly expressed their sympathy and condolences by leaving comments in response. No doubt Offset is still grieving the death of Takeoff in November 2022.

Offset's latest body art tribute to Takeoff is one way he has shown his respects since his passing. Since his demise, Offset and members of Migos family have inked themselves with tattoos in tribute to him.

Offset got an incredible tattoo to honor Takeoff that features him dressed up with multiple gold chains and black-and-white galaxy prints, along with a rocket and planet to pay his respects.

It's an artistic representation of Takeoff's spirit and will remain as a constant reminder that his death wasn't permanent.

Migos founder Quavo set the groundwork for their sound, and is still widely considered the top member. His skill at rhythm was unparalleled - turning ad-libs into full songs with confidence while letting his own voice take over on stage.

Takeoff sang us all a song we will never forget: "Young N**** Poppin' with a Pocket Full of Cottage/ Whoa, Kemosabe Chopper Aiming at Your Noggin". He may only just be starting out, but his confidence shone through in this performance - something fans will always remember about him.

2. It’s a tribute to Offset

Offset of Atlanta rap trio Migos recently unveiled a stunning tribute tattoo honoring Takeoff, his late cousin and bandmate who passed away. The incredible art piece depicts Takeoff's face surrounded by space on Offset's back; an immaculate piece that will stand the test of time.

Takeoff is commemorated with this full back tattoo as a permanent reminder of his tragic death in November after being shot outside a Houston bowling alley. Kirsnick Khari Ball (Offset's cousin), had been playing dice games with Quavo when gunfire broke out during their game resulting in both headshot and torso shots being fired at 28-year-old Kirsnick.

Since Takeoff's death, his memory has been honored through numerous memorial services and special performances, his own track, "Without You," as well as posthumous verse from Quavo.

Offset took to Instagram on Saturday evening in order to pay his cousin Takeoff tribute with the unveiling of his large back ink featuring his portrait alongside illustrations depicting space travel.

In the first image, Takeoff is featured surrounded by stars and planets on Offset's back while his head features a half-circle of light that forms his halo.

Offset, known by his real name Kiari Kendrell Cephus, uploaded this post to Instagram on April 15 and received over 2 Million likes within just 24 hours!

Offset has long been known for his affinity for body art. But this marks the first time he's made such an important artistic tribute to his deceased cousin.

Offset may have chosen this tattoo of his late cousin as an extra-special way of paying his respects and showing how deeply affected by their passing he was.

On Instagram Stories, Offset gave his Instagram followers a sneak preview of a song featuring posthumous Takeoff verse. Icewear Vezzo and Takeoff traded bars before Offset leapt in with his fiery lyrics of his own.

Offset has been clearly mourning his cousin and bandmate's passing since her tragic passing, yet remains deeply fond of him. He has shared his grief on social media, even seemingly entering an "unhealthy depression". Continuing to grieve his loss is said to leave Offset in a dark place.

3. It’s a tribute to Cardi B

Cardi B and Offset share an enduring romance, having met in 2017 and marrying later that same year. Though their marriage has experienced challenges along the way, it appears they're back on track now.

One way that Offset and Cardi have always expressed their affection has been by getting tattoos together. In fact, for Valentine's Day this year they got matching ones as part of their Facebook Watch series Cardi Tries where she taught Offset how to tattoo.

Cardi has several tattoos that pay homage to others, like one dedicated to her former flame Tommy Geez on her left wrist.

Cardi B has another tattoo displaying an American Sign Language gesture reading "I Love You," showing her love and commitment to family and friends alike. It seems clear she means it!

She learned her hand gesture while growing up with the Bloods gang, showing just how much they meant to her.

She also wears a tattoo dedicated to her late father who died from rare form of cancer in 2009. Although simple in design, the tribute pays a powerful testament to his legacy and their relationship.

Cardi B is no stranger to tattoos; her most intricate piece being an inked flower arrangement that spans from her left side from behind her ribs all the way down her thigh.

Jamie Schene, from Californian artist Jamie Schene used vivid and highly saturated colors to craft this breathtaking tattoo design featuring flowers such as lilies, magnolias and peonies that add an astounding visual impact.

Offset recently inked his back with a large tattoo of Takeoff as a memorial to his late Migos rapper cousin who was shot and killed last November, prompting outpourings of sorrow on social media. Offset posted this beautiful tribute with the caption reading, "Love you 4L& after."

4. It’s a tribute to Migos

Since Takeoff passed, his fans, hip-hop peers and family have expressed their condolences through songs dedicated to him as well as memorial services and sharing messages on social media.

Offset has created an everlasting tribute to Takeoff by getting a massive back tattoo featuring him! On Instagram on Saturday, Offset unveiled a full back image depicting Takeoff that covered most of his back.

Tattoo artist Daniel Peskin created an intricate portrait of Takeoff wearing multiple gold chains surrounded by a galaxy print featuring a rocket and planet. Since its debut last week, this post has amassed more than 1.7 million likes and more than 29,000 comments; Offset shared two photos of his new ink on his Instagram Stories as well.

Offset has long been an avid collector of tattoos, but his latest is truly extraordinary. A striking reminder of Takeoff who was fatally shot outside a bowling alley last November.

Takeoff's death was a tremendous shock to both Migos and its fan base in general, as he and fellow member Quavo had been working on an emotional collaborative project together. Quavo paid his respects by recording "Without You," an emotive song dedicated to Takeoff that acknowledges his lifelong influence on their music making process and their lives together.

Quavo and Offset have shared touching memories of Takeoff through social media posts as well as written a touching poem in memory of him.

Offset was very close to Takeoff throughout his life and his passing has had a tremendous impact on Offset and his family. Since his passing, Offset has expressed how deeply his loss has hurt them both and remains grieving a year later. He has publicly shared that he is still mourning and has not recovered yet from it.

Offset may have released music this spring and performed on Rolling Loud, yet his deep sorrow over his late friend remains evident. This tattoo serves as a beautiful tribute to an extremely talented rap artist while helping Offset through this difficult period.

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