Tattoo Shops Near Me in New York City

Tattoo Shops Near Me in New York City


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Tattoo Shops Near Me in New York City

If you're searching for a place to get inked in New York City, there are plenty of options. Each location boasts experienced artists and clean spaces that adhere to social distancing guidelines; additionally, each has an inviting atmosphere that sets it apart from others.

Grit N Glory is more than just a tattoo shop - it's an entire lifestyle brand that fuses tattooing with rock music. Established by NY Ink star Megan Massacre, this parlor is renowned for its vibrant illustrative artwork.

Kings Avenue Tattoo

Kings Avenue Tattoo, situated in Massapequa, NY and founded by Mike Rubendall, offers custom tattoos that excite and delight their customers.

Kings Avenue Tattoo Studio boasts an impressive roster of resident and guest artists that specialize in various styles. Each tattoo is expertly crafted using various techniques to produce one-of-a kind artwork.

King's Avenue is a hub of artistic culture, where their team of artists strive to create an inviting atmosphere for clients. Owner and artist Mike Rubendall has been tattooing for over ten years, with the mission to offer each client an exceptional experience.

In addition to their incredible artists, the shop also stocks top-quality products and an assortment of ink colors. All tools used here are sterilized so you can rest assured your tattoo will be safe and effective.

Their talented and experienced team of artists will collaborate with you to craft a stunning piece that you'll treasure for years. Choose from their wide selection of styles to find something that flatters both your skin tone and personality.

Kings Avenue Tattoo is renowned for their intricate and detailed tattoo designs, which have been featured in national publications like Huffington Post, Thrillist, USA Today, and Spike TV's Ink Master show. Kings Avenue Tattoo takes great pride in their professionalism and are always ready to answer any queries or worries that you may have.

Hunter Schuon began his tattooing career on the Lower East Side of Manhattan and worked at First Class Tattoo and Three Kings Tattoo before joining Fountainhead in 2019. Well-versed in a variety of styles, Hunter enjoys working on Neotraditional, Illustrative, Black & Grey, Realism, Dotwork, Fineline work as well as other designs!

Daredevil Tattoo

Brad Fink and Michelle Myles founded Daredevil Tattoo in 1997, becoming a go-to spot for those seeking their next tattoo. Since its opening, this Lower East Side shop has become an institution in the New York City tattoo community for its diverse selection of artists who specialize in various styles.

The shop also houses a museum of tattoo history on site, which should not be missed by anyone interested in body art and learning more about its early days. Here you'll find artifacts such as antique tattoo machines and vintage news articles.

Co-owner Brad Fink has amassed an impressive collection of tattoo memorabilia, which can be viewed inside the Daredevil Tattoo Museum. This includes artwork by legendary tattooists such as Sailor Jerry and Samuel O'Reilly, plus antique tools used for tattooing.

This shop is known for its traditional American designs, but also provides a range of other styles to suit any preference. Their staff is knowledgeable about the history of tattooing and will assist you in choosing the ideal style to suit your requirements.

Another reason to visit this shop is their use of animal-free ink, making them completely vegan-friendly.

Though it's a bit of a walk from the nearest subway, this shop is worth it if you're searching for an unusual tattoo or starting out if you're not sure about getting tatted. They're open daily and walk-ins are welcome too.

Daredevil Tattoo boasts several talented artists who can create custom artwork for you. Their services range from traditional, black and gray, and even Japanese-influenced styles. Furthermore, there's a small library on tattoo history for visitors to explore as well as an accommodating staff that is happy to answer queries.

Electric Anvil Tattoo

Electric Anvil Tattoo is a fully-stocked tattoo parlor boasting some of the best artists around. Their designs are known for their smooth lines, vibrant colors and crisp outlines. Plus they provide an extensive selection of piercings - both traditional and custom designs included!

This historic Bronx establishment has been providing quality tattoos since 2000. Their lead tattooist, Dude, is an expert craftsman and can do almost any design desired. His artwork has been featured in publications such as Prick and Skin & Ink magazines.

Their professional service, stunning artwork, and competitive prices make them the ideal destination for all body art needs. This shop boasts an experienced staff of talented artists with years of experience tattooing in-house; their portfolio showcases some of their best sellers including Japanese/Americana imagery as well as classic American traditional designs.

The shop also features a "get what you get" machine, an affordable way to try something new without breaking the bank. For $100, insert a coin into the machine and receive an random tattoo design. Furthermore, there's friendly customer service staff available to answer any queries you might have.

This is an ideal option for your next ink-related adventure, and you're sure to have the most enjoyable tat ever. Your friends will surely be jealous of your new tattoo, providing you with a memorable night out on the town.

First Class Tattoo

Tattoos are an excellent way to express yourself and express creativity. Not only that, but they look cool too. But it is essential that you select the right artist and shop; only reliable professionals can give you the tat of your dreams!

First Class Tattoo is a Chinatown-based shop that provides artistically rendered and custom tattoos. They specialize in color realism, fine line art, neo-traditionalism, as well as having an impressive roster of in-house and guest artists to choose from.

This tattoo shop is open seven days a week and welcomes walk-ins for tattoos and piercings. Their staff is professional and friendly, guaranteeing you an enjoyable experience. Additionally, they provide removal services as well.

Andrea Elston, a world-renowned tattoo artist, owns and operates this store. Initially catering to bikers and hardcore fans, she now attracts celebrities as well as general tattoo enthusiasts.

They boast an impressive gallery and are renowned for their clean and safe environment. Additionally, they provide laser removal and micro blading services.

Before getting a tattoo, be sure to assess your health and avoid any infections. A cold or other illness not only impacts you personally but could potentially have an adverse effect on the artist, who might need to cease work altogether.

Before receiving a tattoo, be sure to apply sunscreen. UV rays from the sun can be damaging to your skin during the healing process, so take extra precautions.

When looking for a tattoo in New York City, there are plenty of good places to choose from. Before visiting any tattoo shop, be sure to review their website and look through their portfolios. Furthermore, confirm if they take walk-ins or require an appointment in advance.

InkStinct NYC

Tattoos are an amazing way to express yourself, and there are plenty of amazing places where you can get them done. Just make sure that the shop you select is secure and the artist reputable.

InkStinct NYC is an exceptional tattoo studio, boasting an experienced team of artists. They offer several styles to choose from and can even create custom designs just for you. Open seven days a week with a waiting list, make sure to book ahead of time!

They are one of the premier walk-in shops in New York City and conveniently located in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. Their artist team has decades of experience and is renowned for their distinctive designs.

Their artist roster boasts talented individuals from around the globe. They specialize in neo-traditional, water color, and fine line artwork. Additionally, they offer laser tattoo removal - so if you're looking to get rid of an old piece or alter a tattoo, look no further!

Ten resident artists offer their talents, each with a distinctive style. If you're searching for something specific, ask their advice or check out their website to view their latest work.

These artists can help you design a tattoo that is both contemporary and memorable. Additionally, they specialize in custom pieces so you have the freedom to select the style and placement of your design.

Rising Dragon has been providing tattoos since 1984 and their convenient location between Union Square Park and the Meat Market area of Manhattan makes them a great option. Their artists possess exceptional skill, and are dedicated to crafting stunning original pieces you'll be proud of for the rest of your life.

Tattoo Shops Near Memphis

If you're in Memphis and looking for a tattoo or piercing, here are some great options. Some of these parlors boast high ratings and plenty of reviews - make sure you check them out today!

It is always wise to inquire about the cleanliness of a venue. Furthermore, make sure the artists you hire are APP certified - this means they adhere to stringent safety and health protocols.

Inked Memphis

When looking to get a tattoo while visiting Memphis, there are plenty of shops to choose from. Be sure that the shop you select has experienced artists and meets all safety regulations so that your design turns out perfect!

The top-rated tattoo shops in Memphis boast clean facilities and highly trained artists. Furthermore, they provide a variety of services and have earned glowing customer reviews.

Some of Memphis' top tattoo and piercing shops offer an extensive selection. These establishments can pierce any body part you desire, with specialization in designs inspired by music or other things you find appealing.

Inked Memphis is a full-service tattoo and piercing studio located on Madison Street in Memphis. Open seven days a week, they accept walk-ins and boast an attentive staff that will help you select the ideal tattoo for your body.

Their artists are all experienced professionals who will strive to ensure you're satisfied with your ink. Additionally, they'll provide all pertinent information regarding the ink and how it should be cared for.

They'll also ensure to disinfect the area prior to beginning work on it, protecting your skin so it remains healthy long after the tattoo has been applied.

When searching for a tattoo shop in Memphis, prices should also be taken into consideration. Some places charge much more than others and it can be tricky to find somewhere that offers your desired design without breaking your budget. Ultimately, remember: your satisfaction with the final result should always come first when selecting an establishment for tattooing in Memphis!

If you're on a budget, Memphis tattoo shops that offer free consultations are another option. This way, you can see the quality of their work before agreeing to any price point.

These shops are renowned for their stunning work and will help you select the ideal design for your tattoo. Additionally, they have earned a stellar reputation for keeping their facilities clean and offering competitive prices.

Skin City Inc.

One of the greatest joys of owning and operating a tattoo shop is getting to collaborate with experienced professionals. Not only are the staff members friendly and courteous, but there's an undeniable camaraderie amongst all artists - some having been tattooing for more than 10 years! It can be tricky deciding which artist to go with and what to ask for - but fortunately this team offers affordable rates to newbies as well.

Amazon Tattooz

If you're in Memphis looking for a tattoo, there are plenty of great places to choose from. Whether you prefer traditional designs or something more modern, Memphis has it all!

If you're searching for a shop with an array of styles and designs, Underground Art Tattoo Workshop is our top recommendation. Their artists are professional and know their craft well; moreover, they know how to make each client feel comfortable and at home.

Trilogy Tattoos is another excellent option; it boasts seven tattoo artists and two piercing professionals on staff. Situated on the Highland Strip, they strive to give each client an exceptional experience.

They offer walk-in sessions as well, but you must book an appointment first to guarantee the artist you select is available on your desired date and time.

At Inked Memphis, the tattoo artists are not only highly experienced but incredibly friendly as well. They will assist you in selecting the ideal design and provide encouragement throughout the entire procedure.

At Inked Memphis, all tattoos are precisely fine-lined works of art that will look fantastic on any skin tone and location. Furthermore, their staff takes great responsibility in guaranteeing all customers are secure and well taken care of.

The studio's website is somewhat outdated, but they do have an Instagram account where you can see their work in progress. They offer numbing cream upon request and a spray that can take the edge off during tattooing.

Many people struggle with choosing a tattoo design, especially when they're uncertain which one they want. That's why Inked Memphis offers their expertise: to assist you with all of your selection needs.

In addition to offering the finest tattoos, they also carry an extensive selection of body piercings. Their staff is well-trained in all types of piercings and will do their best to assist you select a piece that complements both your personality and body type.

Trilogy Tattoos

Memphis boasts an enviable tattoo culture, and there are plenty of outstanding shops to choose from. Whether you prefer traditional, Japanese or any other style of design, Memphis has the perfect shop for you.

Trilogy Tattoos has been around for two decades and is a well-known destination in the area. Their studio is clean and welcoming with excellent artists who always go the extra mile to assist clients. Plus, their rates are lower than most other shops nearby - making them even more appealing!

They boast an active Instagram community and a stunning gallery that displays their work. Furthermore, they offer various designs to choose from so you're sure to find something that appeals to you.

The owners of the shop take great pride in their work and want you to have a positive experience with them. They will answer all of your questions and collaborate with you on whatever design you would like for your body.

Trilogy Tattoos boasts seven talented tattoo artists, each with their own distinct style. You're sure to find the perfect design that meets your requirements when working with these experienced professionals!

At their shop in University District, they not only offer tattoos but also piercing services. With years of experience under their belt, this establishment is a go-to for students.

Richie Jarvis, the owner of this shop, hopes it continues to flourish in the future. He expressed his delight that the neighborhood around it has seen a marked improvement over recent years and anticipates even greater progress in the coming year.

He believes the University District will become even more vibrant in the near future due to all the new businesses and restaurants that have moved there. He hopes the community can enjoy increased amenities as well as improved connectivity.

Another great aspect of this place is that it offers one of the best places for tattoos for people of color. Their artists understand and respect the difficulties experienced by people of color when seeking out a design.

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