The 1975 - I'm in Love With You Lyrics

The 1975 - I'm in Love With You Lyrics


the 1975 im in love with you  lyrics

On their latest album, Being Funny in a Foreign Language, the 1975 released the single "I'm In Love With You," which quickly went viral. The track has an enchanting atmosphere and features Carly Holt - wife of Matt Healy - singing lead vocals.

This song perfectly captures the band's signature sound, which has always been a blend of joy and nostalgia. The lyrics are universally relatable and focus on love and relationships.

I’m in love with you

These days, many songs feature "I'm in love with you" lyrics as a popular way to demonstrate your affection for someone special. These straightforward expressions communicate your true feelings without using metaphors or other complicated language. It's an honest way of conveying how deeply you care about them without using unnecessary phrases or metaphors.

It can also be an enjoyable way to express your emotions. If you are already in a relationship or just starting one, I'm in love with you is an ideal way to show how enthused you are about them and that you want them to know how much you care.

The 1975's Love Song Lyrics

Over their career, The 1975 have released many songs about love and relationships. But some stand out amongst all others. Here are ten of the best:

About You

Fans of The 1975 have always loved this song. It poignantly explores the theme of missing a loved one and how they have affected your life. With Carly Holt's voice featured prominently, it has an enchanting effect and features lead guitarist Adam Hann's wife on lead guitar. It has become one of their classic hits.

About You is the third track on their fifth album Being Funny in a Foreign Language and also its first single. The song has become immensely popular with fans and often gets played on radio stations.

To fully appreciate the sentiment behind this song, one must consider how it was composed. Healy collaborated on it with his dad Tim and mother Denise; it's an incredibly touching composition that shows Healy's devotion to her.

This song has become an international sensation and been covered by many artists. It has achieved global success, winning several Ivor Novello Awards along the way.

Lyrics to "I'm In Love With You" by The 1975

Have you ever experienced being truly in love with someone, then you know it can be an exhilarating time. It is a moment where your feelings for them are completely overwhelming and all that remains is for you to do is hold onto them tightly. This stage in relationships often results in intense physical attraction as well as intense mental attachment - often leading to dreams about them or fantasizing about them endlessly.

You may feel compelled to do all sorts of things in order to get closer to someone, such as going out in public, having coffee with them and so on. But in order for your relationship to thrive, there are a few steps that need to be taken; one being not becoming overly concerned with what others think about you.

To truly savor a relationship, it's essential to prioritize yourself and make sure both parties feel contented. Doing this will increase your confidence level in the relationship and allow the other person to know how deeply you adore them.

The 1975 have crafted many captivating songs over the years, making them a great band to listen to. Their lyrics are clever and they often provoke thought about what is written. Furthermore, they possess impressive musical talent with an appealing sound. No wonder why their music has become so popular - they have had several successful albums throughout their career!

the 1975 milwaukee

The 1975 - Milwaukee Concert Tickets

The 1975 is an English alternative band renowned for their captivating sound and wide appeal to music fans with dark yet youthful themes. Their songs consistently sell out venues around the country.

They're an entertaining group to watch, with frontman Matt Healy putting on an energetic show that often includes dancing and singing.

What to Expect

The 1975 are a British band renowned for their electro-funk music. With millions of fans around the world, The 1975 consistently sells out venues worldwide.

The 1975 are: Matty Healy (vocals), Ross MacDonald (bass), Adam Hann (guitar) and George Daniel (drums). For over a decade they have been touring together and have earned themselves a place among the industry's most reliable acts.

They have five albums to their credit and have achieved numerous hits. Furthermore, their energetic stage show can draw in young fans.

Their shows often include cover songs from other artists as well as original material.

This tour marks the first time they've played Milwaukee since releasing their sophomore album 'I Like It When You Sleep For You Are So Beautiful Yet So Unaware of It' in May 2016. On this journey, they'll perform numerous songs from this record as well as other popular selections.

The 1975 are hitting the road for a tour that includes many of their favorite cities across America. As part of this trek, they'll also be performing new tracks from their upcoming album 'Being Funny in a Foreign Language' during this trek.

On August 8th, tickets for The 1975's tour go on sale! Don't miss this incredible opportunity to see this talented band live!

For those of you not familiar with The 1975, they are a group of four musicians from Manchester, England that has been together for 10 years and has achieved worldwide fame through their distinctive music.

Their music is filled with dark themes of fear, love and sex. Their fan base loves their music and sings along to it at every concert they give.

The 1975 has recently released their second single 'Happiness' from their forthcoming album 'Being Funny In a Foreign Language.' Soon they will announce tour dates and the release of their new album. Beginning November 12th, The 1975 will kick off their North American tour visiting some of music's iconic venues across both Americas and Canada.


Last night, The 1975 made their first stop on their 'At Their Very Best' world tour in Connecticut, debuting three new songs and an incredible live show. Check out the setlist and reaction below, plus buy tickets for The 1975's next show near you here at Vivid Seats!

This one-off concert was a sold out success, drawing 54,000 fans. Alan Borsuk - a Marquette law fellow and veteran education reporter - wrote a glowing review in The Marquette Law Journal praising the band for delivering "the best concert they'd ever played".

On this memorable night, Bruce had placed blue folding chairs on the floor during their opening number. As soon as they left the stage, these seats were torn into pieces, leaving behind a trail of blue debris across the stage.

Highlights included "Incident On 57th Street" and the thrilling final two-song encore of "Back In The U.S.A." and "For You".

Brucebase reader Paul attended the show and recalls two or three men dressed as monks in the audience with Friar Tuck haircuts and wearing robes in white and brown. During one song, one of these guys came onstage and gave Bruce his knotted girth rope.

Springsteen's performance was an unqualified hit, lasting 160 minutes - including several tracks from 'Born To Run' as well as the setlist that would later appear on his 'Talent & Feeling' tour poster.

This setlist was sourced from video and newspaper reviews, though it may not reflect the correct order. It includes a brief excerpt of "Theme From Shaft" during the middle section of the opening song as well as several sax solos.

The concert featured a number of classic songs, such as "Tenth Avenue Freeze-Out", "It's Gonna Work Out Fine" and "Wear My Ring Around Your Neck". Furthermore, Roy and Bruce performed an exquisite solo piano version of "For You" during the middle section.

Tour Dates

The 1975 have announced a tour that kicks off in November and takes them across America and Canada. These dates are part of their "At Their Very Best" tour, so make sure you grab your tickets to witness these performances before they're all gone!

On November 3rd, the band will kick off their fall tour at Mohegan Sun Arena in Uncasville, Connecticut. Other stops on their itinerary include Madison Square Garden in New York, The Anthem in Washington D.C., State Farm Arena in Atlanta and The Forum in Los Angeles.

In the middle of their tour, The 1975 will be traveling to Mexico City and back to America for concerts in Phoenix and Las Vegas. These shows provide fans with a rare chance to catch them before they embark on another world tour for their new album release.

The 1975 are renowned for their own distinct brand of music. They take great pride in writing and producing all of their own songs, always eager to perform them for an audience.

On October 14th, their latest album 'Being Funny in a Foreign Language' was released and they will be touring around the country this fall to support it. Along for this tour they bring along their newest single "Happiness," which you can listen to below.

At this concert, the band will perform all of their greatest hits. Expect classics like "Born to Run," "I Want You," and "Hang on Sloopy."

At the conclusion of his show, Healy will ask the audience to help him select a song they'd like to hear from the band again and vote on which version is best. This is an integral part of the experience as it allows members of the band to get acquainted with their audience members and their tastes.

In addition to their setlist, The 1975 will also be performing some special surprises throughout the show. These will include a guest appearance by Bob Dylan who will be celebrating his 61st birthday that day.


For over a decade, The 1975 have been touring and scoring hits like "Somebody Else" and "Chocolate." Their latest album has been hailed as one of their best yet, so you shouldn't miss seeing them live! Tickets for their upcoming Milwaukee show can be obtained through Vivid Seats.

George Daniel, Matt Healy, Adam Hann and Ross MacDonald formed The Band in 2002 while still students at Wilmslow High School in England. Since then they've become a popular act and released their self-titled debut in 2013.

Since then, they've been on tour. Every show they put on leaves you with a sense of anticipation and suspense.

At their concert, The 1975 use a lot of smoke and light to set the atmosphere. Their performance is highly energetic and you won't regret going to see them perform live!

I've attended multiple shows by The 1975, and they are always incredible. They engage with their crowd by singing along, using huge LED screens with beautiful graphics to set the atmosphere.

Their songs may be slower-paced, but they keep you engaged throughout the entire song. Additionally, the lighting is different than what one might find at a typical band performance.

Matt Healy, the front man of the band, was an entertaining and cool character. He cares deeply about his fans and ensures they have a great time. Even had a girl accompanying him who was so sweet!

For dance music fans, The 1975 is a band you should check out live! Their sound is an eclectic blend of pop, rock and funk that will have you moving along with them all night long! Their members are experienced musicians who know how to play together harmoniously. Guaranteed to keep you dancing and singing along all night long!

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