Tamar Braxton and Her Fiance Allege That Kandi & Todd Threatened Her

Tamar Braxton and Her Fiance Allege That Kandi & Todd Threatened Her


Tamar Braxton and Her Fiance Allege That Kandi & Todd Threatened Her

Tamar Braxton and Kandi Burruss share many characteristics in common: both are singers, both hail from Atlanta, they had a longstanding feud between them, and now both are mothers.

Though their fans had hoped the drama was over after competing on Celebrity Big Brother, Tamar claims Kandi and Todd Tucker still want their feud to continue. On Watch What Happens Live on Sunday night, Andy Cohen asked about the situation and they took a sneaky sip from their drinks as if nothing had changed.

Tamar Braxton & Her Fiance Allege That Kandi & Todd Threatened Her

On a guest appearance on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen this weekend, Tamar Braxton addressed her controversial claims that the Real Housewives of Atlanta couple threatened her. Sitting alongside Queens Court costars Nivea and Evelyn Lozada, the 46-year-old singer denied host Andy Cohen's speculation that she was alluding to an issue between Eva Marcille and husband Michael Sterling or Drew Sidora and now-ex husband Ralph Pittman.

According to the 'Love and War' singer, she first posted on Instagram last December about being threatened by an 'RHOA' couple. To symbolize their occupation, she used a peach emoji - representing 'RHOA Occupation.' The story quickly went viral online.

Tamar later shared her worries with fiance Jeremy "JR" Robinson, who has been by her side since their engagement in March 2022. The two reiterated their love for one another after Tamar went live on Instagram to address her claim that Kandi Burruss and Todd Tucker had threatened her in a car.

Tamar recounts the incident as starting when she ran into Kandi backstage before a concert and attempted to hug her. But Kandi politely declined, prompting Todd Tucker to intervene to break up the conversation.

She then revealed that she asked Kandi to "speak on it" in her dressing room, but the 'RHOA' star refused. Later, Tamar threatened her if she didn't apologize for not asking Kandi out in private.

Todd ultimately had no choice but to break up the argument and send Tamar and Kandi their separate ways. It remains uncertain whether their tension will be resolved, but it will be interesting to observe how these two personalities handle a major confrontation. We'll keep you posted when we know more details about this story.

Tamar Braxton’s Instagram Story

On Monday morning, Tamar Braxton posted an emotional Instagram Story in which she accused a certain "Real Housewives of Atlanta" star and her husband of making threats against her. Although she did not name them specifically, it appears they have ongoing issues with her.

Blogger Ken Barbie reports Kandi Burruss is referring to herself and her husband Todd Tucker when she talks about Kandi. The couple have a troubled relationship, with Burruss accusing Carlos King of trying to make an Xscape biopic behind her back in October 2022.

Tamar Braxton recently took to her Instagram Story to try to clear things up with her fans. In the video posted to her account, Tamar explained that she will be staying home during this time.

Following her recent bout of the flu, Tamar Braxton is taking her health seriously by staying home and refraining from any public appearances. Additionally, she's dedicating herself to resting and regaining strength.

She shared some photos of her son Logan Vincent Herbert, born in June 2018. As a longtime advocate for self-care, the singer is taking this chance to get better.

Hopefully, this will enable her to get back on track and avoid any further disputes in the future.

On Sunday, she made an appearance on Watch What Happens Live to address this issue. Andy Cohen asked her about an Instagram post she made in December 2022 which claimed someone had threatened her.

The host incorrectly speculated that it could have been Eva Marcille or Drew Sidora, but after taking a sip from her drink, confirmed it to be Kandi Burruss and her husband.

She also promised to do her best to maintain peace between herself and Kandi, even after their feud ended on CBB.

Tamar's past two years have been challenging, but she has taken time to heal and accept herself. Now more contented than before her illness, Tamar feels ready to move forward in life.

She and Jeremy Robinson are currently prepping for their upcoming nuptials. Despite the drama with her former fiancee Anaston Jeni, she remains deeply in love with him and believes he will make the perfect husband for her.

Tamar Braxton’s Twitter Post

Rumors swirl that Tamar Braxton and Kandi Burruss have been feuding for some time. On CBB, Tamar said she felt threatened by both Kandi and her husband Todd Tucker; however, reports indicate they have since made up.

Fans had hoped the two women could put their feuds behind them when they competed on Celebrity Big Brother in 2017. Unfortunately, it appears this was just a temporary effort to end their arguments.

Reports indicate Kandi Burruss and her husband Todd Tucker have been threatening Tamar since last fall, when she called out reality TV producer Carlos King about stealing her and Xscape's life story for a biopic without their consent.

On Monday, Tamar took to Twitter to give her side of the story. In a post, she detailed the incident that initially angered her with both women.

Tamar had an altercation with Kandi and Todd at a recent Xscape concert. As she left, both women are said to have shouted at her, as well as threatening her with legal action if she didn't leave immediately.

She claims that despite her attempts to reach Kandi, she was getting no response. This led her to speculate about Todd instead.

The R&B star then took to Twitter to recount her encounter with Kandi and Todd in full detail. She stated that she attempted to apologize to both of them prior to the altercation, but it wasn't enough.

It's essential to note that both these women are mothering young children and juggling multiple careers at once. Furthermore, they are the stars of a reality television show and an iconic music group, so it is understandable why they might feel resentful towards one another.

Tamar also revealed she feels compelled to protect her fiance, David Adefeso. As a financial expert, Adefeso has been dating Tamar for several years and is considered an ideal match for the R&B singer.

Tamar Braxton’s Watch What Happens Live Interview

Tamar Braxton is a pop culture icon who achieved success in 2013 with her spinoff show, "Braxton Family Values." Since then she has hosted for "The Real" and made many appearances on unscripted television. Additionally, Tamar is an R&B artist and member of Xscape--the group she is now featured in--which earned her international recognition.

Recently, The Real Housewives of Atlanta star Kandi Burruss and her husband Todd Tucker have been embroiled in a feud that began last December when she claimed a member of the cast had threatened her. During her appearance on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen (WWHL), it was confirmed that this couple was Kandi and Todd.

Asked if she thought her feud with the RHOA cast had been resolved after their Celebrity Big Brother competition, Braxton replied "I believed it had," while taking a sip of her drink and looking directly into the camera. She then claimed that whoever threatened her was "a full Housewife."

Andy had speculated it could be Eva Marcille or Drew Sidora, but Tamar quickly revealed it was Burruss and Todd. She then told Andy, "She's a full Housewife!" before taking another sip of her drink and looking directly into the camera.

Tamar has not only shared an IG post, but she's been active on Twitter and IG Live to address the conflict. At one point she even called out Kandi and Todd for wanting to fight her; though she later apologized for these remarks.

She confesses to being embroiled in a "feud" with Kandi and Todd for months, and she has yet to find peace between them - especially after accusing Carlos King of making an Xscape biopic without her consent.

It appears the situation has reached a critical tip, as several cast members from Real Housewives of Atlanta have taken to social media to lash out at each other. Both Carlos King and Mona Scott have made public comments about each other's perceived misdeeds.

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