Thank God I Do Official Lyric Video by Lauren Daigle

Thank God I Do Official Lyric Video by Lauren Daigle


Lauren Daigle  Thank God I Do Official Lyric Video

Two-time GRAMMY Award winning artist Lauren Daigle has released the official lyric video for her new single "Thank God I Do." The touching piece comes from her forthcoming self-titled album due out May 12 via Atlantic Records/Centricity Music.

Daigle emphasizes the significance of finding God in her life throughout this song, noting that being with Him makes everything feel complete and manageable.


Two-time Grammy winner Lauren Daigle has released her first single of the year - the piano-driven emotional ballad "Thank God I Do" from her forthcoming fourth full-length album. According to reports, it is getting heavy rotation on contemporary Christian music station K-LOVE and should leave fans eager for what's next.

Recently, the Louisiana native announced her signing to Atlantic Records and longtime label home Centricity Music. To create her next-level project, Grammy Award-winning producer Mike Elizondo (Twenty One Pilots, Mary J. Blige, Fiona Apple) joined forces. The 20-song eponymous release will be split into two parts with the first ten songs hitting stores May 12th and the rest following later this year.

Fans should be eagerly awaiting what's to come from multi-platinum selling singer, songwriter and actress Natalie Hemby on her new album. With co-writes from some of Nashville's renowned songsmiths like Natalie Hemby and Shane McAnally, fans are sure to be satisfied with what the new release has in store.

Additionally, it features the first lyric video dedicated to her name which is sure to excite fans of the Louisiana native. Notably, the clip displays "Thank God I Do" in all its splendor.

The most remarkable aspect of the video is how it uses advanced video technology to bring the lyrics alive onscreen with stunning detail and clarity - so much so that they appear right there on your monitor! This truly remarkable feat should be applauded as a work of art. The lyric video can be viewed via the artist's official YouTube page along with a short behind-the-scenes documentary video about its creation.


Two-time GRAMMY(r) Award-winning singer and songwriter Lauren Daigle returns with her first new music since 2018's platinum-certified album Look Up Child. Her Thank God I Do Official Lyric Video showcases a piano-driven emotional ballad that promises to get listeners excited for her forthcoming eponymous album due out May 12 via Atlantic Records/Centricity Music.

This joyful single from her forthcoming album is an inspiring testament to God as the one who makes life more manageable and complete. "Thank God I Do" conveys how finding Him can be like finding an anchor - a source of comfort and protection that leaves the singer feeling secure.

Daigle's voice shines brightly throughout the song as she expresses how confident and contented she feels in her relationship with God after facing some difficult obstacles. She sings, "When I reflect on where I've been and where I'm going, I know there's someone out there who loves me and keeps me going. I can't wait to see what He has planned for me and my future."

In the second verse of this powerful piano-driven track, Daigle sings: "I feel at home with you; there's nothing left unsaid. I feel at peace when I'm with you."

She goes on to describe how she has been struggling with feelings of loneliness and isolation after being apart from her partner for a year. "It's been so difficult not knowing where I stand with him - or whether or not he will be there when the time comes," she shares.

On her new release, Natalie Hemby explores every side of herself - showcasing her stunning voice, powerful storytelling ability and amazing musicality from New Orleans roots. Backed by an award-winning production team led by Mike Elizondo (Twenty One Pilots, Mary J. Blige, Fiona Apple, Carrie Underwood), it features co-writes from Natalie Hemby, Shane McAnally, Amy Wadge, Lori McKenna Jason Ingram and Jon Greene to name a few.

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Two-time Grammy(r) winner Lauren Daigle is back with a brand-new song. This piano-driven emotional ballad serves as the first single from her upcoming album, which will be released in two parts: 10 songs will be available to stream starting May 18th while the remainder of the disc will follow later this summer.

Fans of Louisiana-born singer-songwriter, "Thank God I Do" marks a welcome return to form following her critically acclaimed 2018 album, Look Up Child. This record produced platinum-certified single "You Say," and saw the singer break several Billboard chart records along the way. Additionally, she continues to dedicate time away from performing to work with at-risk youth and those in need through her nonprofit organization The Price Fund.

In her thank-God-I-Do lyrics, the singer describes how having a relationship with God has made her life lighter and more contented. While it took some time to reach this place, she feels as if her life has been restored once again.

The lyric also mentions God as her anchor, providing security and protection. She turns to Him when she needs a guiding light or someone to lean on in dark times for guidance.

Lauren Daigle is a modern day Christian music legend and her latest album has made multiple records on Billboard charts, debuting at no. 3 on the Top 200 Albums chart and breaking multiple sales records along the way.

This project, produced by Grammy(r) winning producer Mike Elizondo (Twenty One Pilots, Mary J. Blige, Fiona Apple), showcases some of Nashville's premier songsmiths alongside Natalie Hemby and Shane McAnally. With 20 songs totaling nearly three hours in length, Daigle's ability to captivate listeners across genres is undeniable.


If you're a fan of contemporary Christian singer-songwriter Lauren Daigle, then you'll want to know about her new album and single "Thank God I Do." The two-time GRAMMY Award winner's self-titled project will be released in May and she is also debuting her first single on Atlantic Records.

In the song, she speaks about a powerful force in her life that motivates her. It's something she often speaks about in her music and says keeps her focused on the big picture rather than getting bogged down by small issues.

Her latest single is a piano-driven emotional ballad that showcases Daigle's captivating vocal performance. Her fans are sure to love this track - and you can check it out on streaming services now.

The single is taken from her upcoming fourth full-length album, her first since 2018's chart-topping "Look Up Child." Due out May 12th, it includes the new single "Thank God I Do."

Daigle dedicates her free time to spreading the gospel through her work with at-risk youth and The Price Fund. Additionally, she educates young people about music.

She's a multiplatinum-selling artist who has made waves in contemporary Christian music, with her soulful voice and cheerful demeanor being praised. Additionally, she's an engaging speaker and author.

Despite her success, she remains a child of God who believes in making meaningful connections with others. She's learned that true ministry occurs when she opens her heart to her listeners and invites them into her story.

Her story has transcended boundaries and touched people all around the world. Her songs have filled voids in listeners' hearts with truth and hope.

Daigle's music inspires people to pursue a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ. It serves as an inspiring reminder that there is something better out there for everyone - yet also a reminder that the world isn't perfect and patience must be exercised while waiting on God's timing.

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