Tattoo Shops Near Me Pittsburgh PA

Tattoo Shops Near Me Pittsburgh PA


tattoo shops near me pittsburgh pa

Pittsburgh boasts an array of tattoo shops, from traditional to contemporary and each with their own distinct style.

Before getting a tattoo in Pittsburgh, it's essential to find a reliable shop with an impressive design. Hoodline did some digging and found some of the top tattoo spots using both Yelp data and our own proprietary formula - producing an extensive list of highly-rated studios.

In the Blood Tattoo

Pittsburgh's tattoo industry is flourishing, offering plenty of highly rated studios to choose from. To find the top spots for custom tattoos in town, we used Yelp data and our own special sauce to identify the top places to get inked up!

One of the more unique shops is In the Blood Tattoo, offering various price plans for various designs. Not only that, but the studio also provides piercing services and boasts talented artists ready to put their artistic skills on your body.

In The Blood Tattoo is an ideal choice for those seeking their first tattoo, boasting high-quality art that's sure to please everyone with its impressive design. Its experienced artists use only quality materials, ensuring your body remains protected from infection.

They offer an array of tattoo styles, such as Japanese, American traditional and portraits - all in a clean and comfortable environment.

If you're searching for a custom tattoo or something simpler, In the Blood Tattoo can deliver an eye-catching design that will last years to come. Visit them at their South Side location or book an appointment online to begin getting your perfect tattoo today!

Carson Street Tattoo has earned five stars from Yelpers for its excellent customer service and high-quality tattoos. With years of experience under their belts, these artists can take your ideas and turn them into a reality.

Their designers will collaborate with you to find the ideal design for your next tattoo, so that it looks amazing on your body. Furthermore, their artists are happy to discuss all of their custom tattoo options, so feel free to ask any questions.

Tattoos that stand the test of time and tell a tale are the best kind. In The Blood Tattoo offers high-quality designs crafted by some of Atlanta's most experienced artists, so you can rest assured your new design will look fantastic on your skin.

Gypsy Tattoo Parlor

Tattoos are an excellent way to express yourself, but you should ensure you pick a shop with impeccable cleanliness and friendliness. Furthermore, look for one with an established reputation for excellent tattoo artists.

Pittsburgh offers several tattoo shops where you can get your design customized. Popular options include South Side Tattoo, Inka Dinka Doo, Jester's Court Tattoos and Wyld Chyld Tattoo.

Another popular option is Gypsy Tattoo Parlor, located at 15224 Penn Ave. This Romani-owned tattoo parlor is renowned for its custom designs and experienced artists.

Gypsy Tattoo and Piercing offers a selection of permanent cosmetics and black-and-white portraits. If you're searching for a Japanese-style tattoo or black-and-white portraits, Gypsy has got what you need.

Yang Zhen Lee, 30, has been a tattoo artist at Gypsy Tattoo Parlor for four years and has an aesthetic style characterized by organic imagery and thin, delicate lines. While inking, she strives to instill "a sense of peace".

This tattoo shop near me is an ideal option for those who don't fear bold and vibrant inks. It's a small, intimate shop that provides friendly service and welcomes all with open arms.

If you're in Lawrenceville, Central Lawrenceville's Gypsy Tattoo Parlor has earned 4.5 stars out of 5 stars on Yelp with 47 reviews. This shop is a favorite among locals and features four featured artists.

Learn about them and view their artwork on the shop's website or Instagram account. Additionally, the tattoo shop occasionally hosts traveling artists from other cities.

In addition to tattoos, this place also has a cafe where you can grab coffee while waiting. It's an entertaining and unique experience that's sure to keep you coming back for more.

Low Card Tattoo Studio's owners are friendly and eager to collaborate with you to design the ideal tattoo. Though located in an unassuming shopping plaza, their artists are highly talented in creating stunning tattoo designs. You can book an appointment beforehand to discuss all of your design choices in detail.

Pittsburgh Tattoo Company

Tattooing is an ideal way to express yourself or commemorate a significant event on your body. Pittsburgh offers plenty of amazing tattoo shops where you can get inked with either a quote or more intricate designed sleeve!

When searching for the perfect tattoo design in Pittsburgh, make sure you find a shop with experienced artists who possess the necessary skill sets. While many tattoo studios in Pittsburgh are highly reputable, you may also come across younger or lesser-known talent that can help create the ideal design.

One of the best ways to find a quality tattoo artist is by reading reviews online and on social media platforms. Additionally, you can view pictures of their work to determine if they are suitable for you.

Popular Pittsburgh tattoo parlors have been around for years and have earned a reputation for providing top-quality work. Some of the well-known shops include South Side Tattoo, Inka Dinka Doo, Jester's Court Tattoos, and Gypsy Tattoo Parlor.

Black Cat Tattoos has been a go-to spot among Pittsburghers since 2009. This popular parlor offers customers the perfect place to get their first tattoo or build an impressive collection.

Black Cat Tattoo artists are passionate about helping you get the perfect tattoo. With years of experience, they can craft a one-of-a kind design that you'll treasure for life.

They provide various price plans for their customers, so you're sure to find one that's affordable and fits into your budget. Plus, sign up for their newsletter to stay informed on promotions and events.

Black Cat Tattoos not only offers amazing artwork, but they also provide piercings and skin care products. You can trust them for quality tattoos and body piercings in an inviting environment.

With Giftly, you can purchase a gift card to any of these Pittsburgh tattoo studios on-the-go. Whether they prefer email or text delivery, or you prefer having it printed at home and delivered by post, there's no limit to what kind of gesture you can show your loved one!

The Pittsburgh Tattoo Studio

Pittsburgh Tattoo Studio is an upscale tattoo shop near me in Pittsburgh PA that provides both tattooing and piercing services seven days a week. Their relaxing atmosphere and talented artists complement their range of price plans so you can get the perfect design on your skin.

At The Pittsburgh Tattoo Studio, the tattooers are highly experienced and can create any design on your skin. From fine line lettering to intricate custom pieces, their skilled artists will take time to make sure your tattoo remains a work of art that you will proudly display for years to come.

Visit this tattoo shop by appointment or drop-in. They are open seven days a week and have several experienced artists on staff so you can find one to suit your needs.

They offer a range of designs on their website and Instagram page so you can browse what they have to offer before making a decision. Furthermore, you can sign a digital waiver and pay a deposit online before receiving your tattoo.

Since 1991, this tattoo shop has been recognized for their stunning designs and talented artists. Additionally, they take time to listen to their customers' stories so that their tattoos reflect each individual's taste and personality.

Their artists offer a range of styles, such as Japanese, Asian and traditional. They can create anything from an intricate ankle tattoo to an extensive back tattoo.

On the South Side of Chicago, this tattoo shop has become a must-stop for both locals and tourists. Owned and operated by its family for over three decades, this business continues to draw in clients from all over.

The owners of this tattoo shop are incredibly friendly and offer various price plans so customers can get exactly what they want on their body. Plus, they carry an impressive selection of jewelry to complete your look!

When selecting a tattoo shop in Pittsburgh, there are plenty of options to choose from. Hoodline has put together this list of the top tattoo shops so that you can easily locate an excellent place for getting ink.

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