SZA Cherishes the Support She Receives From Lizzo

SZA Cherishes the Support She Receives From Lizzo


SZA Cherishes The Support She Receives From Lizzo

SZA has an admiration for Lizzo, and she often features her in her music. Additionally, SZA collaborated with Lizzo on a remix of her album 'Special'.

Lizzo's song was one of her biggest successes this year and earned her Record of the Year at the 2023 Grammys. In tribute to late pop icon Prince who passed away in 2016, Lizzo dedicated it in memory of her.

Lizzo’s Friendliness

SZA has a great admiration for Lizzo, often showing her affection on social media platforms like Instagram. Recently, SZA shared an amusing bathroom mirror selfie with the singer to her story on Instagram.

SZA recently spoke with Billboard about Lizzo's admiration and love for her. She even went so far as to say they share a "special relationship."

Though they have yet to confirm a collaboration, Lizzo and J-Ho have recently shared a video of them performing "Special," from her latest album that dropped in 2022. The track is titled "Special" and originally featured on Lizzo's last studio release: Special.

They teamed up for a remix of the song, and their results are not unexpected. They don't hesitate to step outside their comfort zone when creating music - the end result being an upbeat tune that celebrates their friendship.

SZA took a step back and enjoyed the performance, but she wasn't afraid to share her opinion on the track. In fact, she gave SZA high praise for her work on it.

SZA loves the song because she can relate to its message on a personal level. She experienced growing up feeling out of place in certain situations, and SZA's words perfectly capture that feeling.

Despite her struggles, she doesn't give up. She does not want to be ashamed of her past or allow it to dictate how she lives her future.

She's an inspiring artist, with songs full of motivating words and messages. She encourages others to stay positive and believes everyone can succeed in the industry.

If you haven't heard any of her songs yet, you are in for a real treat! Her unique style makes each song memorable and well-written. She truly has something special to offer the world!

On her albums, she isn't afraid to discuss her struggles in the industry. She shares these tales with her fans and takes their feedback into account when making decisions.

Her latest album, Cuz I Love You, demonstrates her ability to strike a balance between being successful as an artist and serving as a positive role model. It's no shock that she has such an adoring fan base; yet it's refreshing to hear such an outspoken and confident artist express their beliefs without compromising the integrity of her music.

Her Support

Lizzo, a Houston-based R&B singer-songwriter, has long been an admirer of SZA. In fact, she wrote a Time 100 essay last year in praise of her, recalling their first meeting at a show in Minneapolis where they took a selfie together that she still sends to SZA now and then as a reminder of how much she adores her.

She's an advocate for body positivity, with her inspiring lyrics providing motivation to many women. Recently, she joined forces with SZA on a remix of their hit single "Special," which has now been released.

SZA has always shown her friends and colleagues her love and support, especially Lizzo. They first connected while studying together at Houston University, and have remained close ever since.

SZA and Lizzo first collaborated on "F2F," which SZA performed at the Grammy Awards this year, then remixed her album title track to create "Special," which premiered at a sold-out Lizzo show in LA earlier this month and now has an official release.

SZA's record debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard 200 chart in 2022 and spent seven weeks atop it, making her one of only three women to hold this position for such an extended period - making her record one of those fan favorites that endures to this day.

The album received numerous accolades, including a BET Award for Best Female R&B/Pop Artist. It also spawned hit singles such as "Tempo" and "Juice."

Lizzo has made a name for herself in the music industry by appearing in numerous TV shows and films. She voiced UglyDolls, as well as Hustlers with JLo, Cardi B and Julia Stiles.

Lizzo has achieved great success during her career, touring with some of the biggest names in music and being nominated for multiple awards. Additionally, she has worked on numerous campaigns and been featured on magazine covers as well as advertisements.

Her Inspiring Words

SZA is an accomplished musician who has received numerous awards and nominations throughout her career. She also serves as a fashion icon and role model for young girls, serving as both role model and advocate for body positivity. Through SZA's music, SZA strives to encourage women to feel confident in their own skins.

SZA's lyrics are some of the most profound and poignant in contemporary music. Her lyricistically captures young people's anxiety like few others can, combining gothic imagery with tales of self-discovery and modern romance to convey 20-somethings' feelings in an unparalleled way. Few other artists have managed to do this successfully.

In 2017, SZA unleashed her debut album Ctrl, ushering in a new era of culture-altering music. It marked an immense change from her earlier, more uptempo EP years. Though it proved incredibly ambitious to complete, SZA managed to succeed despite all obstacles.

SZA and her music have made a major splash with this success, earning her multiple accolades and breaking multiple records. Her first single, "Hit Different," featuring Ty Dolla $ign, became an international hit that sent social media into frenzy.

This song is an inspiring one that emphasizes the need for young women to feel empowered and believe in their capabilities. It serves as a powerful reminder that the world can be beautiful regardless of race or gender.

SZA's lyrics stand out for their ability to humanize herself in an uncommonly humane manner. She often writes of an idealized lover, which is especially noteworthy among female artists.

Her lyrics are incredibly inspiring and motivating. For instance, she says: "I can't rationalize not taking action and seizing the moment." This message should be communicated in such a positive light.

SZA is an inspiring artist who strives to improve herself and the world around her. This passion shines through in both her songs and actions, so if you haven't already, be sure to check her out!

Her Collaborations

SZA and Lizzo share an incredible friendship, which they've supported on social media and even collaborated in the studio. After meeting while touring Minneapolis in 2011, SZA and Lizzo became fast friends, becoming active participants in body positivity campaigns as well as working together on magazine covers together.

They have collaborated on numerous songs and albums, such as Lizzo's 2022 album Special. This record features some incredible collaborations and debuted at No. 1 on Billboard 200, spending seven weeks at the top spot. Its singles include 'Special' and '2 Be Loved (Am I Ready), for which Lizzo recently won a Record of the Year award at the 2023 Grammys.

Following her performance of 'Special' at the BRIT Awards this weekend, Lizzo surprised fans with an official remix featuring TDE partner SZA. They first teased it on social media platforms with a graphic that highlighted their recent wins.

More than a year after SZA revealed she and Lizzo had five joint tracks in the works, the remix is finally here! While we don't know when we might get to hear them, it's an inspiring idea for the two women to collaborate.

SZA is currently one of the most influential artists in music, and she credits Lizzo with helping her reach success. Last year she even wrote an essay for Time 100 remembering their first meeting at a show in Minneapolis - testament to how important Lizzo has been to her success.

No matter their styles or genres, Lizzo and SZA have always managed to create amazing music together. SZA sang "Tempo" on Lizzo's album "Cuz I Love You", while they will also collaborate on an HBO Max concert special that airs New Year's Eve.

SZA and Lizzo have made great advances in the music industry, both artists who never back down from a challenge. SZA in particular has served as an inspirational role model for women around the world who struggle with confidence. She champions body positivity and encourages women to feel secure and contented - which is an admirable trait.

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