Stetson Bennett Addresses Tumultuous Offseason at NFL Scouting #stetson #bennett #addresses #offseason #at #nfl #scouting

Stetson Bennett Addresses Tumultuous Offseason at NFL Scouting #stetson #bennett #addresses #offseason #at #nfl #scouting


Stetson Bennett addresses tumultuous offseason at combine

Stetson Bennett Addresses Tumultuous Offseason at NFL Scouting #stetson #bennett #addresses #offseason #at #nfl #scouting

At times defensive and at other moments authoritative, Bennett spent 11 minutes at the NFL Scouting Combine explaining his offseason indiscretions.

He also addressed inquiries regarding a January arrest for public intoxication in Dallas.

Bennett has had an impressive college career despite his off-field misdemeanors. He's projected to be a late round draft pick.

1. He learned a lot from Todd Monken

Stetson Bennett has had a turbulent offseason, but it has also been an important one. The Georgia quarterback hopes to boost his draft stock by participating in the NFL combine this weekend. He's working hard with Landry Klann at QB Country in Fort Worth and striving for greater accuracy with his throws.

Bennett's journey has been an amazing one, from not receiving major college offers out of high school in Pierce County, Georgia, to leaving as a walk-on for junior college and then returning as a true freshman at Georgia. But it all came together for Bennett as he led the Bulldogs to back-to-back College Football Playoff national championships.

He became the first Georgia player to surpass 4,000 passing yards since D'Wan Mathis, and threw for more than 200 yards in a CFP game. Additionally, he threw for more than 200 yards in each of his final four games as Georgia won its first national title.

His success has been due to a unique offense that can attack defenses from different angles. As a dual-threat quarterback, he can regularly attack the middle of the field while also setting up play-action passes for added excitement.

These plays have been key for the Bulldogs, who have won 28 games since Monken took over in 2020 and are 28-1 this season. Although their passing game has received much of the credit for their success this season, it's also been a driving factor behind their success in the run game.

On Tuesday, the Baltimore Ravens announced they've hired Monken as offensive coordinator. His resume -- including top-10 passing seasons for Jameis Winston and Ryan Fitzpatrick -- should help elevate their offense. Furthermore, Monken's Swiss-army knife coaching style should give them more balance than Greg Roman's offense provided.

2. He’s a football-smart guy

Stetson Bennett has made the journey to become Georgia's starting quarterback a remarkable one, persevering through the ups and downs of an intensely difficult offseason. He's truly a comeback kid who has earned the respect of his teammates and coaches at Georgia, even if he continues to draw attention from the media.

He's the kind of football-savvy individual you want in your quarterback room. His past mistakes don't cloud his current thinking, as he strives to become the best quarterback possible.

His goal is to lead the Bulldogs to their second national title in three years and be remembered as one of Georgia's all-time great quarterbacks.

At 22, he's doing his best to enjoy every minute of college football while still striving for pro success. Even if he doesn't make it pro, he still strives to hold onto every season of eligibility that comes his way - even if that means doing juco work or taking on an invisible role on special teams.

On Saturday, he put it all together in the season opener against Oregon, picking apart the Ducks with precision and leading his team to an unlikely victory. He threw three touchdowns and completed 15 of his 20 throws for 293 yards and two more scores.

On the day, however, he accomplished more than that - running five times for 26 yards. Despite some errors on the ground, he managed to move the ball successfully and helped lead Georgia Tech's Bulldogs to their first win of the season.

After his performance, Smart told reporters he'd love to see Bennett continue this season. He praised the senior for his leadership and said Bennett's intangibles have improved throughout the offseason.

3. He’s a good guy

Stetson Bennett will always be remembered as the quarterback who led Georgia to back-to-back national titles. But this offseason he had another issue to confront at the NFL combine: his arrest last month for public intoxication in Dallas.

No matter if Bennett is good enough for the NFL or not, he has been an impressive college football star for years and has managed to overcome many of the obstacles that could have prevented him from reaching this level.

Bennett may be too small to make an impactful NFL quarterback, but he possesses the classic intangibles that could help him elevate his game on the biggest stages.

He's been an incredible leader at Georgia, both on and off the field. And he sets an excellent example for young men who take time to appreciate what they gain from their athletic experience.

Last year, Bennett earned the starting job over five-star recruit JT Daniels and took on the challenge of leading the Bulldogs to the CFP Championships. It was an arduous test of his leadership abilities and testament to his success.

The challenge made him more mature and secure as a player, and he learned a great deal while starting for his senior season. That's one major reason why he's been successful during these past four seasons.

One of the most crucial lessons Bennett acquired was how to be an effective leader both on and off the field. He credits former Baltimore Ravens offensive coordinator Todd Monken with helping him hone his leadership abilities.

Monken told ESPN that Bennett "is an incredibly football-smart player," which could translate to success as a backup quarterback in the NFL. He believes Bennett understands the game so well that he can perform with little to no practice reps. Furthermore, Monken mentioned Bennett as being a good person - something which will enable him to build trust and confidence with teammates and coaches, making him a valuable member of any team he plays for in the future.

4. He’s a good athlete

Stetson Bennett is one of college football's great inspirational walk-on stories. He battled through adversity to break into Kirby Smart's system and earn his place as Georgia's starter for 2020 season, never losing a game while leading his team to two national titles - something no program had done in four decades.

He's an impressive athlete, making him a valuable asset to any team. He boasts strong arm strength, great vision balance and deceptive speed as a runner. With these attributes combined with good quick thinking and football intelligence, he can change plays at the line of scrimmage with ease.

Bennett has the arm strength to be an elite NFL passer, though his height of 5'10" and weight of 190 pounds may limit his draft prospects when compared with younger quarterbacks such as Jalen Hurts or Justin Herbert.

Bennett is an impressive athlete, but he needs to refine his mechanics and become more consistent. He often holds the ball too long and tends to fixate on looking up while moving which causes sloppy mechanics when pushed off his spot.

That being said, he's an impressive football player who is ready to start as the starter on any NFL team's offense. His measurables may not be stellar, but his work ethic and leadership qualities make him an ideal candidate for the job.

This difficult offseason has complicated Bennett's transition to the NFL, and on Friday at the combine he apologized for his arrest in Dallas in January and for his behavior during last season's Bulldogs championship parade. Bennett hopes that these mistakes will shape him into a better person and leader as well as an accomplished NFL player in the future.

5. He’s a good leader

Stetson Bennett has had to overcome many obstacles since his youth. But despite not having many opportunities in high school football, he never gave up and made the most of every chance presented to him.

He finished up his college career in January and is now gearing up to enter the NFL, but there remain many uncertainties about how he will adjust in the league. In a recent interview with reporters at the NFL Combine, Bennett addressed some of these concerns.

One of the first things he mentioned was how much freedom he had as a quarterback at Georgia. According to then-Georgia offensive coordinator Todd Monken, he was given many audibles and allowed to move players around in the pocket.

Bennett said his leadership ability is what set him apart, Bennett recounting. He took over coaching duties from then-coach Kirby Smart and made sure all players in his program understood their responsibilities and how they could contribute to helping their team win.

In the future, Bennett aspires to serve as a mentor and leader to younger players. He enjoys an excellent relationship with his teammates and believes they will continue running the program after him.

Bennett overcame all odds to succeed in college, despite a program full of talented players. To do so, Bennett had to overcome doubt and always be the best player on the field at any given moment.

Ultimately, Bennett's most significant achievement was his walk-on status in 2017, which allowed him to progress from a walk-on to the College Football Playoff championship game this season. It showed that he was more than just a part-time starter and capable of leading on the big stage.

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