The Best Costa Sunglasses For Small Faces

The Best Costa Sunglasses For Small Faces


best costa sunglasses for small faces

Are you searching for sunglasses to protect your eyes from the harsh sun? Look no further than Costa! Their performance-driven eyewear range is perfect for active people who spend time outdoors.

For optimal protection from the sun, opt for glasses with polarized lenses. They filter out harsh yellow and blue light as well as harmful UV rays.

1. Loreto 6S4006 Pilot

The Loreto 6S4006 Pilot is an advanced Costa women-friendly sunglass model featuring a high bridge fit for extra secure and comfortable nose, cheek, and earlobe support. Powered by an innovative vented spring hinge system which maximizes airflow and enhances fit, this frame boasts impressive optical clarity.

These glasses feature an aviator-inspired frame in a variety of colors, such as Ocearch Silver with White Temples and Palladium with Tortoise Temples. You have your pick of glass or plastic lenses for an authentic Costa look.

A properly designed polarized lens eliminates reflected light and increases contrast, making it easier to see beneath the surface. This is especially essential if you're involved in freshwater fishing or working on the water for your livelihood.

Costa's patented 580 polarized lens technology sets itself apart to deliver the clearest sunglasses on the market. Available in glass for superior clarity and scratch resistance or lightweight polycarbonate for impact resistance, these glasses are like seeing in high-definition.

They come in a wide range of styles to fit every face shape, personality and budget. Additionally, you have your choice of lens and frame combinations as well as sizes to meet your individual requirements.

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Costa's Loreto 6S4006 Pilot Aviator-Style Glasses offer an eye-catching futuristic design. Crafted from mixed metal and bioresin materials, they feature adjustable nose pads in a shiny black-on-brown color that will complement any wardrobe while making you stand out from the crowd. Plus, each pair includes an iWear Complimentary Care Kit including a 1 ounce spray bottle, screwdriver and folded microfiber cloth for ultimate convenience.

2. Panga

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The Panga is an ideal costa sunglasses choice for small faces. Crafted from bio-resin-based nylon, its integral hinges ensure lightweight comfort and long lasting performance.

It also comes with a convenient storage case and cleaning cloth. With its polarized lenses, you'll enjoy clear vision for all outdoor activities.

Another benefit of this frame is its thin profile, making it perfect for smaller face sizes. Furthermore, you can choose from an array of color combinations and lens options.

Costa offers a range of lens options as well as frame styles and sizes. You can select between the smaller Fernandina model or larger Panga, both suitable for smaller faces.

The Panga is an ideal option for those seeking a versatile pair of glasses that can be used for both beach activities and sports performance. Its rounded, flat lenses make them a perfect fit for women with small faces, plus its frame is made from eco-friendly bio-resin which helps reduce plastic waste in oceans. Furthermore, its frame is adjustable to accommodate various face shapes and sizes.

3. Whitetip

The Whitetip is a low-profile wraparound style of Costa sunglasses designed to flatter smaller faces and offer an expansive field of vision. These comfortable frames can be customized with single vision, multi-focal, or reading lenses in classic frame colors like Blackout and Matte Gray. Optical spring hinges provide flexibility for wearers with small or medium heads.

Costa offers a diverse selection of styles to meet everyone's requirements. Choose from sporty rimless options for an up-to-date aesthetic or choose a more classic metal frame to frame your face perfectly.

These lightweight frames are constructed from TR-90 nylon material which offers resistance to heat and cold. Not only are they lightweight, but they're also easy to grip for added protection while engaging in outdoor activities.

Costa's frames not only boast superior durability, but they have a luxurious feel as they mold to your face over time. Whether you choose an acetate or nylon frame, you're sure to find a pair that feels great on your head.

Costa's lenses block harsh yellow light and blue light to enhance contrast and color for improved visibility on water, mountains or golf courses. Their 580(r) lens technology reduces glare and enhances clarity to help you see clearly while staying protected from UV rays.

Costa's core collection of sunglasses caters to saltwater anglers, but this brand also offers a diverse selection of designs suitable for people of all ages and activity levels. All are equipped with Costa's polarized 580(r) lenses which reduce haze and enhance clarity and contrast in either glass or polycarbonate frames to meet your personal requirements on the water, slopes or greens.

The Costa Rincon has been a reliable option for years, offering comfort, style, and durability. Its bio-resin frame and integral spring hinges offer secure fit while non-slip flexible rubber tips on the temples ensure secure use in water.

The Rincon also offers the smaller frame size of the Rinconcito, perfect for women with smaller faces. Like its bigger brother, this pair of sunglasses boasts the same high-quality and comfortable features that you'd expect from any Rincon.

4. Fantail

Costa's Fantail is an ideal choice for women who spend a lot of time on the water or who work outdoors. Crafted from lightweight bio-resin material, it features vents to prevent fogging and keep sweat at bay.

For added protection, this model features Hydrolite(r) accents and extended side shields. Plus, there's a hood to block sunlight glare and shield your eyes.

The Fantail comes in a range of frame colors, such as tortoise and black. It can be equipped with either glass or polycarbonate lenses for superior vision clarity and protection from UV rays.

Fantail offers the finest lens options in the industry, whether you prefer polycarbonate or glass. These lenses are less than 1 millimeter thin and boast scratchproof encapsulated mirrors, eight layers of reflective zircon, titanium, and magnesium oxides (on glass lenses only), plus a 100% polarizing film made of pure PVA iodine dye.

These lenses offer 100% protection from harmful UV rays and a premium anti-reflective coating. They come in an array of color specifications as well as polarized versions.

Fantail sunglasses are a favorite among outdoor adventurers and athletes who spend time on the water. Crafted from lightweight acetate, these lenses reduce eye fatigue during long days spent paddling.

Many Costa sunglasses are designed to accommodate a range of head sizes, but the Fantail is tailored specifically for those with more delicate features. Its high nose bridge and narrow frame ensure it won't touch your temples.

Costa offers a comprehensive selection of custom polarized fishing sunglasses designed to meet each fisherman's individual requirements. Their lenses eliminate blue light and enhance color contrast, making it easier to observe details in the water or onboard your boat.

Lenses come in an array of colors, such as green mirror, blue mirror, gray silver mirror and copper silver mirror. These hues make perfect choices for activities such as fishing on open waters with reflection or simply watching the sunset from your porch.

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