Super Mario Bros. Plumbing Commercial

Super Mario Bros. Plumbing Commercial


Super Mario Bros Plumbing Commercial

Mario and Luigi long before becoming video game icons were plumbers. Nintendo and Illumination have a fun way of reminding fans of that fact with an adorable Super Bowl commercial.

This commercial is set to the classic '90s cartoon theme song featuring WWE legend "Captain" Lou Albano and Danny Wells as Mario and Luigi, both in live-action segments and animation. The commercial plays off that theme song in an entertaining way.

Mario & Luigi

Super Mario and Luigi fans will surely recognize this Super Bowl ad as featuring their respective brothers as plumbers-for-hire. It features an old school version of "Plumber Rap," from The Super Mario Bros. Super Show, and points to a website revealing a family-owned plumbing business serving Brooklyn and Queens.

Mario and Luigi from the original video game series own and operate a plumbing business called "Mario Brothers Plumbing," located on the basement floor of an old apartment building in Brooklyn where they live with roommate Edison. Additionally, this basement houses their white business van which they use both for work and travel. Their apartment boasts several quirky features like a sneezing furnace, garbage chute and Pizza phone (which was actually just an ordinary phone but became confused with some pizza!).

The plumbers possess an advanced communication system consisting of a radio telescope, homing pigeons and television monitor. They often use this technology to stay in touch with friends and family - especially Princess Peach (Anya Taylor-Joy in the upcoming movie) who lives in Mushroom Kingdom.

In addition to its vintage-inspired commercial, this one also includes classic references from the Super Mario series--such as one that shows a periscope that can see from Brooklyn to France. If you'd like to hire these plumbers, contact them via their dedicated phone number and visit their newly created website for testimonials, maps and more.

Additionally, plumbers are capable of handling any size job. So, if you have an estate or mansion that needs work done, they're happy to assist!

Fans have already shown their approval of the ad, which isn't their first time being featured in such an advertisement. Recently, it was featured on YouTube channel featuring commercials featuring Mario and Luigi. While it may be cheesy, it still manages to be quite endearing.

The Commercial

Are you in need of a plumber to fix your pipes? Look no further than Mario and Luigi! Nintendo and Illumination have combined forces to remind us that these beloved video game characters can also serve as real plumbers when not saving the world from evil.

The commercial, which aired during Super Bowl 57, features Mario and Luigi driving around in a van bearing their business name. They're clearly available to assist with many types of plumbing problems and direct viewers to a website where customers can learn more about their services.

Although this commercial is somewhat grainy and has a VHS feel, it still serves to promote the upcoming film. The clip uses lyrics from Super Mario Brothers Super Show's 'Plumber Rap' as proof that Mario and Luigi are fast, reliable, and much cheaper than other plumbers in their area.

At the culmination of their clever marketing campaign, Mario and Luigi's plumbing business has a mock website featuring testimonials from delighted customers. Additionally, there is a careers section featuring dispatchers, bookkeepers, marketing managers and drivers - all seeking employment!

In addition to Easter eggs, there are references to other Nintendo characters such as Link Street and Hanfuda Ave in the commercial. A map also appears showing where their van is located - clearly Brooklyn!

Overall, the commercial is hilarious and will no doubt get many fans of the series excited for their upcoming film. It also serves as a great reminder of just how much fun plumbers can be - so if ever you find yourself needing one, Mario and Luigi are definitely worth calling!

Chris Pratt and Charlie Day as Mario and Luigi in The Super Mario Bros. Movie won't be in theaters until April 7, 2023, but this commercial does a fantastic job of setting the mood for the film and showcasing some of its characters. Hopefully this will lead to an overwhelming success at the box office!

The Website

Mario and Luigi may have saved the world from numerous villains in the past, but they also make a living from their plumbing business. Recently, Nintendo and Illumination released an advertisement that takes us back to that time in video game history.

The ad is highly entertaining and features lyrics from the iconic Super Mario Bros. Super Show theme song. Additionally, it directs players to a website with testimonials and job openings; plus, there's even a telephone number for US fans in Brooklyn or Queens who would like to reach out if they're nearby!

Super Mario and Luigi use plungers and snakes in the commercial to unclog pipes while wearing hats. One satisfied customer even says, "Thanks Super Mario Bros.; it seems like the only thing you haven't drained is my bank account!"

There are various Easter eggs throughout the site, such as an "Error 404" that gives users warp pipes to access it and a page with career opportunities for dispatchers, bookkeepers, marketing managers and drivers. Finally, text 929-55-MARIO to hear a message from Luigi! If you live in America then send your message directly to voice actor Charlie Day who voices Luigi!

Nintendo and Illumination have pulled off an innovative marketing ploy. It demonstrates their devotion to their fanbase, making this a welcome addition to their promotional material.

What's more, this isn't the first time we've seen Mario and Luigi's plumbing business featured in a movie. It has actually been featured on several cartoons including The Super Mario Brothers Super Show! As a family-run business that serves the Brooklyn and Queens areas, if you live nearby and need plumbing help, be sure to stop by their shop!

For long-time Mario fans, this website is worth exploring - especially if you're an expert. There are lots of easter eggs hidden throughout, some of which are quite humorous. Plus, if you live in America, text the plumbers and get a message from Charlie Day-voiced Luigi!

The Testimonials

Super Mario Bros movie is quickly approaching and to get you excited, Illumination has released a new commercial featuring the brothers' plumbing business. This humorous spot uses music from 1989's classic Nintendo cartoon The Super Mario Bros Show for its catchy jingle.

The commercial is hilarious, and if you're an old-school Nintendo fan you will enjoy all of its references. It also utilizes Super Show's iconic Mario Rap as well as other interesting bits of information.

For instance, the ad uses one of Mario and Luigi's iconic lines: "The SUBMIROUS MUSEOUS MOTION MARTIFOB MOTIONS MOVEMOSS MOLOVEMOSS". Additionally, you can call 929-55-MARIO (yes, real phone numbers still exist!) to receive a message from Luigi - it's truly the best kind of marketing!

The ad also contains several Easter eggs that make it stand out from other TV spots. It features a website dedicated to the advertisement with both a commercial and testimonials. Other notable features include a manhole cover that opens up to reveal free wallpaper, career opportunities for dispatchers, bookkeepers and drivers as well as its own twitter account with over 20,000 views so far and over 5,000 tweets. The advertisement has received widespread attention online with over 20,000 people having seen it so far.

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