Stranger Things Star Announces Engagement

Stranger Things Star Announces Engagement


Millie Bobby Brown Quotes Taylor Swifts Lover Lyrics in Apparent Engagem

Millie Bobby Brown, star of Netflix's Stranger Things, has reportedly announced her engagement to Jake Bongiovi at 19 years old. She shared a photo on Instagram showcasing her stunning diamond ring - it truly stunning!

She signs her photo with "Forever."

1.?I?m so in love with you?

Millie Bobby Brown has been an admirer of Taylor Swift since her teenage years, expressing her admiration on social media and in interviews. She's often seen dancing to her music, and recently shared a photo featuring herself alongside the 'Anti-Hero' singer.

For several years now, the 'Stranger Things' actress has been in a relationship with Jake Bongiovi - son of Jon Bon Jovi - which began sparked dating rumors in June 2021 and then went Instagram official shortly thereafter. They've been an item ever since and recently shared a precious photo of themselves holding hands on the London Eye in November.

They've both shared many kind words on social media, showing off how much they cherish one another. Indeed, earlier this year they celebrated their 18th birthdays together and had a matching photo set posted to each account on Instagram.

Though their love is evident, it's still uncertain if they are officially engaged. They have been seen holding hands on the red carpet multiple times and Jake often shares pictures of himself with his 'Lover' on her Instagram page as well.

It's possible that they will tie the knot soon, but making this commitment will likely be a difficult choice for both of them. After all, they are still young and haven't yet committed to each other.

But it appears they'll make it work! As for how they plan to announce their engagement, Millie is likely going to do it in a Swiftian fashion with lyrics and an engagement ring pairing. It is expected that she will use both to officially declare their relationship to the world.

2.?I?m so in love with you?

If you're a fan of Stranger Things, chances are you recognize Millie Bobby Brown as Eleven. She's one of the show's most beloved characters and her work has cemented her place as an iconic figure in pop culture.

Now, the 19-year-old star appears to have announced her engagement to boyfriend Jake Bongiovi with an adorable Instagram post that references Taylor Swift's lyrics from "Lover."

Some fans found this decision rather ironic, while others saw it as an omen. After all, Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn ended their six-year relationship over the weekend; and according to reports, Taylor wrote her song for her former fiance in tribute.

Millie Bobby Brown may not have intended for those lyrics to be repurposed in her Instagram post, but they have certainly resonated strongly with her followers. As a result, the rumor has gone viral.

Taylor Swift's words weren't the first time someone used them to announce their engagement, but it certainly stands as one of the youngest ever to do so. While some commented on Brown's Instagram with supportive messages, others questioned her readiness for such a major life transition so soon.

No matter your opinion, this is a huge milestone for Brown, who is widely considered the most famous child actress ever. Her announcement has already received millions of likes and numerous comments, suggesting it could go even viral. Plus, given Brown's age and fame, she can likely use social media platforms to share her new family with her fans - making the news even more thrilling!

3.?I?m so in love with you?

Tuesday afternoon, Millie Bobby Brown ignited the internet with an Instagram photo that appeared to confirm her engagement to boyfriend Jake Bongiovi. Her caption read: "I'm so in love with you."

Her fans were quick to congratulate her, sharing messages filled with joy and excitement. Even Jamie Campbell Bower expressed his happiness: "Hope they're happy forever!"

In her post, Brown shared a black and white photograph from their recent photoshoot. In it, Bongiovi could be seen holding Brown's arm as she gazed deeply into her eyes as they were embraced by the water.

She shared another photo, this time featuring Bongiovi on a boat with his arm around her shoulder as they gazed deeply into each other's eyes. He captioned the image "Forever," adding a white heart emoji for added emphasis.

Although the exact date of their first encounter remains uncertain, Bongiovi is the son of rocker Jon Bon Jovi and Dorothea Hurley. Rumors about him dating Millie began swirling in 2020, and since then they have made several public appearances together.

They have been seen engaging in romantic gestures such as taking a car ride and visiting the London Eye, with Millie dubbing her partner "bff." Additionally, the couple has shared sweet moments of their relationship through social media platforms.

Now it is evident that Bongiovi and Brown are madly in love. After being seen holding hands in New York City, the couple recently celebrated their 19th birthdays together.

However, this is just the latest in a long line of romantic updates about Stranger Things star's relationship with Bongiovi. They first ignited romance rumors when they stepped out together in New York City back in June 2021, and since then have been sharing glimpses of their connection through social media posts.

4.?I?m so in love with you?

Taylor Swift's six-year relationship with Joe Alwyn appears to have fizzled out, while Stranger Things star Millie Bobby Brown has deepened her bond with boyfriend Jake Bongiovi. On Tuesday (April 11), the 19-year-old actress and her 20-year-old beau seemed to make their relationship official in a black and white post on Brown's Instagram featuring an unexpected twist reminiscent of Taylor.

Fans were thrilled by the news, yet some have found Brown's use of Taylor Swift's?Lover? lyrics to announce her engagement to Bongiovi unsettling. After all, Taylor's lyric was about her ex-boyfriend Joe Alwyn and now-fiancee; many wondered if using it for personal announcements would be too soon after their breakup.

No matter what people think, Millie and Jake have been sharing sweet moments with each other ever since they first caused dating rumors in June 2022. Additionally, they have made their relationship public by posting numerous photos together on social media platforms as well as offering each other support online.

It's evident that Millie and Jake are madly in love, as they share many adorable moments together. Their connection is no secret - Millie has even been seen holding Jake's arm during red carpet events!

They have been dating for two and a half years, and recently announced their engagement on Instagram with much excitement from their fans. As the 19-year-old actress embarks on a new chapter of her life, it is certain to receive some social media backlash; however, it appears she is handling it well.

In addition to her Instagram post, Jake also posted two pictures of himself and his girlfriend by the water with the caption, "Forever," a straightforward way to convey their engagement news. While Jake has yet to disclose any further details about their engagement, fans are eagerly awaiting news of their upcoming nuptials.

5.?I?m so in love with you?

Taylor Swift fans, you may recall her recent breakup with Joe Alwyn. Understandably, fans are grieving the news of their separation with great sorrow.

On April 11, Millie Bobby Brown appeared to announce her own romantic news with an Instagram post that sounded similar to one from Jon Bon Jovi's song 'Lover,' written for her former rumored beau. The Stranger Things actress shared two photos with Jake Bongiovi - Jon Bon Jovi's son - captioning each photo "Forever."

Although some people responded positively to her seemingly sweet post, others were more critical. For instance, they pointed out that Brown is only 19 and it's unlikely she will get married anytime soon.

Some Swifties were disappointed that Brown chose to use Swift's lyric for her engagement announcement - especially given that Taylor Swift and her own relationship have reportedly fallen apart. Nonetheless, fans are still congratulating Brown and sharing their own heartfelt messages in support of her big day.

Many fans believe it to be an omen that Brown would use the song lyrics she referenced in her Instagram post as Swift's breakup with Joe Alwyn was taking place. While it's understandable why she would want to include the lyric, some don't believe it's the wisest decision.

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