The Future of Hip Hop? Meet Da Baby and Megan Thee Stallion

The Future of Hip Hop? Meet Da Baby and Megan Thee Stallion


Da Baby and Meg The Stallion The Future of Hip Hop


Hip-hop music has undergone many transformations throughout its existence. Beginning as a subculture born out of poverty in The Bronx, it eventually gave way to artists using music to spread positivity, love and happiness through song.

But the genre has evolved into a culture where notoriety and fame are valued more than talent and skill, leading to an emergence of more mumble-rap music styles.

1. Big Ole Freak

Hip-hop appears to be experiencing a revival as many young artists take a novel approach to its genre. Their songs no longer solely consist of rhymed verses over beats; rather they now tell stories with meaning while also addressing social issues.

Hip-hop's origins can be traced to the Bronx, where it was born as an attempt to help disengage youth from poverty and create positive change within communities who had struggled to find their voice. Hip-hop provided the solution.

Hip-hop's early days saw its practitioners not afraid to address injustices within their community and challenge authority figures, even if this meant taking risks that might prove hazardous for themselves personally or potentially even dangerous for hip-hop as a genre. Such actions were necessary in order for hip-hop to flourish.

This genre of music had a dramatic effect on society; for example, 2Pac's song "Keep Ya Head Up" sent out an important message of unity and hope to women experiencing violence and abuse in society.

However, modern hip-hop music is increasingly replacing this genre with an overly commercialized form that may appeal to some listeners but is ultimately destroying its core meaning.

One of the major problems facing modern hip-hop is its rise of cash-grabber rappers who care more about earning big bucks than making quality music. Such rappers tend to be seen more as cash cows than as talents - undermining its image and reputation once held by real hip-hop artists.

Therefore, it's vital that hip-hop artists that possess both talent and dedication are sought out to ensure quality music that has lasting impacts on society. Such artists are those that will take a fresh approach to this age-old art form and help it evolve into something worth listening to over time.

2. Cry Baby

Megan Thee Stallion has rapidly established herself as one of the premier female rappers worldwide, known for her in-your-face attitude and captivating audiences with powerful lyrics.

She recently released her debut album Good News and it has quickly gone triple platinum and sold over 10 million copies worldwide.

She's nominated for best female hip-hop artist at the 2021 BET Awards; additionally her album Good News and video for "WAP" have also been nominated.

She has recently begun working with rapper Da Baby, producing two joint tracks: "Cash S**t" and "NASTY."

This duo have an undeniable rapport and deliver fast, furious raps sure to get the crowd moving.

Future hip hop stars represent an impressive style that will surely endure for decades to come. Their rap skills and commitment to providing high-quality work will only grow more popular as time progresses.

Megan recently unveiled an amusing, toy-themed music video for her collaboration with DaBaby called "Cry Baby." Directed by Colin Tilley, it features some serious twerking action and should definitely not be watched by children!

The dancers featured in this clip offer a fun twisted version of Toy Story; Megan and DaBaby wear various forms of lingerie while partying with their dolls.

This video is sure to entertain, especially for fans of sexy and twerking music! Watch it now by streaming below!

3. Savage

Da Baby has been the subject of considerable debate ever since his debut album's release in 2019. Since then, he has become embroiled in legal matters including shooting at a Walmart store in North Carolina in 2018 which led to a lawsuit being filed. Furthermore, Da Baby faced backlash on social media over his controversial raps and bag fumbles which attracted significant online criticism.

In 2020, he found himself embroiled in yet another legal wrangle when he was detained for one month in Miami on charges of allegedly stealing money from a promoter and was eventually freed after being detained for 30 days.

However, Da Baby still faces several issues in his personal life and has been arrested several times on gun charges. Additionally, he was involved in a shooting incident as well as a viral altercation with his daughter's mother last year.

His latest controversy stemmed from a song called "Boogeyman" on Baby On Baby 2, featuring lyrics that implied he hooked up with Megan Thee Stallion - something which caused an outraged response.

Although she is in a relationship with Pardison Fontaine, she refuses to remain quiet on this matter and instead is spreading a message of body positivity through social media and speaking events.

After her controversy-provoking appearances and speeches, she created the website Bad Bitches Have Bad Days Too to provide resources for women who may be experiencing problems with their bodies and need support services, including free therapy organizations and mental health hotlines.

While fans were unimpressed with the lyrics of Da Baby's song, some created hilarious memes about it. Additionally, within just hours it amassed 58,000 views on YouTube - becoming his most-watched video yet!

4. Big Drank

If you want to understand the future of hip hop, New York City is unquestionably the place to do it. From Bobby Shmurda and Pop Smoke all the way down to newcomers like Shad, NYC has long been producing influential rappers who continue to influence and define today's hip-hop genre.

In this upcoming decade, we will witness an entirely new wave of artists emerge on the scene. Melodic rap will become increasingly popular as songs feature catchy hooks that appeal to listeners' melodies; this trend should bring in new audiences for genre and continue into 2020.

Trap music has quickly become a trending genre, combining elements of dance music with lyrics in an entertaining package. This type of rap can often be found on radio stations and serves to get people dancing!

But this trend can also erode the culture and lyricism of hip-hop music, such as in rapper Pump's song "Gang", with lyrics that are repetitive and nonoriginal.

Listening to this song, it is hard to believe it was produced by a rapper - this is an immense misstep and harms hip-hop's culture and legacy.

Problematic songs in hip-hop history often fail to convey meaningful messages to their listeners; and this trend persists today as well.

Given all of the controversy in the music industry, it's essential that we watch out for musicians that promote positive messages through their music. Young Thug and Future should be on our radar because their songs focus on providing positive reinforcement to an audience.

5. Runnin Up Freestyle

Lil' Kim and Missy Elliot first gained international prominence through their sex-positive songs in the early 2000s, sparking unprecedented buzz around hip-hop female MCs. But eventually due to musical trends and fame cycles, their success eventually diminished, leaving an opening in hip-hop scene for an up-and-comer who could take up where Lil' Kim and Missy left off.

Megan Thee Stallion emerged as an emerging queen on the stage, drawing audiences in with her charisma, lyricism and passion for paying tribute to her Southern roots - qualities which quickly made her an instant fan favourite.

Make It Hot (2017) and Tina Snow (2018) quickly won her new admirers, leading to numerous freestyles. Fever, her latest project, showcases all aspects of her talents - from clever one-liners to hard-hitting rhymes set over Houston-themed beats that pay homage.

"Hood Rat Sh*t" is an impressive example of her swaggering flow capturing the spirit of Pimp C, whom she frequently references for inspiration on various tracks. The song features samples from an 2008 viral video featuring a 7-year-old explaining their desire to do "hoodrat stuff".

Running Up Freestyle is one of her finest freestyles yet, showcasing her impressive stamina as she effortlessly raps over Junior MAFIA's "Get Money" instrumental, creating a smooth yet hard-hitting flow and showing that she knows her way around a freestyle.

Although she is young, she has already proven her versatility. She's released several mixtapes, traveled all around the world, and made her debut appearance at XXL Freshman Cypher 2019. Her talents will undoubtedly rise quickly to prominence over time.

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