Tasha K Confirms She Lost $4 Million Appeal In Cardi B Lawsuit

Tasha K Confirms She Lost $4 Million Appeal In Cardi B Lawsuit


Tuesday, Tasha K (Latasha Kebe) lost her appeal of the $4 million defamation verdict against her. Her attorneys had argued that the judge overseeing the trial withheld key evidence from her, but Billboard reports that the federal appeals court disagreed.

The Verdict

In January 2022, a jury found in favor of Cardi B and awarded her with over $4 million in damages and attorney's fees after filing suit against YouTube vlogger Tasha K over defamatory statements about her health and lifestyle. Furthermore, the judge ordered Tasha to delete all videos with offensive statements about Cardi.

On Tuesday, Tasha K (real name Latasha Kebe) was denied her appeal to prevent the rapper from receiving full payment of her judgment. The judge ruled that Tasha had failed to properly make an argument during her hearing with the trial judge and thus forfeited her right to contest its outcome.

In 2019, Cardi B sued Tasha over what her lawyers described as a "malicious campaign" on YouTube and social media. According to the singer's lawyers, Tasha spread rumors about her cocaine use, sex work, and contracting STDs.

Tasha K reportedly attempted to derail the lawsuit and even threatened not to pay Cardi the full amount she now owes. After being forced into arbitration, however, Tasha apologized on Twitter and promised that she would find work in order to cover her debts.

Tasha has now lost her appeal and must now decide whether to appeal again, hoping the Supreme Court will hear her case - an unlikely possibility.

One option Tasha K could consider is to secure a "supersedeas bond" from a private lender, which would permit her to defer payment of the full judgment until after the appeals process has been concluded. This way, Tasha K can continue making money through her YouTube channel without worrying about having to repay Cardi in full.

Tasha K has another option of filing for bankruptcy. Unfortunately, this filing is only available in cases of intentional torts like fraud or libel and cannot be used to avoid paying out the full amount of a judgment.

A federal appeals court determined that Tasha K's appeal was a waste of time. They noted her failure to preserve all her evidentiary arguments for the court, which they considered an important matter. Furthermore, they determined Tasha K's lawyers failed to submit an essential post-verdict motion as required.

The Decision

On Tuesday, the Federal Appeals Court upheld Tasha K's $4 million defamation verdict and rejected her appeal. The vlogger, also known as Latasha Kebe, had been found liable for making disparaging remarks about Cardi B in multiple YouTube videos she posted over time.

In January of this year, Tasha filed a lawsuit in New York against him, alleging she launched an "unjust campaign" on social media and YouTube to damage her reputation. Her suit alleges Tasha made defamatory statements regarding her drug use, sex work activities, as well as contracting HPV and herpes.

At a trial in January, jurors sided with Cardi, ruling she was responsible for defamation, invasion of privacy and intentional infliction of emotional distress. Additionally, they awarded her $2.5 million in damages as well as another $1.3 million in legal fees.

In addition to his monumental verdict, the judge also ordered Tasha to delete all of her defamatory videos from YouTube and issued a permanent injunction prohibiting her from making similar statements in the future.

But that isn't the end of the story. Tasha K has promised to appeal the verdict.

Tasha claimed the judge overseeing her trial erred by excluding evidence which could have helped her counter claims against the rapper. But the Eleventh Circuit upheld the ruling, finding Tasha had failed to properly present her arguments to the trial court.

Tasha K's lawyers filed a notice of appeal in March, approximately one month after the jury found her liable for her comments. However, it remains uncertain whether or not she will pursue further appeals.

The next step would be to send the case to the Supreme Court, but it's likely they won't accept it. On average, only a fraction of cases submitted to them are heard by the high court.

Tasha is determined not to give up on her battle against Cardi B, even after the decision. She has several options available to delay payment of the judgment, such as securing a supersedeas bond which allows her to defer payment until after an appeal is successful.

Tasha K’s Reaction

Last month, a US judge ordered YouTuber Tasha K to pay $4 million to Cardi B for her defamatory statements about the Bodak Yellow rapper. The jury determined that Tasha K was liable for defamation, invasion of privacy and intentional infliction of emotional distress.

Tasha K is an accomplished YouTuber renowned for her pop culture discussions and news web series. With over 1 million subscribers on her channel and 39,000 followers on Twitter, she enjoys a large following.

In January 2022, a jury determined Tasha K was guilty of lying and awarded Cardi B a $4 million judgment for her defamatory posts about her. Additionally, the court ordered Tasha K to remove 21 videos which defamed Cardi.

Cardi B testified during her trial that Tasha K's statements caused her to experience anxiety, suicidal thoughts, and to feel like a burden on her family. Furthermore, her statements led her to contract HPV and herpes which had an adverse effect on both her health and career.

Following the verdict, Tasha K took to social media to acknowledge she had lost her appeal and was accepting her fate. She promised Cardi B some money, though how much is still unclear.

Her message to her audience was tense and edgy, punctuated with long pauses and deep breaths. This post came a day after a federal judge ordered Tasha to pay $4 million to Cardi B.

A judge recently ordered Tasha K to pay the full amount or secure a "supersedeas bond" covering the full sum while she appeals. If her appeal fails, Tasha will have no choice but to pay Cardi B directly for any losses incurred.

Tasha K's fans are pressing her to pay Cardi B the money she owes. Some even donated super chat payments in her name while others encouraged her to stay strong.

Cardi B’s Response

A judge recently ordered gossip blogger LaTasha Kebe (Tasha K) to either pay Cardi B the $4 million she's owed from their defamation case or secure finances to cover it. This decision not only provides a major victory for the rapper but also serves as a cautionary tale to bloggers around the world that what you say can have consequences.

Last year, the rapper filed a lawsuit against YouTube star Kebe, alleging she engaged in "malicious campaign" to damage her reputation. Kebe allegedly made defamatory statements about her health, lifestyle and sexual acts through videos posted online.

In January, a jury found Cardi B liable for defamation, invasion of privacy and intentional infliction of emotional distress. She was awarded more than $2.5 million in damages plus another $1.3 million for legal fees.

Kebe attempted to appeal the verdict, but her appeal was rejected. In a filing last summer, she claimed that the trial judge withheld important evidence from her and it resulted in an "uneven presentation of evidence to the jury."

She asserted that had jurors been provided with this information, they would have voted in her favor. Furthermore, Kebe had spread false information about her which was illegal under Georgia law.

Billboard reports that Kebe's appeal has been assigned to a new judge. The court will be reviewing a 5-page decision from the Eleventh Circuit of Georgia.

According to the judge's ruling, Kebe must either pay Cardi B the $4 million she owes from their lawsuit within 45 days or secure enough money for full payment. If she cannot, Kebe will have no choice but to re-file her appeal in the court of appeals.

The judges' ruling follows a protracted legal battle between Cardi and Kebe, who made false and defamatory claims about her life before fame. These included claims she contracted herpes, was an unemployed prostitute and cheated on her spouse.

The libel trial was a lengthy and expensive undertaking, but Cardi B's attorneys ultimately prevailed in proving her defamation claims were false. A judgment from an angry judge ordered Kebe to pay the rapper more than $4 million as well as remove all damaging videos posted on her YouTube channel.

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