#TaylorSwift - Lavender Haze Behind The Scenes

#TaylorSwift - Lavender Haze Behind The Scenes


Taylor Swift  Lavender Haze Behind The Scenes

#TaylorSwift - Lavender Haze Behind The Scenes

Taylor Swift has given her fans an exclusive behind the scenes look at her latest music video, Lavender Haze. The clip stars Dominican model Laith Ashley as Swift's love interest.

The clip features trippy set pieces and a psychedelic vibe, alluding to aspects from Swift's era such as her lucky number (13).

Behind the Scenes

Taylor Swift releases a music video every few months. Filming, making of the song and producing of the video are just part of what goes into creating such an effective post-video marketing campaign for both.

Taylor Swift's Lavender Haze video is like a fever dream of sorts. With shades of lavender ranging from the purple smoke Swift dances in to flowers growing in her living room, the video has an 80s vibe.

Taylor Swift often employs color to create a particular atmosphere in her music videos, particularly Lavender Haze which she describes as "1970s fever dream."

Today, Taylor Swift released the teaser for her Lavender Haze music video, giving fans a taste of what can be expected from this track off her tenth studio album. Set in a bedroom and featuring Taylor wearing a lavender shirt as she sits on bed and dances amidst purple smoke, the video offers viewers an exclusive first look at this captivating track.

Fans will want to watch out for an Easter egg in the video: a record called "Mastermind" appears with two constellations on its cover - Sagittarius and Pisces, representing Taylor and Joe Alwyn, her longtime boyfriend.

Another unique Easter egg is the recurring koi fish featured in several of her videos. This may be an allusion to a guitar she used while on tour during Speak Now period.

In addition to these two obvious clues, fans have also noticed a few other things in the video. These include a Speak Now guitar, an Alice in Wonderland-like tea party and a photo of Swift's grandmother Marjorie.

All these reasons to be excited for Taylor Swift's Lavender Haze music video, due to be released at midnight. This marks her third video from Midnights, following "Anti-Hero" and "Bejeweled," with the song having already spent 13 weeks at the top of Billboard Hot 100 chart.

Filming the Video

Taylor Swift recently unveiled the music video for her latest single, "Lavender Haze." This marks the first official visual from her record-breaking 10th album Midnights and features psychedelic and surreal elements throughout. Additionally, Dominican-American model Laith Ashley stars as Swift's love interest.

In the opening scene of her video, Swift is seen in her bedroom drawing a hand across her lover's back to reveal a series of star constellations. After this, the singer moves into their bed as an incense-scented plume of lavender smoke billows out from beneath her sheets.

Fans were quick to point out how closely this scene resembled the beginning of her 2006 self-titled debut album's video for "Our Song," which featured her getting a blue pedicure. Fans noticed her lucky 13 on the back of her hand in both videos, so it's not surprising to see it referenced again here.

This video perfectly encapsulates the singer's new aesthetic, which combines sultry scenes with cozy settings to create an "unsleepable" atmosphere. Additionally, it boasts an atmospheric soundtrack and plenty of purple-hued settings.

In the music video, Swift displays several seductive moments, such as dancing in violet smoke at a house party and swimming in a milky lavender bath. She also appears floating on a cloud surrounded by twinkling koi fish. To date, it has amassed over 11 million views and is now the most-watched music video on YouTube as of Jan. 30, 2023.

In addition to its stunning music, the video also serves as a positive representation of the LGBTQ community. The singer's love interest is transgender man and it's an honor for him to be cast in such an important role.

The singer has taken great care in making this music video. She took time to film it with Ashley, making sure he wasn't treated as just another model.

Ultimately, the "Lavender Haze" video is one of her most successful musical videos to date. It takes on a literal interpretation of the song's title with a retro vibe, while surreal elements add an air of freshness and dreaminess to the production. Unfortunately, there's no plot-driven focus here and overall visual impact isn't quite up to par like her previous videos have had.

Music Video Soundtrack

Taylor Swift fans have been eagerly awaiting the release of her Lavender Haze music video at midnight. She teased it a day earlier with an Instagram post saying, "Meet me at midnight for the Lavender Haze music video premiere (!!!!!!!!").

Swift has always been known for her quick releases of content, and this trend continues with her latest music video. Directed by Swift herself and featuring Swift in a series of purple-hued settings, the clip was released at midnight on January 27.

Swift always includes some fun Easter eggs in her videos. At 2:43, there appears to be a nod to "Glitch." Additionally, some fans are speculating that this video may her re-releasing of Speak Now, her third studio album.

Swift has always enjoyed mystifying her fans with hidden meanings in her music videos. Her previous Midnights videos, "Anti-Hero" and "Bejeweled," both featured intriguing storylines with plenty of unexpected turns.

Her new music video for "Lavender Haze" features artistically distinct scenes. From dancing in violet smoke at a house party to swimming in a milky lilac bath, the video's captivating visuals will have fans daydreaming about both the past and future.

The video's dramatic peak occurs during the song's second chorus, where Swift's blue eyes and dark lipstick stand out against a lavender-hued pool filled with flowers. This brief scene serves as a fitting visual representation of Swift's upbeat lyrics.

But that's not all; Swift also gives a nod to marijuana in the video. At one point, she blows an eerie purple ring of smoke that has fueled some fan theories that she may have entered her stoner phase.

The song itself is about her relationship with Joe Alwyn and how she's trying to ignore the online and tabloid scrutiny they endure. It's a romantic tune inspired by an expression used in the 1950s to describe being in love, which meant something special to her since she learned it from Mad Men.

Music Video Production

Taylor Swift's music video for "Lavender Haze" is a stunning combination of visuals and atmosphere. Director Rina Yang expertly lensed this captivating clip, which takes us on an idyllic journey through lavender-hued environments.

Swift wakes up alongside her lover, transgender model Laith Ashley De La Cruz. As they share a bed in an ethereal bedroom, smoke appears from the bed and walls start blooming with purple lavender flowers as Swift sings her song. Additionally, there are Easter eggs throughout the video such as references to other songs on Midnights and koi fish (something featured on Swift's guitar during her Speak Now tour).

Producing a music video is an intricate endeavor that requires collaboration from multiple parties. To begin, sketch out a storyboard to visualize each shot of your video.

Once you know the pace and tone, you can decide how flashy effects and color grading should be used and how these will enhance the video's story and message.

Once you've created a storyboard, it's time to put your plans into action. Hire the necessary personnel such as a director, cinematographer, lighting designer and sound technician who can make your vision come true.

As a music video producer, your job is to craft and produce visuals that accurately reflect the artist's vision. This means working closely with them on everything from storyline development and aesthetic choices for the video.

Your ideas for the video should have a clear purpose and appeal to both fans and those who don't follow the artist. Furthermore, they should be creative, expressive of the artist's personality.

Before beginning the production, it's essential to create a budget that meets the demands of the artist, record label and audience. This will determine the size of the crew and what equipment is necessary.


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