The $9 Million SEC Files Complaint Against Andrew Cuomo

The $9 Million SEC Files Complaint Against Andrew Cuomo


The 9 Million SEC Files Complaint Agains Whats Andrew Cuomos Next Move

In August, former Democratic party boss Andrew Cuomo resigned as New York's governor amid sexual harassment allegations that were deemed credible by state Attorney General Letitia James. With such a heavy public backlash to bear, impeachment proceedings appeared inevitable for him and it could have had an immense impact on his reputation.

He's since attempted to repair his image by appearing at Black churches and spending $16 million in campaign cash on TV ads. Nonetheless, it appears unlikely that he will run for office again anytime soon.

What’s Next for Andrew Cuomo?

Since his departure from the governor's mansion last year, Andrew Cuomo has been actively seeking a political comeback. He launched a podcast, formed a political action committee and even ran television ads that painted him as the victim of a smear campaign. But unlike most misbehaving politicians seeking redemption, Cuomo isn't following the typical path.

Insiders report that Cuomo does not feel any shame over his sexual harassment allegations, despite public appearances to the contrary. Instead, he regrets losing his job and regrets not fighting harder for it; additionally, he feels his reputation has been damaged by overzealous participation in #MeToo activism, according to sources.

His unwillingness to apologize or beg for forgiveness is evident in a recent Daily News opinion article that challenges some of the accusations made against him. Furthermore, he has spent $60,000 on Facebook ads to promote that piece.

The article speculates that there was an overabundance of enthusiasm within the #MeToo movement which contributed to the high number of women accusing Cuomo of sexual harassment. Furthermore, it notes that New York attorney general's investigation into these claims was flawed and suppressed evidence.

Under the supervision of attorney general Letitia James, an investigation was launched which revealed Cuomo had sexually harassed at least 11 women - including a state legislator. But Cuomo has maintained these accusations were predetermined by James, who at the time was considering running for governor.

This week, a report from the state Comptroller's office and another investigation by the Assembly reinforced this conclusion, prompting Nnaemeka to urge lawmakers to reinstate impeachment proceedings against Cuomo.

He has dismissed the investigations as politically motivated and asserted that his administration undercounted nursing home deaths during the pandemic, a claim supported by the latest report from the state ethics commission. Additionally, he is fighting a court order which would seize millions of dollars he earned from writing and promoting a book about his leadership during the crisis.

He has not declared his candidacy for statewide office yet and is unlikely to run in the upcoming election, but insiders say he always had his sights set on either Congress or a state Senate seat. Most New York Democrats see him as an underdog candidate; however, he could challenge incumbent Kathy Hochul in a primary.

The $9 Million SEC Files Complaint Agains

Bloomberg reports that despite the recent spate of investigations into the former governor's past, Cuomo remains confident his reputation and chances for reelection in 2020 remain intact. Since resigning in July 2021, he has spent nearly $2 million - most of it on attorneys fees - and Bloomberg anticipates him making a political comeback at some point.

One of the latest allegations is a lawsuit from Sarah Bennett, a former senior health policy adviser, alleging Cuomo molested her in 2020 at the state Executive Mansion. Both she and her lawyer have promised to fight this case.

Bennett asserts she immediately complained to then-chief of staff Judith DesRosiers about Cuomo's alleged behavior. However, Bennett claims DesRosiers transferred her to an inferior position on Cuomo's health policy team. Additionally, Bennett alleges DesRosiers violated state policy by failing to refer Bennett's sexual harassment complaint to the Government Office of Employee Relations.

Cuomo's claim could be difficult to refute, as he has never admitted touching Bennett. His lawyers have made several briefings recently asserting Attorney General Letitia James conducted an unfair investigation and her findings are unreliable.

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What’s Andrew Cuomo’s Next Move?

Andrew Cuomo, who resigned from office in August 2021 due to sexual harassment allegations, remains unknown. Though he's been out of the public eye for some time, he occasionally makes public appearances and runs ads that portray him as the victim of political smear campaigns.

The Democratic leader, who has been a prominent figure in New York politics since his father Mario Cuomo became governor in 1983, is considering running for office again but hasn't officially declared anything yet. Recently he's made some brief appearances at Black and Hispanic churches to deliver speeches with civil rights references.

He's also launched his own podcast and political action committee, potentially the first steps toward a possible comeback bid. But the former governor isn't following the traditional path for misbehaving politicians seeking redemption, and isn't worried that stance will cost him listeners on his new podcast.

Cuomo still has not declared his intentions regarding running for office; if he wishes to bypass the Democratic primary and run as an independent candidate in November, he needs enough signatures on a petition. Unfortunately, that process has yet to yield any results and it remains unclear whether he plans on running for governor or another political office.

No way is it likely he'll win that election either, as Cuomo's record makes it unlikely he can overcome fellow Democrat Kathy Hochul for governor.

Cuomo's legacy has been marred by other scandals that accompanied his tenure, such as allegations he concealed the number of New Yorkers who died in nursing homes and undercounted COVID-19 deaths in a book he wrote about the pandemic. A report released recently by both the state Comptroller's office and an Assembly investigation both found evidence to support these assertions.

Cuomo has several options that may suit him, but it appears his best path back to political power lies within the private sector. As a lawyer, Cuomo could easily transition into that role by offering consulting services or representing clients.

Will Andrew Cuomo Run for Office?

Cuomo has a distinguished career in public service, having served as both New York's attorney general and gubernatorial candidate. As governor, he was instrumental in passing many landmark laws such as marriage equality and banning fracking in the state; additionally, he implemented a $15 minimum wage and free college tuition for middle class families.

He was an effective administrator of the state's finances, capping property taxes at 2 percent and introducing a groundbreaking shared services initiative. Furthermore, he championed gun safety initiatives and worked to guarantee all New Yorkers access to health care.

After last year's exit and subsequent scandals - including sexual harassment allegations - some political analysts believe he should focus on rebuilding his image and finding a job in the private sector rather than returning to office. Indeed, many within the New York Democratic Party are hoping Cuomo will stay out of politics altogether.

Cuomo has reportedly had conversations with his inner circle about running for office, yet he's largely avoided making public statements that would indicate whether or not he would seek to return to his old job. According to sources at CNBC, his aides have been conducting internal voter polling and some of his supporters are encouraging him to make a run.

According to those close to the former governor, he has access to an abundance of resources for running for office. This includes a substantial war chest and an experienced team. Furthermore, his network of friends and advisers are invaluable in navigating the complexities of running for office in such difficult states like Michigan.

He enjoys a strong support base among progressive voters who are dismayed with the current state of the nation. They want an elected leader who can address their needs and make tough decisions when necessary.

As governor, Cuomo has been a national leader and set the example for how progressive effective government works in New York State. He has made the state an example of fiscal responsibility by cutting taxes and investing in critical infrastructure projects. Through these actions, he has delivered on his promises of increased prosperity, enhanced education, and strengthened communities throughout New York State.

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